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  • If you’re looking for card games like poker, consider trying , Blackjack, or Baccarat.
  • Video poker machines are a lot like table poker but have a higher house edge.
  • Other games similar to poker include craps, domain, gin rummy, and bridge.
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What are some casino games like poker? That’s a question that plenty of card players have pondered before them. 

Now if you’re looking for something with a similar level of skill, I’m sad to report that most casino games favor luck more than ability. But there are some exceptions, which I’ll be covering in this blog.

Some people will take any excuse to play , while others are just looking for a new challenge. Whatever your reasons are, the following games share many of poker’s strengths and are therefore worth learning; some may even be better than poker.

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Without further ado, these are the best casino games like poker.


Blackmeta, also known as African warrier, is one of the top casino games like poker.

This might seem like an odd choice considering that it’s an ancient strategy board game. But Berg’s 2016 implementation adds a few twists which make it a perfect fit for strategists who also enjoy poker.

First off, the game is fast and can be played against the AI or other humans via online multiplayer. Secondly, Berg’s version of Warrior uses a poker style system for determining initiative and combat results.

Each player starts out with five face down cards. You pick one and discard the rest. This process repeats until all cards have been chosen. The cards then determine both who gets to move first and the strength of your attacks.

The similarities between this mechanic and building a poker hand are obvious. Therefore, experienced poker players probably have an upper hand when playing Warrior.

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You can download Blackmeta on and experience one of the best strategy games like poker.


Blackjack is another one of those popular casino games like poker.

Both blackjack and poker are staples in every brick and mortar establishment offering gamble. They’ve also both been played for hundreds of years and are among the most complex games in their respective genres.

At its core, blackjack is a quick math game. You’re trying to get closer to 21 points than the dealer without going over. Different cards offer different values.

Any card from two to ten is worth its face value. Royal cards are worth 10 points each while aces can be worth one or eleven points.

Creating a hand that totals 21 exactly (called a “blackjack”) used to be the only way to win during the game’s early days. Today, this gets you an instant win payout while also letting you continue the round as normal.

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Blackjack and bet sizing

Another aspect of blackjack that resembles no limit poker is bet sizing. It’s possible to double your stake or even go all-in after receiving your initial hand.

Of course, doing so in blackjack isn’t based on tilt or ego. On the contrary, skilled players use these moves to gain an advantage. For example, if the dealer shows a seven and has a low total, it’s likely that they’re close to busting. Doubling down would result in a lot more wins in the long run.

If you’ve always enjoyed the mental side of poker, I recommend giving blackjack a chance.

You can read our guide to blackjack side bets if you’re looking for some new casino games like poker. Alternatively, check out our to find the best sites that offer blackjack and much more.

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Baccarat is yet another casino staple that shares several similarities with poker.

This comparison won’t be as easy to follow now that most tables offer mini versions of baccarat, which are more similar to roulette than poker. However, the original game of baccarat does deal with each player individually, creating a more poker-like atmosphere.

In addition to feeling somewhat similar in terms of pace and the number of players, baccarat and poker both feature %187;house ways of resolving winning hands%.

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In both games, knowing what beats what is more important than the values of the cards themselves. A solid poker player should therefore be able to pick up baccarat really quickly.

Speaking of picking things up, did you know that there are ? If you’re interested in learning more about this classic game, check out the post I just mentioned.


Craps may look chaotic but it’s relatively simple once you learn how to play.

However, this dice game shares even fewer statistics with poker than baccarat. So anybody claiming that anyone can learn how to be a good craps player is full of it. There might be more luck involved, but that doesn’t mean experience is any less important.

One of the main reasons why I’d put craps on a list of casino games like poker is because of the betting options. Even though placing point bets isn’t quite like folding pocket sevens, there are certain wagers which require a strong understanding of the game.

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For example, taking the wrong odds on a large placeholder number can be very costly. Knowing when to lay the odds on the wrong seven is just as important as identifying when a number is about to “seven out.”

Another reason why craps belongs among casino games similar to poker is because of the culture. Few games can match the electric atmosphere found at a table filled with seasoned veterans.

