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There are plenty of free poker games online you can play without risking your own bankroll. Some are just fun games, while others allow you to play for real money when you’re ready for that. Here’s a breakdown of your options at the best free poker sites online. : If you want to play for real money, click "Play Now" to sign up and .**

Why Play Free Online Poker Games

There are actually quite a few reasons to fire up a table and start playing free poker online. Here are a couple of the best ones:

  • Learn the Rules. If you're not familiar with the game already, it makes sense to learn how to play poker for free online before putting your own cash on the line. Our recommendation would be to start with  or  before moving on to more free poker games.
  • Hone Your Skills. Even if you know how to play poker, free Texas Holdem online gives you a chance to try out new strategies and get comfortable with concepts like ,  and  before you apply them to your own money.
  • Relieve Stress. Sounds crazy, right? But playing free internet poker can be very relaxing as there's no pressure to win or play your best game. Sometimes it’s good to just play poker cards online free and have fun.
  • Have Fun. Poker is a fun game and maybe the main reason you started playing in the first place was because you enjoyed it. Well, by playing free online poker games for no bonus, you can relive that enjoyment and remember what it was that hooked you in the first place.
  • Be Entertained. Some of the free poker games online are more like poker video games and are meant to amuse and astonish rather than educate or challenge. These simulate playing pro poker tournaments or let you play against celebrities or even aliens.
  • Win Real Money. Believe it or not, some of the free poker games online offer real money prizes although you would need to climb various leaderboards to get those. And finally you could, but real money doesn't get added to your account and you have a set amount to play with. This lets you play aggressive poker strategie and really open up your play.
    After you grind that dry entirely, you can move on to the other free-play options. And if you're good enough, you might just have the skills to make the transition to winning player.
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No matter which site you pick, just follow the links in this article to get started playing free Texas Holdem online and other games.

Free No Deposit Bonus Poker Sites

These poker sites offer a  and some tournament dollars so you can play free online poker games and have a shot at winning real money when you hit certain achievement levels.

The idea behind a welcome bonus is to lure you into making a deposit eventually, as the really big money is locked away in the higher tiers of the reward program. But you don’t have to worry about that if you just stick to the free stuff. _Important: You must download the software to play._

Ignition Casino (#1 Poker Site for Free No Deposit Bonus)

$30 No Deposit Bonus + 300% up to $3,000

First things first. Ignition Casino is one of the top US poker sites and its free play option is available to players from all over the world. The no deposit bonus is worth $30 and can be used on any of the site’s many .

Moreover, Ignition has a 200% deposit bonus that’s well within the realms of popularity among players and this means you can get a nice little boost once you’ve exhausted the free play option. Indeed, once you’ve claimed the $30 freebie, you qualify for a deposit bonus worth 300% to a maximum of $3,000. To claim this bonus, use code "NEWBONUS" when registering and then making your first deposit. You will need to email to have the bonus credited to your account. Alternatively, you can call (+1 646 569 5337) or live chat to arrange crediting. The deposit minimum is $20 and bonus payments are made in $5 increments every time you earn 100 reward points per dollar. Reward points are earned at a rate of five points per $1 paid in rake. Meaning you have to generate $20 in rake in order to earn the first $5 payment. Timescales vary from 30-120 days but 30 days seems typical. Ignition uses random dealer checks to police mooning incidents. Players found wanting are disqualified and banned. Play on this top poker site now!

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Next up we have 888poku which offers £12 free play when you join along with another deposit match bonus. So UK poker players can play free online poker for real money here too with the chance to win some extra pocket money. Once you’ve verified your account, you’ll receive eight x £1 tickets for the $100,000, $50,000 and $25,000 Weekly Race, plus the Monthly Race worth $100,000.

These tickets expire weekly/monthly and you need to sit one single tablet of £1 buy-in to use them - and of course you can always use your prize money to play more free 888poker games if you wish. The best part is, you don’t even have to download software to play, though you will miss out on some of the bigger games if you stick to instant play. To get your bonus just open a new account at 888poker and enter the following code: WEPAWNDEAL during registration. On top of this freebie, you will also get a 100% bonus up to £300 when you make your first deposit - more information in our dedicated review below.

You can find more details in our dedicated review, or head directly to  the free poker games online to get your £12 bonus!

Practice Poker Sites

These are free online poker game apps where you can download software to play exactly the same games in exactly the same way as you would for real money, but without any pretend chips to contend with. Instead of virtual currency, these  free poker games online let you take a seat with real players who have also downloaded the practice software.

