Mobile casino games perfect for quick real money wins

Do you feel like you have enough time to play at an online casino? If not, this blog is perfect for you. I will introduce you to casino games that are ideal for short playing sessions on your smartphone. Additionally, these games can be played for real money, and you can score a quick win.

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Many of us simply don’t have enough time to sit down and enjoy a long gaming session. Nevertheless, we still fancy playing mobile casino games when we have a few spare minutes throughout the day. What games can you play in such short bursts? We’ll get to them soon, but before that, let’s take a moment to discuss responsible gambling.

All the games I am going to mention can be played for real cash bets at . However, it is important to stress out that while some lucky players manage to land multiple wins in quick succession, there are no guaranteed results from gambling. You should never rely on mobile casino games as a means of making money. Instead, they should be viewed as a form of entertainment suitable for players who are old enough to gamble (18+ or 21+, depending on the jurisdiction).

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Mobile Slots – The Best Game Type for Short Sessions

What makes slots so good is that they were designed to be played really fast. In fact, critics often accuse players of merely pressing a button, which isn’t fair but contains a grain of truth. Spinning the reels of a slot is as easy as that, but there are other factors to consider.

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You need to select a bet size, choose how many pay lines to activate, pick a mode, etc. All those options allow you more freedom, but they also mean additional steps before you can spin the reels. Fortunately, the best slots for mobile devices minimize those steps, offering one-tap play and quick access to the settings you actually need to change in the middle of a session.

Another thing to keep in mind is the theme behind the game. Some stories are more engaging than others, but for short sessions, you are better off with simple plots. Titles inspired by famous movies, TV shows, or musicians are often quite complex, trying to recreate the spirit of the original content. This is great if you want to play for an hour or two, but it gets tedious if you are spinning the reels for the nth time.

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So, what are the top choices for quick mobile wins? Well, fruit machines and ancient Greece/Rome slots seem to work best. Everyone is familiar with the symbols used in the first category, and the second one offers exciting stories even without too many special effects. Cleopatra, Zeus, Medusa, and Hercules are some of the most popular mobile slot characters.

Want to give these games a try? Head over to and check out the hot titles from BetSoft, NexGen, Rival, and other top software providers. Don’t forget to see if there are any special offers available. The operator welcomes new customers with a generous bonus that allows them to get more miles for their buck. More importantly, you can clear the wagering requirements on a wide range of products, including some of the mobile slots highlighted below.

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Video Poker for Portable Excitement

Video poker combines the simplicity of video games with the excitement of poker and/or slots. It doesn’t take long to learn the basics, so you can jump into the action right away. Furthermore, the game has one of the lowest house edges in the industry, being surpassed only by blackjack (if you know how to play) and a few other titles that are hard to find nowadays.

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In order to increase the chances of winning, most experts recommend taking a video poker tutorial and learning the right strategy. After all, this is a skill game. Unlike slots or roulette, your actions can actually make the difference between a win and a loss.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to hold back if you don’t have the time or the patience to study the game. Video poker is fun regardless of your approach, so feel free to just enjoy it for what it is. Most games follow the same format: you are dealt five cards and you have to keep or discard before entering a higher arcade-like phase that determines whether you actually win something.

If you are looking for a portable video poker experience, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker are two excellent options. The former is available in various versions, but the main idea behind Deuces Wild remains the same: all deuces (twoes) are wild cards, which gives you more opportunities to create strong combinations. As for Joker Poker, the only character that is an automatic joker is the ace, but during each deal, one extra joker is randomly added in the deck. Both games can be found at , along with other entertaining titles.

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Mobile Blackjack Brings Portable Thrills

We talked about video poker being similar to poker and slots, and now it’s time to discuss blackjack. Unlike video poker, blackjack cannot be compared to slots or poker, because it’s actually poker’s closest cousin. Moreover, it is the only game where you are not facing an house edge if you play with optimum strategy and take insurance when appropriate.

Unfortunately, not all blackjack mobile casino games allow you to do all the things you must do in order to minimize the house advantage. In fact, some titles have been criticized heavily due to weird rules and ridiculous payouts. A word of advice: always read the rules before actually jumping into the game. Even if you know blackjack, different variations may have small nuances that could prove to be crucial.

