Governor visits the Iranaimadu Reservoir

Governor of Northern Province, Suren Raghawan, visited the Kilinochchi area and made a sudden surveillance visit to Iranaimadu Reservoir on 10thJanuary 2019.

Governor made this visit in accordance with the complaint regarding the defects on the radial gates of the reservoir which are not properly monitored by the officials and caused the recent flood in Kilinochchi. He immediately directed relevant officials to take immediate steps for the surveillance operations.

Two institutions that were appointed to probe the irregularities of the radial gates of the Iranamadu reservoir have not yet taken any action. The Governor also ordered them to immediately contact the people concerned and take immediate action.

Once every five days, the relevant officials should visit the Iranamadu reservoir to conduct monitoring activities.

He also ordered the Secretary to the Governor L.Ilaangovan to take action immediately to resume the inquiry committee headed by Engineer Ragunathan to investigate the facts of the Iranamadu reservoir