The difference is, they cannot put any real money into play either. Money less poetically referred to as 'tickets' or 'pretend dollars,' is used as a way to pay for tournament entries and sometimes to win pots. Instead of real money, tournament entry fees and heads-up pot values are determined in these practice chips. Real money does come into play, however, when you decide to make a deposit and/or withdrawals are processed. Deposits are easy to make because the software keeps a running tab of how much you would have paid if playing with real money. When you're finished, your tab tells you how much you would have won. Click on your tab to instantaneously deposit or withdrawal the amount indicated. . If you want to play for real money, click "Play Now" to sign up and .**


is simply the biggest and best poker site in the world. Period. Full stop. End of. Eh, okay - we’ll give you a few reasons why this is the best site to play free poker online. Firstly, it’s basically the only place where you can play free poker online against Super High Rollers, because this is where the pros start out. Yes, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the next Isaac Kempton, Sam Greenwood et al. - and hopefully Commit-Toggling them off a few pots too.

Also, PokerStars has developed some awesome innovations like Snap Poker (2014) and Fast Forward if standard ring game and tournament poker gets boring. Another great aspect of PokerStars is its reputation for fast, fair payments and industry-leading software that ensures everyone is treated fairly. What’s more, the sheer volume of players means you’ll never be short of a game, whichever hour of the day or night you choose to play. And if you ever do want to make the transition to real money poker, the truth is nobody does it better than PokerStars.

It may seem odd recommending probably the hardest site to quit playing free poker online as our top choice but there’s method in our apparent madness. Simply put, everywhere else feels like learning to drive in an automatic, then realizing manual is the only option on test day. Everyone’s a little bit scared of the dot. But once you get going, it’s actually smooth(Kempton) driving. And if you need help with the view, the lecture notes are pretty solid too.

Top Real Money Casino Games Online You Can Play

Play WSOP Poker Games Online For Free

We all dream of it. Wearing the golden bracelet signifying victory over a grueling battle of wits. Finding yourself immortalized in poker history alongside the Truls Mönschs, the Barry Greneaus and the Dan Harrington’s of the world. Seeing your name engraved upon the illustrious Railey Conference chamber pot.

OK, so perhaps our definition of “prizes” may differ slightly from that of the World Series of Poker. But fear not, as the app allows you to compete in official WSOP events online AND for FREE. Okay, so you still can’t win a bracelet unless you’re physically present in Nevada (boo!) or New Jersey (hisss!), but you can still compete in official WSOP events - and win real money!

So how does it work? Well, anyone physically present in Nevada or New Jersey can pay a $125 fee to enter the Super Circuit Series - a series of six weekly events. Top performers in each event win official WSOP tournament rings – and real money prizes worth between $3,000 and $7,000. Best of all, if you download the , you can compete in these events for free! Finishing in the top two spots in any Sunday event automatically qualifies you for next week’s event - and that’s definitely our preferred way of paying tournament buy-ins. 

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Play Free Mobile Poker Games

It used to be difficult finding free mobile poker games as most apps were tied into real-money gaming operations. But since January 2016, when new regulations came into effect, Americans can now play free mobile poker apps without having to make purchases within the application.

Check out our list of and play Texas Holdem card game online free on your phone using one of the following apps:

Zynga Poker

Let’s face it – if you played on Facebook back in the day, you played Zynga Poker. With its cartoon graphics and celebrity dealers (Annie Duke, Daniel Negreanu etc), this free mobile poker game attracted almost 40 million active users at its peak. It still gets millions of hits a day and, let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to jumble up some trash without fear of losing cash. For this, Zynga is perfect. Note that you can play on desktop, or any mobile device. Social Poker

 is the real-money equivalent you can play on PC or mobile in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. But the company also operates a separate social poker platform where you can play free poker games online against friends and family. As with the real-money app, this version is only available if you’re physically located in the state of Nevada. But if you are, you can benefit from daily rewards, advance on the leaderboard and participate in special events. Like the real game, too, you’ll have chances to win real-world WSOP swag. You can download the Social Poker app on iOS, Android or Amazon.

