Governor’s Trophy Competitions

As per the conceptualization of Governor of Northern Province, the ‘Governor’s Trophy’ competitions – volleyball for men and netball for women will be held to encourage the players of Northern Province.

The tournament which is organized by Northern Province Governor’s Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Provincial Sports Department will be held district wise.

Only registered clubs in the Northern Province can participate in these competitions. Meanwhile, a player can represent only one club and can play for it. Applications can be obtained from the Governor’s Secretariat and the Northern Provincial Council website ( Awards with cash prizes will be presented to the winning clubs and certificates will be issued to all the participants.

The applicants are requested to send the duly completed application form to the ‘Governor’s Trophy’, Governor’s Secretariat, Northern Province Governor’s Secretariat, Old Park, Chundikuli, Jaffna before 09th September.

For further details contact the telephone number: 021 221 9375, Fax No: 021 221 9374 and email at

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Click here to download the application form

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