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If you’ve spent any time around a casino, or even just watching movies about Vegas, you’re familiar with the concept of a casino betting system. You know, the guy who shows up in a tuxedo, looking more like James Bond than the overweight, sweaty mess he does on weekends with his wife.  

James Bond orders his vodka-martini shaken, not stirred. He heads to the roulette table and bets $200 on an obscure number nobody would ever think to bet on. The ball spins around the wheel, bounces off the edges, and miraculously drops into the exact slot needed to win Bond millions. Every week, you head to your local casino, order a Bud Light, and bet on red. When you lose, you increase your bet until you’ve lost your house savings and are forced to walk home because you can’t afford a cab. 

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The difference is strategy. Bond has something you don’t – a casino betting strategy that always seems to work out in his favor. Well, Fleming andczars be damned. We’re going to show you how to win at the casino using these sure-fire casino betting strategies. By the end, you’ll have a handful of winning casino strategies to choose from and will finally understand what the deal with a Martingale system is. Let’s get started!

1.  Martingale System

How does James Bond roll? Well, as named above, he’s a Martingale man. This classic casino betting strategy originated in 18th century France and has been used by gamblers (and secret agents) ever since. It’s a classic negative progression system, which means it takes advantage of losing streaks, rather than riding the highs. 

Here’s how it works. Choose a game in which you have even money bets - think blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. (Even money means that if you wager $10, you’ll win back $20.) Make your first wager half of what your betting unit is. So, if your minimum betting limit is $10, start by betting $5.

If you win your bet, place another bet, but at only half the amount. So, bet $5 and win? Your profit is $10. Bet $2.50 next. Lose your first bet? Increase your next bet to equal your first one - $10. Win, and follow this up with a $5 bet. 

The goal of the Martingale system is to recoup all losses in a single win. Since your bets are doubled after a loss, you'll not only earn back what you lost, but you’ll also walk away with a small profit.


  • One of the easiest systems to follow
  • Works best for table games with even money payouts
  • Requires small bets most of the time


  • Needs a large bankroll to handle losing streaks
  • Not suitable for games with high minimum bets
  • Emotional players may go bankrupt waiting for that big, loss-recouping win

Why the Martingale system online is so popular is because it’s easy to double your bet on the computer. We suggest practicing your Martingale strategy on before trying it in person - it’s less pressure that way.

2.  D’Alembert System

This is another one of those betting systems that’s based on the idea of negative progression. The D’Alembert system is named after a French mathematician, although there’s no actual evidence he used or endorsed this particular method. Unlike the Martingale, which doubles your bets when you lose, the D’Alembert adds a simpler grade of escalation. 

Again, choose a game where your bets will have even money payouts. Start by selecting your betting unit. If you’re working with a $10 minimum bet, your unit is $5. When you’re placing your first wager, bet one unit ($5). 

If you win your bet, bet one unit less than the previous bet. So, if you won on your first bet, your next wager would be $4. If you lose that bet, wager one unit more. Lost your $4 bet? Next, bet $5. The key here is to increment your wagers by one unit whenever you lose, and decrease them by one unit if you win. 

It may seem too simple to be effective, especially compared to . Still, this betting technique has worked for centuries, and if practiced correctly, can help you leave the casino with a few extra dollars in your pocket.


  • Easy to learn and implement
  • Small increments/decrements of bets make this system less risky
  • Multiple wins in a row won’t leave you broke
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  • Won’t generate huge profits or massive wins
  • May require a good bit of patience to achieve a win
  • Not ideal for people who want to win back losses quickly

Unlike some other casino betting strategies, this is one you can feel comfortable implementing at any casino, both online and in-person. Just remember to pick your games wisely, and never hesitate to take advantage of available .

3.  Labouchere System

This is one of those betting strategies that looks more complicated than it actually is. Also known as the “Split Martingale,” the Labouchere system was supposedly favored by Graham Greene’s character inBond may have favored the Martingale, but during a gambling stint, Greene allegedly used the Labouchere system to amass $7000 in winnings. 

Let’s talk about how this thing works. Begin by deciding on your goal. Let’s say you want to win a bet worth $1000. Next, break that final number down into smaller numbers. I’d use: 12345610. Remember, the total of all these numbers should equal your final goal. 

