Indigenous Medical Service at Elders Home – Kaithady

In a way of extending the services of the Provincial Department of Indigenous Medicine, a health care service was commenced on 22nd of May 2023 at ‘ Elders Home ‘ – Kaithady to promote the health of the elders through  Indigenous  Medicine.

Taking care of the elderly is one of the responses of everyone. In this way, Rural Siddha Hospital – Kodikamam started to provide service to the elderly people who are under the guardianship of Elders Home. Thenmaraddchi Community Medical Officers who have been attached to Rural Siddha Hospital- Kodikamam take a major role in providing medical checkups, advice regarding health and treatment to the elders during weekdays.

In this initial event, Medical Officer In charge –  Rural Siddha Hospital –  Kodikamam, the Superintendent of Elders Home, Community Medical Officers of Thenmaraddchi, Coordinating Medical Officer – Jaffna, staff of Elders Home and elders participated.