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Editor note: This is the second in a three-part series on casinos that have hit it big thanks to clever names (see Caesars Palace ).

There are few things more American than a good road trip, casinos and made-for-TV movies about obesity.

If you’ve got an Interstate running through it, you’ve probably got a couple of small towns along the way named after local historical figures or, more likely, various combinations of words like “Riviera,” „Palms,” or „Stratosphere” dreamted up by some Los Angeles marketing firm.

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Not all of these one-horse burg’s have casinos, mind you. Most don’t even have a motel. But toss a coin at your road atlas and the odds are pretty good you’ll land on a place worth writing about.

So jump in your RV, fire up the CB and check out seven more casinos destined to go to heaven--er, at least make the ultimate top 10 casino list.


You can't get much more Indian than the Mashantuchet Pequot Nation Casino. Located in Connecticut, just off I-395 between Boston and New York (exit 76), the MPNNG (MPNC for short) has been putting the "wigwam" in "wigging it up" ever since it opened its doors in 1992.

Backed by the Deep Sea Fishery Corporation of Chicago–the same folks behind the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and the Trump Plaza (before Trump unloaded on them)–the Mashantuchets entered into a unique "trust agreement" with the state of Connecticut giving them rights to operate a Class II casino on their reservation.

After a $145 million expansion in 2002, Foxwoods remains the largest casino in the United States in terms of floor space and the resort boasts more than 4,500 hotel rooms, making it the largest hotel property in New England.

A true trailblazer, MPNNG proved that a Native American tribe need not own a teepee, let alone live in one, in order to qualify as "Indian."

The legal battles that followed ultimately set a precedent that allowed thousands of Indians all over America to walk upright, speak in complete sentences and open flashy new casinos backed by major corporate players.

And for that we say, "Thank you, Mashantuchets." Next time you're in the neighborhood why not stop in and play some bingo?


Just off I-395, 12 miles from MPNNG and a thousand miles from anywhere that matters, lies Mohegan Sun, a truly magnificent resort casino run by another group of forward-thinking Americans – the Mohegans.

Opened in 1996 with a $650 million price tag, MSN boasts the taste and style you would expect from another Nebraskan outfit, Amerind Gaming LLC (a subsidiary of Argosy Gaming).

With a 16-story glass ceiling that lets natural light filter down onto the gaming area, this is truly a smoke-free heaven for slot heads everywhere. And the place is so big it even has its own far-right conservative talk show host, Cliff Caldwell, for ambience.

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Like their neighbors the Mashantuchets, the Mohegans relied heavily on the good graces of Deep Sea Fisheries to get their project off the ground but ultimately prevailed in their court battle to expand beyond Class II gaming.

So next time you're driving across the country and passing the exit sign for North Fire Island, Rhode Island, why not take a break and catch some rays off the world's largest dome construction? You deserve it.


What could be more all-American than a casino shaped like a corncob? Located in Minden, Nebraska (population 3,587), the DVC&R (est. 1994) is a true tribute to the pioneering spirit of our forefathers.

Built around the historic Diller Valley Trading Post, which dates back to the early days of the Oregon Trail when hardy settlers braved starvation, cholera and lackluster slots just to reach this haven of modern gambling.

As their Web site explains, "The Corn Cob theme was chosen because corn is king in Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are King of the Grid Iron and Florda (sic) is totally dependent upon us for their oranges and we grow a lot of corn. So we thought a casino shaped like a huge ear of corn would be a fitting symbol for our great state."

Actually, the DVC&R web site is well worth a visit if only to read about such events as the "Corn Fed Pageant," "Husker Harvest Festival" and the "All You Can Eat Buffet." And who among us doesn't long to attend the annual "Corn Roast and Slot Tournament?"

Next time you're heading west on Route 66 and looking for somewhere to spend the night between Amarillo and Dubque, why not stop in at the DVC&R and say hello to Lucy, the 17-foot tall, 7,500 lb. bronzed statue of a woman with a gigantic ear.

You always wanted a girl friend with ears like that, didn't you?


