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There are hundreds of slot machines on this site alone, and thousands if you consider every other casino-related website on the internet. 

As slippery as ice, is the notion that you will play the same slot machine game over, and over again, and somehow miraculously stumble upon another during one of your brief strolls away from the reels. It just ain't happening, buddy. The only way to know what's out there is to either do some research online or seek out a website that offers demo versions of their slots so you can try them out before committing to playing with real money.

We recommend the latter because who has time to do any real research these days? (Answer: no one). If you want to try out some new games, revisit some old favorites, or simply test drive a slot you've been hearing about but are not yet ready to sink your hard-earned cash into, then you're in luck. We offer hundreds of free slot games - all instant play and no registration required. Just browse to your favorite game and start spinning! And we don't just limit ourselves to free slot machines - we've also got free video poker, blackjack, and even bingo!

Why Play Free Slots Online?

It may seem counterintuitive: you go to a casino to gamble your money; why would you want to play a game for free beforehand? Wouldn't it totally ruin the element of chance, and therefore take all the fun out of playing? Not at all. In fact, there are many good reasons to play free slot machine games online, whether they be fruit machines, five-reelers, seven-reelers, or any other variety. Here are a few of our top reasons:

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Try Before You Buy

The best reason to play free slots is that it lets you evaluate the gameplay of a certain slot without risking any of your own money. This is especially important with the more complicated slots that have many different features, multiple ways to win, or both. Some slots look great on the surface, but turn out to have terrible winning combinations. Playing a slot for free allows you to see how often you actually win, and how exciting those wins are. After all, what's the point of playing a slot that hits winners every Spin, but the wins are only one coin amount? Boring.

On the flip side, some slots never seem to hit a winner, but when it does, you jump out of your seat. These are the types of slots you want to play. And the only way to tell which category a particular slot falls into is to play it for free, before you wager real bucks.

Learn a New Slot's Tricks

Even though slots are completely random and the outcome of each spin is determined solely by Lady Luck, different slots have differing volatility levels. For instance, a highly volatile slot may go for long stretches of time without hitting any substantial winners, and then all at once, the screen explodes with ten top awards in a row. Low variance slots, on the other hand, will hit smaller winners much more frequently, but you'll have to spin the reels far more times to get that big Jackpot win.

Knowing a slot's volatility is crucial to playing it properly, as you need to have sufficient enough funds to weather the dry spells of high variance slots, or you'll go broke waiting for a win that may never come. Playing free slot games affords you the opportunity to learn exactly how each specific game plays, including how often it hits, the size of those wins, and how frequently (if ever) the Bonus rounds show up. Only through extensive play - whether it be with real money or just for fun - will you be able to discern a slot's true character.

Free Slot Machines are Fun

Let's face it: sometimes you just want to spin the reels of your favorite slot game without having to make a deposit or even sign into a casino. Other than preparing yourself for when you do decide to play for real, watching the reels of a well-designed slot scoot by is just plain enjoyable. Trying new games is fun too, especially when you can do so without risking a thing.

Our collection of free slot games features many of the same titles you'd find in our Real Vegas casino, allowing you to seamlessly transition from the fun mode versions to the real deal when you're ready. Give our free slots a whirl; we think you'll enjoy them so much that you'll hang around to play for real rewards too. Who knows? Your next big win could be only a few spins away.

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Are Free Casino Slot Games Risky?

Playing free slot machine games online might sound like a sketchy prospect - after all, what legitimate casino is going to let you play its hottest titles for free? It might surprise you to learn that most casinos online - us included - offer hundreds of free slot games. But aren't they watered-down versions? Don't they lack major features or force you to play at absurdly low coin denominations? Nope and nope.

All of the free slot games found on this site are the identical versions found in our download and Instant Play casinos; the difference, of course, is that they are set to practice mode, so whilst you'll get the same great graphics, sounds, features, and animations, you won't be playing for real winnings. Our free 5 reel slots, free 3 reel slots, and video slots are all here for your entertainment pleasure.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to play a slot for free, even if you already know how it works. Maybe you want to revisit an old friend; perhaps you saw a new slot out on the casino floor and aren't quite ready to commit to playing it for real. Whatever your motivation, rest assured that our free Las Vegas slot games are entirely safe, and you can play them until your heart is content. When you're ready to amp up the excitement level and begin accumulating real winnings, simply register for a new account and start betting; all of our accounts offer seamless transitions between real money and practice play.