Start by adding the first and last number together. In this case, that would be 1 and 10. Place this sum, $11, on your bet. If you win, cross those numbers off and add their total (12) to your next bet. If your initial wager loses, add the amount bet to the end of the list. In this case, you’d add $11 to the end, creating: 12345610…11. 

Keep moving forward like this until you’ve crossed off every number. At that point, you can create a new sequence for your next goal.


  • Allows you to set a specific goal or win amount
  • Can be used in any game with variable odds
  • Less scary-looking once you get the hang of it
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  • Looks more intimidating than it really is
  • Requires focus to avoid math mistakes
  • More complex than some other systems

One important tip here - be sure you’re using pencils when you try this one out in the casino. That way, you can easily erase and change your numbers as needed.

4.  Fibonacci System

We’ve talked about positive, negative, and now lateral progression. Enter the Fibonacci System, a series of numbers that either ascends laterally or descends laterally, depending on whether you start at the beginning or end of the string. Starting at the beginning, the sequence goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144... And so forth. 

To use the Fibonacci system at the casino, select your lowest betting unit. Let’s say that’s a $10 minimum bet. Your first two numbers - 0 and 1 - comprise your initial wager. Since 0 isn’t an actual number, just start with 1. When you win, move ahead one space. So, you win your 1, bet a 1 next, and win again? Now, your bet is a 2. 

You’ll notice that each number in the Fibonacci sequence is added by the two preceding numbers. It’s also worth noting that as the sequence moves along, each number grows rapidly, but its relationship to the prior numbers approaches .61803… better known as the golden ratio or Phi. As a side note, this is the same mathematics behind the spiral of a nautilus shell, the arrangement of sunflower seeds, and the layout of ancient Greek art. 

When you lose a bet, move backwards in the sequence. Lose your first bet (1)? Your next wager will be 0. Loss at 0? Your next bet is 1. Keep working your way through the sequence like this, moving forward after wins and backward after losses.


  • Natural flow and rhythm to the betting
  • Has a mathematical beauty to it
  • Can be used in any game with varying odds


  • Requires a large bankroll during losing streaks
  • A long losing streak could force you to start over
  • Harder to get back on track if you have to go all the ways back to the beginning
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Like other numbers-based casino betting strategies, this is an excellent one to practice . Just be prepared to explain the Fibonacci Sequence to some confused-looking regulars.

5.  Paroli System

Whereas the Martingale and D’Alembert systems are based on negative progression, the Paroli system is all about positive progression. Whereas most , the Paroli is designed to capitalize on winning streaks. 

As opposed to increasing your bets after every loss, you’ll allow your wagers to grow with each win. Simply put, doubling your bets after winning three consecutive bets. To start, place one betting unit as your first wager. If you win, place another bet equal in value to the first. Win that bet, too? Double your next wager to twice your first/second wagers. You’ll continue to double your bets after each win, till you’ve had three successful rounds. 

On your fourth bet, regardless of the outcome, return to your starting wager. So, you win three bets in a row, doubling your bets each time? By the third round, you’re betting 64 units. A win at this point would mean a net profit of 32 units. Your next bet would be 64, then 128, then 256, for a total of 424 units wagered and a profit of 32. Don’t stress if that doesn’t make immediate sense; we’ll walk you through a couple examples below.


  • Capitalizes on lucky tables/machines/dealers
  • Great option for those with smaller bankrolls
  • Minimizes losses during losing streaks


  • Dependent on extended winning streaks to be profitable
  • Requires substantial increases in wagers during winning streaks
  • Calls for a lot of mental accounting of previous wins/losses

This is another solid all-arounder in the world of gambling strategies. However, it’s particularly well-suited to games with high payouts, like certain video poker titles or progressive slot machines.

6.  Oscar’s Grind

Giovanni Oscar Bonavena, better known as Oscar Bonavena, was a professional American basketball player in the ‘60s. He also reportedly used the following casino betting strategy to supplement his income. According to legend, you’ll never have a losing streak over several hands with Oscar’s Grind. 

