Mobile Sales Service at Public Market, Chankanai

Mobile Sales Service was conducted by the staff Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture Jaffna at Chankanai Public Market on 05th April 2019 (Friday) for benefitting farmers, office, school and home gardens. The Mobile Sales Service was held under the patronage of Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, JaffnaMrs. AnchanadeviSrirangan

District Agriculture Training Centre and Atchuvely Horticulture Genetic Resource Centre sold their growing bag seedlings, fruit plant seedlings, arecanut, sandi, croton, puthina, musuddai, mudakoththan, aloevera. Spinach, Murunga, Neem, Sesbania, Coffee etc.This mobile sales service was carried out with the objective of providing the life inputs for promoting home gardens, school gardens, office gardens, etc. Moreover, the objective of supplying tree plants for building up the green nation has also been included in this mobile sale.

With the objective of providing good quality seeds to increase the productivity and quality of agriculture produce, in the Mobile Sales Service, Good Quality Certified seeds of the crops such as green gram, black gram, cowpea, ground nut and vegetables were sold to the famers and other categories of intended clients. .

Publications and handouts of the Department which could provide additional technical information to the farmers for improving their agricultural activities were also sold at the mobile sales service. The Publications and handouts include Pine apple Cultivation, Tomato Cultivation, Pulses Cultivation, Fertilizer Recommendation, Dragon fruit Cultivation, Grapes, Banana Cultivation, Papaw Cultivation, Pomegranate, Integrated Pest Management in Vegetable, Plant Propagation and Layering, Bee keeping, Jack Cultivation, Post-harvest, Margosa pesticide, Mushroom Cultivation, Tissue culture, Big onion Cultivation, Rambuttan, Mangusteen, Integrated Pest Management in Vegetables, Orange Cultivation, Avacado, Field Problem in Paddy Cultivation, Rice production, Recommended Paddy Varieties, Seed Certification in Paddy, Other Field crops, Landscaping, Mango, Hydroponics, Pesticide recommendation book, Leafy vegetable, Guava Cultivation, Using of Organic Fertilizer.

The crop clinic program was also conducted in coupled with Mobile Sales Service. The plant doctors diagnosed technical problems having inspected either damaged plants or damaged parts of the plant brought by the farmers to the crop clinic gave the recommendations to the farmers in the prescription sheet and sent the Short Message to their mobile phone instantly. In this occasion 28 farmers had brought the affected plant or plant parts (samples) and received the solution to their problems. Further more than 150 farmers received the information for solving their problems with special reference to the plant protection in the crop cultivation.

“Govipola” mobile application helps to marketing facilities to the farmers for their product. In the mobile sales service about 10 farmers installed the Govipola application and entered their produce details therein.

“BogaPurakathanaya” mobile application provide the information about which crop can be grown which crop could be easily marketable, how much of extent in which crop has been cultivated up to now and how much of extent can be cultivated further without losing market. This application was also installed by about 30 farmers in the mobile service.

Provincial Director of Agriculture for Northern Province S.Sivakumar, Director of National Agriculture Information & Communication Centre S.Periyasamy, Subject Matter Officers, Agriculture Instructors, Technical Assistants of Provincial Department of Agriculture, Officers of Chankanai  Divisional Secretariat, Officers of Vali-West PiradeshaSabah, Staff of Tholpuram Agrarian Service Centre, SamurdhiOfficers, GramaNiladhari and farmers participated in the mobile service. Altogether about 500 persons participated in the mobile service cum crop clinic program.