Advice for Playing Free Online Slots

Now that you know all about where to find free slot games online and why you'd want to play them, it's time to get down to business. Though playing for free certainly takes the edge off the experience - in a good way - there's still much to be learned from spinning the reels of your favorite games without having to bet. Read on for our best tips on how to make the most of your free slot play.

Take Advantage of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

One of the best ways to accrue a solid bankroll of free chips is to take advantage of the numerous that are offered by virtually every casino online today. These bonuses generally come in one of two forms: as a new player welcome package or as a reward for being a loyal member of the casino. New depositing players are almost always granted a large matching bonus on their first deposit into the casino; this means that if you deposit $50 into the casino, you'll receive a chip bonus of the same amount; this brings your total playing balance to $100, thanks to the free chip.

These match bonuses are usually worth 100% of your first deposit amount, though some more generous casinos will go as high as 200%. That's free chips you're getting; the casino isn't simply reducing or waiving its requirements for first-time players. 

In addition to the initial deposit bonuses, many casinos also grant similar match bonuses to their long-term players as a reward for their loyalty; after all, without the support of its most ardent patrons, any casino would quickly fade from relevance. These reload bonuses may come in amounts less than those provided to new players, but every little bit helps when it comes to free slot machine play.

Once you've claimed as many of these no deposit bonuses as you can, it's time to put them to work for you. Though most bonus chips will eventually become unavailable should you choose not to play, slots are unique among casino games in that they contribute 100% towards bonus completion; this means that every dollar you wager on slot machines while on a casino bonus puts a dollar in your pocket when you complete the wagering requirements and the casino goes to transfer your winnings to your regular playing account.

But I'm playing free slots! That's right; you're not - at least not for real winnings. But you also aren't using any of your own money; instead, you're doing your practicing on the casino dime. See the beauty of this now? As you play your free slots, you'll notice something odd occurring: your balance goes up. It may be just a couple of bucks at first, but as you become familiar with the various features of the slot - and how they trigger - your free chips will soon be piling up.

And the best part is that these free chips are yours to keep, should you choose to meet the minor playthrough requirements they may be subject to. Of course, you can let them sit in your account forever; it's free money, after all. But why not use it to pad your banking while spinning the reels of your favorite slot machines?

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Manually Adjust Game Speed 

Instantly regain the proceeds of your latest jackpot when you play in expert mode. When you play in auto mode, whenever you hit the spin button, the reels will spin, slow down, stop, pay you if necessary, and declare victoriously on each reposition before moving on to the next spin. Not so when you put the game into expert mode; here, the reels sprint briskly to a stop, announce any pays or feature triggers in small text boxes at the top of the screen, and move immediately on to the next spin. 

Though expert mode is typically reserved for playing video poker, it has its uses when spinning the reels of your favorite slots as well. By keeping more action on the screen - and off your hands - you'll be able to watch your balance ebb and flow without constantly hitting the stop spinning button or, even worse, sitting there with your fingers buried in the couch cushions while you anxiously will the tumblers to come to rest.

Better yet, most slots will allow you to instantly see your current credit balance and any recent wins by hovering your mouse cursor over the displayed chip value to the left of the spin button. This is handy in both auto and expert modes, but looks a lot dorkier in expert mode since there are no spins to distract the casino attendendant from noticing your tell.

So feel free to become the slot nerd at your favorite online or land-based casino; not only will others' impressions of you skyrocket, but you'll also be able to watch in excited glee as your balance fluctuates wildly as you play free slots right here at .

Where to Find Free Online Slots

Now that you're chomping at the bit to give our free slots a try, you may be wondering where they're all hidden. Well, buckle up, buttercup, because you're about to receive a priceless nugget of slot knowledge: all online casinos have them. That's right - every Internet gaming site worth its salt maintains a sizable stable of free slot machine games that are open to anyone who wanders onto the casino floor.

You don't have to take our word for it, though; why not perform your own experiment? Fire up your web browser and enter a search query for “online casinos.” Sort the results by "My Location," pick one at random, and navigate to their virtual front door. Once you're on the casino floor, scroll through their alphabetical list of games until you find the section headed by a large picture of the quintessential one-armed bandit. Every casino offers these, so it doesn't matter which one you pick; besides, how often do you get to claim something everybody gets just by looking?

