Best live dealer poker games you can play online

  • Evolution Gaming is the top provider of live poker games online, offering several variants like Hold’em and Omaha.
  • Live poker games provide a social aspect through live chat, as well as an actual table with other players.
  • BetOnline has become one of the best live poker sites that offers an incredible welcome bonus (100% up to $100) and more.

While there are plenty of different poker games you can play against a computer or other people online, some prefer to have a live dealer overseeing things.

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Live dealer poker gives you a more authentic feel and a stronger social aspect than other forms of online poker. If you’re looking to be part of that world, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll cover everything you need to know about live dealer poker online in this beginner’s guide, including where to play, the types of games you can expect to find and more.

Where to Play Live Dealer Poker Online

If you want to play live poker online, there are only a handful of sites that offer it. Out of all the options, I strongly recommend playing at BetOnline’s poker site.

Why? Because they have the best selection of live poker games out of any site. They also have one of the most traffic-filled poker lobbies, which means you can find a seat almost instantly. Along those same lines, their odds are similar to other sites, but the prize pool is much larger due to high traffic volume.

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BetOnline has been around since 2011, but they’ve been making waves in the online casino/poker world for many years now.

They cover all of your basic needs by offering a wide variety of casino games, a fast and easy-to-use interface, mobile compatibility, and various banking methods. As I covered in my BetOnline review, they also have a generous welcome bonus (100% up to $1000).

In addition, their customer support is fantastic and they don’t have any confusing rules or terms that will get in the way of your experience.

New players will also appreciate the ease of downloading the software and signing up. Basically, it’s your name, email, password, and entering the required verification code sent to your email address.

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If you didn’t want to download the software, you could also play on BetOnline’s instant play platform. Either way, you’ve got plenty of flexibility with their site.

Overall, BetOnline is arguably the best option if you’re looking to play live poker online.

How to Play Live Dealer Poker

Playing live dealer poker works very similarly to any other poker game, although you won’t technically be sitting at the same table as the other players.

Everyone connects to the same live dealer, who is responsible for revealing new cards and announcing hands.

You’ll use your allotted time to place bets and make decisions on your hand once the live dealer reveals certain cards. For example, in Texas Hold’em, you’ll have to decide whether or not to fold, call, or raise after the live dealer reveals your two cards.

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The main difference between regular online poker and live poker online is that you actually see a live dealer placing cards on a real table. It adds for a much more entertaining experience compared to playing against a computer or just seeing a computer-generated table.

Additionally, you can communicate with the other players through a live chat box. This allows you to have a little more fun and trash talk your opponents (in good fun, of course).

Another nice touch is that you can have more than one bet on the table at the same time. For example, you could join two games of Casino Hold’em and win off of both beauty Queens and deuces.

It should also be noted that some of these live poker games require you to have a webcam for their Software Check. This simply ensures that you don’t have other applications running that may give you an unfair advantage. Just keep your pants on and you’ll be fine.

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Check out my breakdown of how to play live poker below:

Types of Live Dealer Poker Online

So, what are the best live dealer poker games that you can play online? Well, there aren’t too many options available, but the ones that they do have are pretty solid.

Unfortunately, you won’t find dozens of unique tables for each game—if you even find them at all. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a live poker session to be fully booked.

This might seem frustrating, especially if you’re trying to play a certain game. However, it’s better for the game itself to have limited seats. It makes it feel more exclusive and less like you’re playing against a machine.

With all that said, here are the top live dealer poker games you can expect to find at various poker sites.

Live Dealer Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular live dealer poker games online. Also known as Live Texas Hold’em Poker, you can play under various rulesets.

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One of the most common versions is Casino Hold’em, which pits you against the house instead of other players. The goal is to make the best hand possible and have it beat the dealer’s hand.

Another version is Live Study Poker, which lets you pick up various tells from players so that you can “win” the game. It’s more of an educational game than something you would play for real money.

Other Texas Hold’em poker variations include:

  • Live Caribbean Stud
  • Live Three Card Texas Hold’em
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is unique in the sense that you play against the dealer, but you are also competing against other players for the highest hand. Essentially, you can win in two different ways.

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Live Dealer Omaha Poker

If you like Texas Hold’em, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Omaha as well. It has slightly different rules, such as requiring each player to have exactly four cards.

You still play under various formats like Casino Hold’em and Ultimate Hold’em, but with the Omaha twist. Other unique versions of live dealer Omaha poker include:

  • Live Final BET
  • Live Casino Hold’em Jumbo 7 Jackpot
  • Live Live Lucky 5
  • Live Winning Poker 3 Hand
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Final BET is interesting in the sense that you don’t even need to know the rankings of poker hands to win. All you have to do is guess if a qualifying hand will hit one of the paytables.

For example, one of the payouts is a Beauty Queen (Queen-High card), while another is a Run of Three (three consecutive ranks).

As for the Casino Hold’em Jumbo 7 Jackpot, it has a progressive jackpot that continues to rise until someone wins big. You can check the current total at BetOnline’s website.

Live Dealer Poker Sites with Other Games

If you’re looking to play live poker online, there’s a good chance that you’ll run into some roadblocks when searching for a reputable site.