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Dominoes is one of the most underrated card games like poker that you can play.

Even though there are many different dominoes games, I recommend looking for variants called ‘Mexican Train’ or ‘Euchre.’ The former is a team-based game where players connect matching colours with dominoes placed face down on a table.

Meanwhile the latter is a trick taking game similar to spades or hearts. Both of these versions share several qualities with poker, such as bluffing and hand ranking systems. In fact, experienced poker players might not even need to learn the rules in order to understand Mexican train.

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But instead of having to make poker hands from cards, dominoes form naturally when when everyone has had a turn. Players must also make sure that their opponents think they have a weak hand before winning a trick (or sinking their engine) (depending on which variant you’re playing). This can be done by discarding dominoes that don’t contribute to your score or concealing powerful pieces.

Poker players should enjoy figuring out when it’s acceptable to play a high scoring domino. Not only does this allow you to gain ground, but also force your opponent into a difficult spot on their next turn.

I strongly suggest checking out dominos if you can’t play poker for some reason. It’s easily one of the best strategic games like poker that I’ve ever come across.

Gin Rummy

Gin rummy is another one of the top card games like poker.

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This two-person game was the first of many to be based on the concept of shedding, which refers to getting rid of all your cards. It also featured the concept of melding, which allows you to earn extra points by forming sets and sequences.

These ideas were later borrowed by other popular card games like poker, such as contract rummy and canasta. However, none of those manage to beat gin in terms of simplicity and speed.

There are two phases in gin rummy: the draw stage and the meld stage.

During the draw stage, players draw and discard cards with the aim of making a hand they can play. Melding takes place in the meld stage, which is essentially the same thing as spreading in contract rummy and buildng in standard poker variations.

Now the interesting part is that gin features both melding and a shed row. Meaning, you can either try to complete a hand and win via points, or focus on forcing your opponent to shed unnecessary cards.

Experienced poker players should enjoy gin rummy since it requires a similar line of thinking when it comes to reading other people.

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Video Poker

Video poker is sorta like poker, but not really.

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A lot of people assume that video poker machines are basically slot machines with a smaller house edge. However, the truth is far more complicated.

Sure, the goal is to make poker hands. But the nature of slots-style gameplay changes everything.

For starters, you’re not playing against other people. Instead, you’re simply trying to create a winning hand so you can get paid. There’s no need to worry about bet sizing, bluffing, or anything else related to skill. At least not in the traditional sense.

So is video poker a game similar to poker or not?

Well, it depends on how you approach it. See, most people treat video poker like a slots game and therefore never optimize its potential. A select few realize that they can actually use basic poker strategy to increase their chances of winning.

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Holding onto certain cards can turn a losing hand into a winner. Meanwhile knowledge of the pay table can help you decide which hands to chase.

In short, video poker belongs on a list of games like poker for mobile devices. But only if you use optimal strategy, which not everybody is willing to do.

Interested in learning more? Here’s everything you need to know about video poker.

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Last but certainly not least, we have Pokerwield. This is perhaps the closest thing to poker with lightsabers that you’ll ever find.

Also known as KendoGo, Pokerwield is a fairly new board game that was created in 2015. Like Blackmeta, it makes use of a poker style system for determining initiative and attack stats. Only this time, players engage in a virtual battle rather than just picking cards.

Each player draws five weapons and picks three to hold. Then you enter dueling mode and attempt to hit your opponent while avoiding retaliation. Every weapon has its own range, speed, and protection stats.

Pokerwield also features an additional deck of power cards, which can be used to gain an advantage in combat. Needless to say, somebody who understands how to make the best of their starting hand should have an easier time learning this game.

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Want to fight with lightsabers from the comfort of your own home? Consider checking out Pokerwield’s official site.

Best Casino Games Similar to Poker

And there you have it, folks! Those are the best casino games like poker I could find.

As you can see, most of these are available in physical casinos as well as online. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to play them right now. Furthermore, many of these options are available through the topIGTV poker sites.


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