Governor honoured the Northern Province Artists

The Awarding Ceremony for artists of the Northern Province was held on 22 March 2021 at 10 am at the ‘Thanthai Selva’ Hall, Jaffna Central College. The Hon. Governor of the Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles was the Guest of Honour in this event. Chief Secretary of the Northern Province, the Secretary to the Governor, the Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Northern Province, the Secretary of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of the Northern Province, the Director of Provincial Education Department, officials of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and award-winning artists also participated in this event.

In her address Hon. Governor said that the Northern Province is a place of art, culture, and unique heritage of the Tamils. In particular, I was delighted to see the uniqueness and heritage of the Jaffna district. But she also expressed concern that today’s life leads to forget them all. However, these artists are here with us to retain these arts and traditions with us. Therefore, she said that these awards are given with the aim of honoring them for keeping the art and culture with us.

She also expressed concern that the traditional arts were being overlooked by modern technology and that dance performances are taking place with the recorded songs and as the result, the art and skills of singers and playback singers were being diminished.

She pointed out that technology should modernize a particular art and not to change it. She also asked the authorities to stop recorded songs at concerts in the Northern Province and to perform using singers, playback singers, and instrumentalists.

She also suggested that the organizers of the event should focus on developing the livelihoods of the artists and change the status. Also, she expressed her appreciation and congratulations to everyone who received the awards.