Alternatively, you could save yourself some time and just use the convenient navigation bar above this paragraph. We may not have the most imaginative name for our selection page, but it’s effective - plus, we do have a few other pages with free slots listed, too! Regardless of how you get there, you can rest assured that will never require a deposit or any kind of personal information from you to play any of our many free 777 slot games or any others you may happen to favor.

Types of Free Slots Games

Just as our selection of free casino games is ubiquitous across the entirety of the Internet casinoscape, so too is the diversity of styles, themes, and play mechanics. It seems as though every developer out there has put together a list of the top 100 most popular concepts for slot games, had their minions roll them up in a metaphorical ball, threw them into a metaphorical hat, drew them all out again, and declared the resulting combination the theme for their newest release. It’s a silly way to go about things, but the end result speaks for itself: there are dozens of free classic slots, free video slots, free 777 slot games, and everything else under the sun out there, and we carry many of the most popular ones right here on this site. Check out some of the subsections of this genre that we host below.

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Classic Slots

Despite what some may say, of course we know the difference between these and , even though they share much of the same gene pool. Classic slot games are usually three reels affairs (thus, the "three reeler" moniker often used interchangeably with the term "classic") that contain usually a half dozen or so icons. Match three of a kind on the active payline(s) - of which there is usually only one (though quite often, it must be centered on the center reel to trigger a win) - and you're a winner.

Classic slot machines are free 777 slot games par excellence, and many of them borrow heavily from the Barco-Nirvana design school. You know the drill: single card faces are replaced by simple numbers and suits, bells, bars, sevens, fruits, and maybe a lucky eight or lucky sevens logo. 

Free three reel slots aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they remain perennially popular with a certain segment of the slot-playing populace. Their simple nature allows players to zone out and just enjoy the clangs and clatter of the reeled symbols rather than focusing intently on the screen, hoping for a lucrative symbol combo to appear. That said, these icons can be mighty lucrative themselves, especially since many modern classics feature wilds, multipliers, and other special icon events.

Learning to play free 3 reel slots is a cinch, thanks to their streamlined nature and dearth of optional betting choices. Indeed, on many such machines, there is but a single choice to make: how much would you like your bet to be worth? Everything else is fixed, making these the easiest type of slot machine to wrap your brain around.

We've got a fine selection of free 3 reel slots for you to sample on the house, so why not give one - or more - a whirl today? Remember, unlike other online casinos, you can play these slots for as long as you wish with absolutely zero obligation on your part. No time like the present, right? Check out our free Rudolph's Revenge or the delightfully anachronistic Diamond Dozen.

Video Slots

Video slots are the diametric opposite of their mechanical forebears, featuring five reels (or more) of digital goodness. Whereas on a typical three reel slot, you might have half a dozen symbols to keep straight, video slot machines can sport dozens - if not hundreds - of unique icons. Add in multiple paylines - of which most modern video slots feature 25, 50, or even 75, 100, or 243 ways to win - and it becomes easy to understand why so many slot mavens eschew these types of machines.

At one time, video slots were the domain of the land-based casino. Due in large part to the exorbitant costs involved in producing cinematic quality animation sequences and snappy musical scores, brick-and-mortar gaming houses featured the vast majority of the best video slots. However, as technology has advanced, many of the best video slots have made the leap to the Internet with aplomb, complete with Free Spin Bonuses, Pick and Win Features, tumbling reels, and more.

Sure, it can be daunting at first to spin the reels of a complex video slot and try and keep track of all the symbol combos and special features, but that's exactly what the free version is for. Once you get a handle on when the Bonus round is most likely to trigger, you can hit the nail on the head more often than not when playing for real chips. Also, tumbling reels - also known as Rolling Reels or Cascading Reels depending on the manufacturer - are easier to master when you're not sweating bullets over losing your whole wad on one spin.

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Thanks to the tireless programming staff at our software providers, we've got tons of free video slots here at . From the classic Buffalo to the avant-garde Goblin's Treasure, we've got plenty of five reel slots for you to play over and over until you know every note of the soundtrack and can predict the exact moment of each tumbling reels event.

Seven Reel Slots

Sometimes called 7-reel slots, these games are somewhere between the simple three reelers and the complex video slots described above. Indeed, many seven reel slot machines are little more than beefed-up three reel models, featuring just a handful of symbols and optional features like Hold buttons (a holdover mechanism from the old mechanical slot days).