Many of the major poker sites like PokerStars and partypoker don’t have live dealer poker games yet. So, where can you go?

Well, there are a few live poker sites that have excellent reviews and a great selection of games. Here’s a look at the top three:

#1 – BetOnline

BetOnline is arguably the best site for live poker online.

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Not only do they have hundreds of five-star reviews, but they also have one of the largest live poker lobby’s that I’ve ever seen.

You’ll never have a hard time finding a seat to your favorite live poker game at BetOnline’s site. It seems like more players are joining every day, which further adds to the exciting atmosphere.

Another reason why I recommend BetOnline is because of their generous sign up bonus.

You can collect a 100% welcome bonus just for joining their site, which maxes out at $1000. They also accept various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin.

Feel free to read our BetOnline review to learn more about their site or head straight there to play now!

#2 – Bovada

Bovada doesn’t have quite as many live poker games as BetOnline, but it’s still one of the better sites out there.

What I like about Bovada is that they offer live poker games under the “Blackjack” tab on their site. This is unique because it shows how diverse their blackjack selection really is.

Some of the live poker games you can play at Bovada include Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Live Casino Hold’em. They also have a $3000 weekly tournament if you’re looking to compete against other players.

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Like BetOnline, Bovada accepts various forms of payment, including credit cards and cryptocurrency. Their welcome bonus maxes out at $3750, which is definitely nothing to scoff at.

Visit our Bovada review to learn more about their site or .

#3 – Ignition Casino

Last, but not least, we have the Ignition Casino.

They have a four out of five star rating based on over 1900 reviews on TrustPilot. Some of the live poker games you can play at Ignition Casino are Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Live Casino Hold’em.

What’s intriguing about the Ignition Casino is their welcome bonus. Instead of giving you a set amount, they match your first crypto deposit by up to 300%.

So, if you deposit $1000 worth of crypto, Ignition Casino will give you another $3000. That’s a fantastic deal if you’re looking to play live poker online with extra funds.

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If you’d like to learn more about their site before signing up, I encourage you to visit our Ignition Casino Review.

What Is the Best Live Dealer Poker Game?

Now that you have a better understanding of what’s available, it’s time to figure out the best live dealer poker game. Unfortunately, there isn’t one that stands far above the rest.

It really depends on your personal preferences. Do you like Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker more? Are you looking forward to competing against other players or do you prefer going up against the house?

Answering these questions will help lead you to the right answer.

That said, Live Casino Hold’em is probably the best live poker game that you can find today. It’s widely available among various online casinos, and the rules are simple enough for beginners to understand.

Also, the jumbo seven jackpot is pretty enticing. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a chance at winning a life-changing amount of cash?

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Ultimately, the best live dealer poker game comes down to your own personal preferences. If you’re open to trying different games, I encourage you to play as many as you can until you find a winner.

How to Win at Live Dealer Poker

Winning at live dealer poker starts with having a strong understanding of the rules. Even if you’ve played traditional poker games in the past, there might be slight differences depending on the variant.

Take the time to carefully read how the live poker game works. Pay close attention to when you place your bets, when you receive cards, and when you make your decisions.

The last thing you want to do is rush the process and make a costly mistake.

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It’s also important that you have a reliable internet connection along with a dependable poker site. A slow connection could cause lagging issues and prevent you to act in time. This will result in a fold whether you had the nuts or not.

Nobody wants that to happen, especially when playing live poker online.

Finally, you should consider reading some strategy guides. While this beginner’s guide covers the basics, there are tons of other tips and tricks you can learn from the experts.

Optimizing your betting strategies and understanding other players is key if you plan on consistently winning at live poker online.

What Is Live Dealer Poker?

Live poker online uses a live dealer to distribute cards to various players. Everyone plays from their own device, such as a laptop or smartphone, but they are connected to the same live poker game.

The dealer will announce when certain actions take place, such as when you can receive your cards or when you must make a decision.

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Players can also communicated via a live chat box, adding for a more social experience compared to other forms of online poker.

How Does Live Dealer Poker Work?

Live poker poker games work similarly to traditional poker, except everyone is seated at different tables but are overseen by the same live dealer. You will still receive your own cards and make decisions based on what you think is the best hand.

Once all of the players reveal their hands, the live dealer will distribute the winners and distribute the winnings.

Is There Live Dealer Poker on Mobile?

Yes. Live poker online is available on mobile devices. In fact, most people tend to play on their phone or tablet due to its convenience.

You can try out live poker poker games on mobile as long as your casino supports it and you have a decent internet connection.

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Can You Play Live Dealer Poker for Free?

No. You cannot play live poker poker games for free since you have the opportunity to win real money. The stakes are set by the host and all players must meet in the middle. Some may start off small, but no reputable site will offer live poker games for free.

Which Is the Best Site for Live Poker Online?

In my opinion, BetOnline is the best site for live poker online. They have a large selection of live poker games and their poker lobby is one of the biggest that I’ve ever seen.

Not only that, but they also offer a generous welcome bonus and tons of convenient banking methods. Feel free to browse our list of to find other reputable sites.


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