I am ready to discuss with the ‘AWA GROUP’ without any guards- Open Invitation by NP Governor

Northern Province Governor Dr. Suren Raghavan emphasized that he is ready to discuss with  ‘Awa Group’ at any time without any guards.

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This statement made in response to the assault to the Kokuvil Station Master by a gang, suspected to be the ‘Awa Group’ which deals with weapon violence and involving various illegal anti-social activities centering the Northern Province.

Governor of Northern Province is ready to discuss the issues and problems democratically with this gang.

He emphasized that any anti-democratic activities against any group of the community in any part of the country will not be allowed.

Dr. Suren Raghavan urged that the best way to solve any issue is to have democratic discussions and to secure the democracy and stated that he will be there for any time.

Further, Governor emphasized that he is ready to meet this ‘Awa’ gang directly and talk about their issues, requirements and the reasons for devastating the lives of the north people.

Accordingly, Governor of Northern Province made an open invitation to the ‘Awa group’ and stated that he is ready to meet them at any time without any guard at any place.

-NP Governor Media