However, many designers have taken to the seven reel format like a duck takes to water, crafting unique and innovative slot experiences that are neither fish nor fowl. These games often feature 243 Ways to Win or pay both ways, meaning that matching symbols read from either side of the screen. Add in multiple rows of symbols and you've got a lot to keep track of, hence the utility of playing these games for free until you have a handle on their ins and outs.

Though the field of seven reel slots is relatively small compared to their three and five reel brethren, there are still a few worthy entries to be found in this slot subgenre. Boars Gone Wild and Sweet 16 Pool Party are two such titles, both of which can be found right here at . Give them both a shot; I'll wager a dollar saying that you won't find another pair of seven reel slots like these anywhere else.

Branded Slots

Ah, celebrity - that odiferous rose that grows so rankingly in Concrete Jungle. We're a species obsessed with fame for its own sake, willing to pay top dollar to associate ourselves - however tenuously - with those we perceive to be successful, happy, and enviable. What better way to do so than by spinning the reeled symbols of our favorites actors, musicians, and fictional characters?

Branded slots are all the rage these days, with designers rushing to secure the licensing rights to attach the names of prominent public figures to their upcoming releases. It's a symbiotic relationship in many ways: the famous personage gets their name out to a wider audience, while the software provider rakes in cash due to our innate curiosity about said individual. It may not make much sense, but branded slot machines are here to stay.

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Of course, back in the day, branded slots weren't created with the sole intent of cashing in on name recognition; no, in those halcyon days past, such games were licensed productions based on popular media properties. Thanks to the relaxed intellectual property laws of the mid-twentieth century, several slot developers were able to create official slot machine adaptations of television shows, movies, and other media.

Today, we can enjoy many of these vintage branded slot games right alongside their more modern brethren. You can sit in your jammies at 2 AM spinning the reels of an adapted directly from the comfort of your couch - something unthinkable to folks in the 1960s and 1970s, I'll wager. Hey - maybe that's why they dressed so flamboyantly back then: they didn't know what later generations would look like. Go figure.

Regardless of why we enjoy branded slots or what they look like, there's no denying that these games are here to stay. And you know what? That's okay by me. Sure, these games tend to have bloated, confusing feature sets, but when they're done right - like in Planet of the Apes – it’s downright inspirational. Come on, who wouldn’t want to spend some time in the irradiated wasteland depicted in while trying to avoid those pesky darn mutants? Talk about living the dream...

While we may not lead lives of opulence and privilege like those in the reality TV programs so many branded slot games are based upon, we can at least pretend for awhile by spinning the reels of our chosen game. Plus, if we're lucky, we'll end up with more credits than we started with - and that's something to truly aspire to in life, eh? Check out some of the best branded slots available to play for free below, and maybe you'll find a new obsession.

  • Three Tigers

Free Slot Game Software Providers

Much like how all online casinos have identical rosters of free slot machine games, so too do all these Internet gaming sites source their wares from much the same group of developers. Granted, some casinos have exclusive deals with certain providers to supply proprietary games; nevertheless, the overall effect is the same: if you've seen the slots, they're probably free to play.

Below is a short list of some of the biggest and most influential software providers working today. Each one has left its stamp on the online casino industry in myriad ways, but none are as beloved - nor as copied - as those which provide free slots to play and enjoy. Scroll down to learn about some of the top companies in the slot development space.

NetEnt Free Slots

Net Entertainment, or NetEnt for short, has been around seemingly forever; indeed, the company was founded way back in 1996 - in other words, it was deep in the trenches fighting along with the first wave of online gaming pioneers. Over the last two decades, NetEnt has built a reputation for cutting edge graphical presentation, offbeat themes, and clever interactive features.

Because NetEnt supplies only top-quality slot designs to its clients - namely, online casinos - its catalog of free slots is not the largest in terms of sheer numbers. However, such luminaries as , Hall of Gods, and Ghost Glyph belong in the collection of every self-respecting slot fan. Oh yes: this developer also created the seminal Gonzo's Quest, so bow before its greatness - or play it for free right here at !

Playtech Free Slots

is one of the giants of the online gaming world; indeed, it is often mentioned in the same breath as industry leaders like Microgaming and Realtime Gaming. Based in the United Kingdom and founded way back in 1999 as a joint venture between a timber trader and a stock brokerage firm, Playtech has grown to encompass over 140 separate companies and 5,000 employees worldwide.