Like many other betting strategies, Oscar’s Grind focuses on straight up betting, with no consideration to the odds or probabilities of any game. Essentially, this system encourages you to bet one unit, and increase your wager by one unit for every win. After a loss, your bet stays the same unless you win, in which case you increase it. Continue doing this until you grind out a profit of one unit. At that point, start over.

For example’s sake, let’s say you’re playing a game with $10 minimum bets. You start with one unit, or $10. You lose that bet. Now, your next bet is still $10. Lose that one, too? $10 next bet. Loss number three is on the way? Yep, still $10.

However, let’s say you win your first bet. On your next bet, you increase your stake to $20. Lose? Back down to $10. Win again? Up to $30. Lose this bet, or win and lose the next bet after that? Back down to $10. Win after any of those three scenarios? Add $5, for a $15 wager. Win again? Another dollar brings your bet to $16. Win at this point? Level up to $18. Finally, a win at this point puts you at a profit of $1, or one unit. Start the whole process over again. 


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  • Guaranteed to produce a profit as long as you have at least one win per series
  • Minimal chances of extreme losses
  • Relatively easy to follow/understand


  • Doesn’t take game probability into account
  • Smaller potential gains when compared to other methods
  • Requires discipline not to deviate from the pattern

In theory, you cannot lose with this method. In reality, you can if you forget what you’re doing. Fortunately, this is one of the easier casino betting strategies to master.

7.  1-3-2-6 System

Every betting system out there has a name, and this final option has three of them. It’s sometimes called the Sequential System, the Parlay Method, or the 1-3-2-6 Technique. No matter what you call it, however, this is a straightforward strategy, especially conducive to sports betting and horse racing. 

Follow these steps to implement the 1-3-2-6 technique during your next trip to the casino. Start by choosing a sporting event or horse race on which you wish to wager. Place one unit on that event for every race in which you plan to wager. For our purposes, let’s say you have selected five races, and one wager per race. Five wagers equals five units. Your first bet is one unit. 

If you win your first bet, put three units on your second race wager. You add two units for every win, meaning your second wager will consist of four units. Assuming you win that bet, move on to race three. Here, you’ll wager two units. A victory means you move to race four, betting one unit. If you triumph yet again, place your final wager of six units. 

After any loss, return to the beginning of the sequence. This means that if you lose your first bet (one unit), you’ll need to bet three units on your next wager. Losing that bet means your next wager is one unit, and so on. Regardless of whether you win or lose your wagers, you begin the cycle again once you’ve placed your sixth bet. 


  • Offers the potential for significant wins
  • Minimal chance of suffering major losses
  • Simple to execute and remember


  • Dependent upon a hot streak of winning wagers
  • Large wager of 6 units could be too rich for some budgets
  • Requires six bets to complete a single series

This is one of the best sports betting strategies out there. Then again, we would say that since this website is predominantly dedicated to .

Which Casino Betting Strategy Is the Best?

Of all these winning casino strategies, which is the best casino betting strategy? Or, put another way, which gambling strategy should you use? 

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Frankly, it depends on a couple of factors. First, what is your personal betting style? Are you a high risks/high rewards kind of player? Do you prefer to eke out small victories while minimizing losses? These questions will help guide you toward the best betting strategy for you. 

Secondly, what kinds of games do you want to play? Are you all about the red/black on the roulette table, or do you spend most of your time at the blackjack table? Different work best with different games, as shown below.

What Casino Game Should You Play Based on Strategy?

Some of these work well with any game that features even money payouts. Others are better with specific games, while still others depend upon your individual style. Here’s a quick breakdown of which casino betting strategy works best with specific table games.


Most systems can be used at the blackjack table, thanks to the relatively low house edge. In fact, the optimal blackjack strategy involves the memorization of a chart detailing the correct decision for every hand/dealer card total combination. 

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However, the Paroli works particularly well here. Blackjack has a relatively high RTP (return to player) when played properly. Properly means using both basic strategy and knowing when to walk away. The Paroli helps you maximize your winnings by allowing you to ride the tide when it’s heading in your direction.


Another game with relatively simple odds to consider, many players use the Martingale without digit-based modifications when playing baccarat. Some casinos impose minimum bet rules, however, so be sure to check those out before getting too deep into a losing streak.