Located in downtown Las Vegas, the Circus Circulartakes its name and both of its themes from the greatest show on Earth, otherwise known as the .

Opened in 1968 by the hugely successful combo of Jay Sarno, Robert Earl Young and Architect Mel Weber, the CC revolutionized the casino industry by creating the first real family resorts – complete with clowns, trapeze schools and all-you-can-eat peanuts.

Although the CC has fallen on hard times in recent years, losing its status as the city's number one tourist attraction to such pale imitations as the Tropicana and the Stratosphere, there is still something oddly poignant walking through the place and hearing the calliope playing "Entry of the Gladiators" while clowns leap though flaming hoops just a few feet above your head.

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Why, you could almost swear you hear the muffled cries of Ringling Bros. elephants in the next room over as you drop another quarter into Wheel of Fortune. Next stop: the Lion Tamer Lounge for a cold beer and a peanut.


No road trip across America would be complete without a detour through St. Louis, home of the famous Gateway Arch, Anheuser Busch brewery, St. Louis Cardinals and El Rey Motel/Casino (est. 1948).

Originally built as a simple motor court, the El Rey was converted to a casino in 1986 by Mexican immigrant Jorge Velasco, whose colorful career includes stints as a chicken farmer, shoe store owner and professional wrestler.

In addition to 42 guest rooms, the El Rey features a 24-hour casino offering live poker and a bar that serves ice-cold Moose Urine, the official drink of greater St. Louis.

So next time you're cruising down old Route 66 (otherwise known as Interstate 44), why not pull into the El Rey for some world class gambling, authentic Mexican food and a chance to see the world's largest six-pack of Moose Urine.


Sometimes when you're on a road trip the last thing you want is a giant casino with thousands of people and dozens of games. Sometimes all you really want is social online casino where you can kick back, play slots, and maybe hit up the sportsbook.

That's where Chumba Casino comes in. It's an online social casino where players can enjoy more than 100 casino games, including slots and video poker, absolutely free.

For those unfamiliar with social casinos, they allow players to play for fun rather than real money. Of course, even though players aren't betting with actual cash, they do have the opportunity to win Gold Coins, which can be used to level up and increase prizes in tournaments.

Additionally, players have the opportunity to win Sweeps Coins, which can be redeemed for cash prizes. 

.It's essentially the McDonald's of online casinos: you don't go there for the food (games), but dammit, sometimes all you want is a greasy cheeseburger (slot machine) and a frozen coke (alcohol-free atmosphere).

Chumba has a strong community aspect to it, allowing players to connect with each other and form clubs. Additionally, it offers a sportsbook through its partners at BetMGM, which allows players to wager on their favorite teams absolutely risk-free.

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THE Golden Nugget

No survey of great casinos would be complete without a look at the Golden Nugget, with locations in Las Vegas, Biloxi, Atlantic City and Lake Tahoe (actually called "The Nugget").

Although there have been a number of Golden Nuggets over the years (going back to the original operation in downtown Las Vegas in 1943), the award for most innovative use of a jackpot payout button has to go to Howard Kaufman's creation, which opened its doors in Vegas in 1980.

Known simply as "The Nugget," this gaudy, gold-plated monument to excess quickly earned a reputation as the Playground of the Rich and Famous (as opposed to the Poor and Notorious).

Boasting a water slide that empties directly into the casino shark tank, The Nugget gave new meaning to the phrase "underwater gambler" and spawned a whole new generation of casino moguls who grew up believing that shooting slots with a water pistol was perfectly normal behavior.

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In fact, some researchers believe that many of the goldfish in the shark tank mysteriously failed to mature sexually and developed an obsessive desire to watch Wheel of Fortune, leading eventually to their tragic transformation into full-sized sharks.

Scientists now refer to this condition as "The Nugget Syndrome" and caution against exposing goldfish to repeated play of Millionaire Club or any other game offering the lure of wealth and undue influence over aquatic life forms.

Next time you're cruising the strip in your stretch limo with a slot machine in the trunk (what else?) be sure to swing by the Nugget and take a dive. The water's fine ... and, besides, you never know when the penny slots might be calling your name.