Such size often leads to charges of being faceless and uncaring, but I suspect that's not the case with Playtech. After all, who could possibly be impersonal and indifferent after naming their creations "The Dark Knight," "Robocar Poli", and "A Night Out"? Those guys are as warm and loving as grandma's apple pie, that's who. To sample some of their wares without risking any of your own funds, why not try Age of the Gods, Pusher, or Robocar Policeman - all available for free right here at !

Play 'n Go Free Slots

This Swedish software studio has been around since the dawn of online casino gambling; indeed, Play 'n GO was one of the very first firms to develop remote gaming software for personal computers. Since that heady beginning in 1997, this company has brought dozens - if not hundreds - of unique slot designs to market, including such standouts as , Sails of Gold, and Prosperity Palace.

Many of Play 'n GO's titles are based on media properties from other creators, such as Stickers - which is based on the Duck Tales Video Game. Yes, that Duck Tables video game - as in, the one where Scott Skiles over Walt Disney on the US Billboard Hot 100 with his cover of Money, Money, Money. Man, I so wanted that red car of his...Still. Anyway, feel free to scratch that nostalgia itch anytime you like with the free online version of this slot from !

IGT Free Slots

International Game Technology is one of the oldest names in slot machines, having begun life as a producer of coinsling games of chance for land-based casinos all the way back in 1975. Because of that lengthy history with mechamical slots - and the many groundbreaking designs that issued forth from its creative engineers - many folks consider IGT the true home of the free 777 slot games.

It stands to reason, then, that IGT would be the go-to creator for brands seeking to capitalize on their successes with video adaptations of their games. Such is the case with Wheel of Fortune, based on the TV game show of the same name. Indeed, IGT holds a trademark on the name "Wheel of Fortune" for use in slot machines, so if you want to spin the reels of a free online adaptation of this media property, there's only one place to look. Of course, IGT has plenty of original designs under its belt as well, including the cult favorites Sumatran Storm and She Wolf. Check out their official site at !

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Quickspin Free Slots

Quickspin was founded in 2011 by a trio of industry veterans who'd cut their teeth at such notable software studios as NetEnt and Qucikfire. The goal of these three entrepreneurs was lofty indeed: to create a company that valued a healthy work/life balance for its employees while simultaneously cranking out chart-topping slot designs. So far, Quickspin has lived up to its mission statement quite nicely, receiving many accolades from players, reviewers, and industry experts alike.

Most of Quickspin's catalog features five reels and lots of innovative special features - which makes them quite accessible to newbie slot fans. However, the company hasn't shied away from three and seven reel slots, either; witness the excellent Big Bad Wolf EggOMatic, which contains all three types of reel arrangements. All in all, Quickspin is a company to watch - and you can do just that with their entire library of free slots right here on this site. Check out some of their best games below, or view the full selection here.

Advantages of Free Web-Based Slots

Okay - so you see where I'm coming from regarding the joys and benefits of playing free slots online. But what about you? Have I convinced you to give these games a whirl without risking your hard-earned dough? Or are you still on the fence, unsure whether all this talk of free slot machines is nothing more than a bunch of hot air?

Well, I can't make you do anything you don't want to, but I can lay out the facts for you and let you draw your own conclusions. With that in mind, peruse the following list of advantages of free web-based slots, and remember: we've got the biggest collection of free slots online right here at !

  • No Risk - This is the big one, people. Unlike when you're playing for real chips, there's literally no way to lose when putting in your time on a complimentary slot machine. Even if you set the value of a coin at $100 and bet twenty lines at five dollars apiece, you're still not risking anything - because you're not wagering any actual funds. Therefore, you can play for hours on end without feeling the burn in your wallet - or, ideally, even checking the time because you've lost all track of it.
  • No Download Needed - While it's true that some online slot developers require you to first download their proprietary software suite before you can access their free games, that's rarely the case. For the most part, you can start spinning the reels of your chosen game right right now, no muss, no fuss. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection - which, hopefully, you already have.
  • Learn the Rules - Even if you already know how to play slots, learning the intricate details of a specific model is another kettle of fish altogether. How many winning symbols on the screen trigger the free spin bonus round? Does it matter on which reel the bonus symbol appears? Is it possible to win the progressive jackpot from the free spins Bonus? When you're playing for free, you can experiment to your heart's content until you have all the answers. Once you switch to real money mode, all that info will be second nature to you.
  • Try Before You Buy - Branded slot games are a prime example of the utility of free slots. Indeed, many of these games are quite complex, with multiple Bonus screens, extra Bet ways to win, and other confusing elements. Unless you're willing to pony up several bucks per spin - which I suppose is alright if you're filthy rich - you may never get a chance to play the real version of a celebrity slot machine. However, the free demos are usually readily available; thus, you can try before you buy in this venue as well.
  • Fun to Play - Let's face it: slot machines are games of chance, and as such, they are not guaranteed to be entertaining in the traditional sense. Sometimes, watching three reels spin aimlessly for several seconds can get boring really fast - especially if you're losing a bundle. However, when you're not invested with any chips, the whole experience takes on a different aspect. Indeed, spinning the reels of a free slot machine is a lot like popping a quarter into a and seeing what happens: there's no pressure, no stress - just pure, uncut slot joy.