Better for pass line and come out bets than inside bets, the Martingale can be an excellent choice when playing craps. Of course, you must start with a good-quality, such as those found at a reputable online casino.


Of all the games found in the casino, roulette is perhaps the most popular target for various betting strategies. The Martingale is a good choice here, especially since it’s been famously endorsed by none other than . Other options include the D’Alembert and the Fibonacci, both of which can help prevent maxed-out tables from ruining your day.

Sic Bo

Another game with fairly reasonable odds is sic bo. Most players use some form of negative progression when enjoying this Chinese dice game, making the Martingale a top choice. 

Do you enjoy playing ? Practice your skills - and your strategies - at some of the best ones online.

Using Casino Betting Strategies for Slots

Can you use these casino betting strategies on slots? The short answer is yes, but the longer response is that you won’t see immediate returns, and in some cases, it could deplete your bankroll rather swiftly. 

Slot machines feature random number generators (RNGs), which ensure that each spin is completely independent of the previous one. You’re never “due” for a win, nor will you ever be on a “hot streak.” Because of this, later progression systems (Martingale, Paroli, Oscar’s Grind, et al) aren’t particularly useful when playing one-armed bandits. 

Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and the like are based more on nostalgic sentiment or desire for later patterns, rather than a realistic expectation of immediate returns. Theoretically, as the numbers get larger, they’ll eventually approach the Golden Ratio, which is meant to occur in nature, and lead to balanced growth. Unfortunately, slot machines don’t operate this way, which is why these lateral progression models aren’t particularly helpful with spins. 

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However, the 1-3-2-6 system is often recommended for slot players. This is because it focuses on the number of bets you’ve already placed, rather than the payouts of the machines. By gradually upping your wagers, you can potentially take advantage of a hot streak. Conversely, you can mitigate your losses during a cold run.

Want to give this a shot? Visit our page about to get started.

Advice for Using Casino Betting Strategies

Regardless of which you ultimately choose to employ, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Gambling should always be done for fun. Set a budget before arriving at the casino, and don’t be afraid to walk away when you’ve reached your limit - of either time or money.
  • Never rely solely on a betting system. You must also use proper etiquette and strategy for the games you play.
  • Many systems require patience. Don’t expect to turn a $10 into $320 in three blackjack hands.
  • Online and land-based establishments may have minimum bet restrictions.
  • While casino betting strategies can help, none of them can guarantee a profit.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to practice for free at home, before taking your skills (and money) to the casino.

Improve Your Chances With the Right Mindset

Casino betting strategies can definitely improve your chances of winning more frequently. However, nothing can absolutely guarantee success in the casino. 

You can improve your odds of leaving the casino with more cash than you brought in by using the right frame of mind. starts with the assumption that you’re going to the casino to have fun. From there, you can adopt a few strategies that might tilt the percentages in your favor.

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First, remain calm. Avoid drinking too much, and don’t get upset if you lose a few hands. Stay focused, alert, and aware of your surroundings, and don’t be pressured into playing faster than you’re comfortable with. 

Understand the games to which you’re planning to devote your time and money. Each comes with its own unique strategies and odds. Read a few articles, or even sign up for an online site to practice.

Finally, remember that the casino makes money because the odds are always slightly against the player. No matter how skilled you become, there’s always the possibility of a devastating loss, or a lengthy cold streak. Keeping your head in check will help you maintain a healthy perspective, allowing you to walk away while you’re still having a good time.

Use Casino Strategies to Win More Often

So, which casino betting strategies do I use? All of them! Seriously, though, each one has its pros and cons. They can all be successfully employed during your next trip to the casino, provided you know when to use them. 

I tend to start with the Martingale when I’m feeling conservative, and fall back on the Paroli when I’m feeling lucky. The 1-3-2-6 system works great with sports wagers, while the Fibonacci and Labouchere are nice for times when I want to watch a dealer hand out chips without blinking.

Hey, I may not have a yacht, but maybe someday I’ll make it out of the parking lot without getting soaked in a April Showers parade. In the meantime, maybe you’d like to read some of my other expert gambling content, such as this page on , or this one explaining .


  • provides details on the Fibonacci Sequence.
  • discusses the nautilus shell spiral.

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