Classic blackjack is the safest option, as it uses the standard rules and payout of 3:2 for a winning hand. There shouldn’t be any surprises in this regard, plus, most mobile casinos have several classic variants developed by different software providers, thus allowing players to compare features and make informed decisions.

Speaking of features, you should look for some extras when searching for the perfect mobile blackjack game. Although they might not help you score more wins, these additions enhance the overall excitement and could come in handy. For example, some titles allow you to save up to three favorite bet positions, while others provide insurance priority, automatic doubling down or splitting, and so on. Also known as expert rules, these features are very useful in practice, so don’t hesitate to test a few blackjack games before choosing “the one”. Dunkerbeck Blackjack and American Blackjack are two nice options you can find at .

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Mobile Roulette Offers Instant Action

Some people believe that roulette isn’t suitable for short sessions, and to an extent, they are right. There is no doubt that this classic casino game can be extremely exciting, especially if you are placing big bets on multiple numbers at once and the ball bounces around the wheel before eventually landing. Such moments require full attention and last longer than what you would want for a quick game.

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Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you reduce the waiting time between spins. For example, you can use the rapid spin option and speed roulette is specifically designed to go through cycles much faster. The downside is that it feels less exciting, but sometimes you just want to play roulette and not watch the replay every single time.

Speed roulette is indeed a special version created by NetEnt, but most other games are suitable for short sessions. All you really have to do is select your bet amount, place the chips on the table or a combination of numbers, and confirm the bet. If you use the “rebet” button, the process becomes even quicker than the usual for roulette.

Moreover, most mobile roulette games offer statistics, hot/cold numbers, and other details that you can examine before placing the next bet. These elements cannot help you predict where the ball will stop, but at least they offer some context for your decision. Want to put these theories into practice? Take advantage of the welcome bonus at and check out some of the top roulette games available on the market today.

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Mobile Keno for Fast Wins

How do you get the excitement of lottery and turn it into a casino game? Simple: you create keno! Instead of selecting lots with your numbers, you select numbers on a ticket and then wait for the result. The principles are basically the same, and you can score huge prizes if you’re lucky. Of course, that’s easier said than done, which explains why keno is a game of chance and not a skill-based activity.

Despite its Asian origins, keno has become very popular in the western world and is now featured at nearly every online casino. Moreover, the game was there from the beginning, being among the first casino games offered on the Internet. It made the transition to mobile devices just as easily, meaning that you can now enjoy a few rounds of keno anytime, anywhere.

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Most mobile keno games follow the same structure used in the lottery. Players select up to 15 numbers from a total grid of 80 and then wait for the computer to generate 20 random numbers (also known as a game). The more numbers you guess correctly, the higher the prize. Most mobile casino sites have minimum and maximum payouts set, usually as a multiple of the total bet. Hitting the jackpot requires guessing all 15 numbers; such a ticket is called a wild ticket and it can win you up to 10,000X the wager even if only 10 numbers happen to match.

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Keno is a straightforward game, but you might want to take a closer look at the settings. Some titles offer extra wagers, bonus games, and other features worth exploring. As for the design, you can go for an oriental theme or simply choose a version inspired by your country’s national lottery. Are you ready to give it a try? Go to , browse the selection of mobile keno games, and see if fortune smiles at you.

Mobile Casino Games for Quick Real Money Wins

These are the five categories of mobile casino games that are great for short playing sessions. You can obviously play other games if you see something else you like, but these five genres have been carefully chosen based on experience and feedback from other players.

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Slots are probably already part of your repertoire, but what about the other four? Have you given them a proper chance? Maybe you tried video poker or blackjack in the past and didn’t like them, but mobile versions can offer a better experience on the move. Roulette is perhaps the biggest surprise here because, let’s face it, nobody wants to watch a slow-motion roulette game at a land-based casino, but on a mobile device, things are completely different. And, keno? Well, you should definitely try it at least once; maybe it will become your new favorite game.

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Needless to say, you can find all these games and more at . The operator’s platform is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phones and tablets, plus it features a nice collection of mobile casino games tested in practice. Regardless if you are interested in slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, keno, or other types of titles, you should take a look at . Find out if you are eligible for the sign up bonus and see if you can clear the wagering requirements on mobile. Good luck!

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