Free Slots vs. Free Online Slots

Do you know the difference between free slots and free online slots? If not, you're not alone - because, to be honest, there's not much of a distinction between the two phrases. Indeed, just about every slot machine you'll find online has a demo mode version which allows you to play for free; furthermore, many of those games are available at multiple casinos on the Internet.

Best Real Money Casino Sites - Top sites for real money gambling in 2023

Does that mean there are legions of slots floating 'round the ether that can be played gratis at an endless variety of World Wide Web gaming palaces? Well, not exactly - mainly because the United States government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which pretty much outlaws online gambling for US citizens. Thus, while it is technically true that there are many casinos offering free slots online, it is illegal for Americans to access their services - and vice versa.

Further complicating matters is the fact that many of those foreign online casinos are perfectly happy to accept US customers - but only if they first certify that they are out of the country when they log in to play. Yeah - everybody keeps a log of their whereabouts, just so they can play a few free online slots. Nah - what most folks do is wait until they're on vacation and find a local casino to slake their thirst for risk-free slot action.

Meanwhile, US residents can eschew the hassles of overseas online casinos by sticking to the domestic market for free slots. Indeed, many USA friendly online casinos feature complimentary slot machines - although, due to the vagaries of state and federal law, these establishments cannot accept real money for wagers. Instead, it is customary to sign up for these casinos, receive a large Welcome Bonus with complementary slots play, and then ...well, I guess you just log on and play whenever the mood strikes, and hope they don't change the rules while you're there.

To summarize: yes, there are plenty of casinos offering free online slots to American players. However, you should be aware that - at least for now - it is impossible to use those services to play for real money within the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, Doug Bradley's house, or any other place in the USA.

Playing Free Slots On Mobile

It used to be that playing free mobile slots was a pain in the tush. Back in the early heady days of smartphones and touchscreen technology, programmers weren't sure how folks wanted their games to operate on the tiny displays of their handheld devices. As a result, many software studios simply skipped mobile compatibility checks when releasing their newest creations.

However, as tablets and phones have replaced PCs as the primary method for accessing the Internet, game designers have woken up to the fact that mobile optimization is a necessity, not a luxury. Today, you can find millions of free mobile slots which run smoothly and look fantastic on even the smallest displays.

Indeed, many software developers release their newest titles exclusively for mobile platforms, secure in the knowledge that everybody carries one of those devices in their pockets at all times. That's great news for slot fans who prefer to spin the reels while riding the bus or standing in line at the grocery store.

If you're interested in playing free mobile slots but don't know where to start, fear not: I've got just the thing for you. Simply pull up this mobile-optimized slot selection from my Android phone, and you'll see what I mean. As you can see, the games fit the screen perfectly, allowing you to wager, bet, spin, and cash out with just a few finger taps - no additional hardware required.

I realize that was a shameless plug for our free mobile slots collection, but - hey, I believe in practicing what I preach. Besides, unlike other scoundrels in the online gaming press, I don't hide behind anonymizing proxservers when I drop a couple of bucks into the jackpot of a free slot machine. No - you can find me spinning the reels of , Mobile Kings, and other quick strike slots right here on this site - but only if I'm in range of my trusted Sony Android Phone.

Free Slot Machines Sounds Great - Where Do I Start?

Glad you asked! While it's true you could spend months browsing the countless collections of free slot games on the Internet, who has the time - or patience - for such frivolity? Fortunately, I've already done the heavy lifting for you, compiling the very best specimens of virtual one-armed bandits in one convenient location. That's right - you're currently reading the web page for