Governor suspends the Principal

Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan directed the Secretary of Provincial Education Ministry S.Sathyaseelan to suspend the Principal of Point Pedro St. Thomas Roman Catholic Girls School from his service.

A girl of the school was sexually abused by a teacher of the school. Even though the parents of the girl complained to the principal, he did not inform this to the police, instead, he tried to hide the incident. However, this was revealed during the preliminary investigation done by the Governor’s Special Task Force. Governor took an immediate step to suspend the principal from the service and he directed the Secretary of Provincial Education Ministry to appoint a committee to investigate this issue and to submit a detailed report to him.

Meanwhile, the suspected teacher has been also suspended until the inquiry is over.

Governor also said that any incident like will never be allowed. If the crime is proven, the perpetrators will get the maximum punishment through the judiciary.

Governor also said that he will take a step to form an inquiry committee to investigate the sexual harassment in the education sector.