Jackpot Poker

Playtexash's free mobile poker offering is called Jackpot Poker and it works like this: Every three minutes a new two- or six-seat hyper-Turbo SNG begins. They’re called ‘jackpots’ because there’s a prize pool multiplier that can boost the pot up to 20x the original buy-in. These range from $0.10 ($1.20 to $24) to $0.30 (($3.60 to $72). This is a pure minnow game so we can’t imagine it will capture the imagination of casual players for long. But it’s free. And it’s poker. So why not? Jackpot Poker is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 

Replay Poker

uses a unique system wherein you earn coins for logging on and completing missions (win with ace-king, for example). Cash games and tournaments cost coins to enter but you can restore your balance at any time for a small fee ($0.99). Hence limiting in-game purchases to people serious enough about Replay Poker to pony up. A neat feature of Replay is its replayer function, which allows you to watch famous hands from the biggest tournaments in history - again with the option to steps back and see what would have happened if the river card had been different. Neat. Notable for being the brainchild of ex-LCU student Thomas Muirhead, Replay Poker can be played via browser or on iPhone and iPad. 

Video Poker Apps

 isn’t exactly the same as poker but it uses the same principles and can be every bit as challenging and rewarding. Video poker apps tend to focus on variants of Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better, in which deuces represent wild cards and you’re trying to build the strongest possible hand. Popular titles include Double Double BonusSuper Duper Wild and Bonus Poker. We recommend searching iTunes and Google Play for “video poker” to find suitable apps for your area. Just bear in mind that many of them cost money - but they’re worth it if done right. 

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Play Free Celebrity Poker Games

Ok, so none of these stars really want to be caught hanging around the Poker Royale studio. But if you’ve ever wanted to pit your wits against the likes of Jennifer Tilly, Paul Sundin, Annie Duke and “Hollywood” Dave Foyzel, now’s your chance. Shot between 2006 and 2008, Poker Royale offers a window into the past when poker names weren’t quite as ubiquitous as they are today. Format involves six poker celebs sitting down for a hybrid of Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and other proprietary formats cooked up by executive producer Suzie Welsh. Each episode features a pair of three-table tournaments separated by a freezeout. Place among the top six in each event and you go head-up in a sudden-death match. Win that and you sit at the Royale Table where the stakes are raised and elimination is immediate. First place in each episode gets $15,000 and a fancy jacket that, bafflingly, Jennifer Tilly wears far more often than any of the winners.

Poker After Dark is the anti-Royale. Where Poker Royale is brash and colorful, Poker After Dark is subdued and monochrome. Where Poker Royale favors novice players, After Dark books the toughest pros Money can attract high-stakes experts Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Daniel Negreanu, Richard Lederer, Tony G, Jen Harman, Doyle Brunson, Antonio Esfandiari, Neil Channing, Mike Matusow, Evelyn Ng, Gus Hansen, Shannon Shorr, Mahamad Hoofar, Phil Laak, Barry Greenstein, Kara Scott, David Reynolds, Chris Klodnicki, Kenna James, Andrew Robl, Bertrand Grospellier, Luke Schwartz, Sam Trickett, Sam Greenwood, Christoph Vogelsang and Ben Sulsky for some shine. Episodes typically involve sit and gos at varying limits with $60,000+ buying entry. As a TV show, Poker After Dark goes to commercial breaks. As a free poker game online, it sleeps. Thankfully, clips are uploaded periodically and can usually be found on YouTube.

PokerSuperstars is an offshoot of the aforementioned Zynga Poker and ties in with the app in Nevada and New Jersey. In other words, if you’re physically located in those states, you can play for free or with real money. Prizes aren’t real WSOP bracelets unfortunately, but they are real cash and tournament entries for big events on the circuit. Best of all, PokerSuperstars boasts content from Ali Nejad, Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, Dan Harmoning, Jason Sommler, Nick Walsh and Steve Albini. It’s free to play on Facebook or you can download apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Play Free Alien Poker Online Games

If nothing else, Win Poker’s gimmick – an alien delegate named Orbek who helps you make decisions during play - guarantees this free online poker game app will be the talk of the watercooler. Too bad, therefore, that said gimmick is kind of pointless and does little to enhance the playing experience.

Indeed, if you can look beyond the novelty value of this free Texas Holdem online offering, you’ll find a pretty basic app with limited tables and poor customer support. Nevertheless, WinPoker is perfectly safe thanks to its Random Number Generator certification, which ensures the shuffling of cards is completely arbitrary. Cash games, SNGs and MTTs are available but this alien poker isn’t available in New Jersey, Delaware, Kentucky, Washington, GDPR-covered countries, and anywhere else with strict data transfer laws. Finally, please note that WinPoker is not related to the defunct Winamax poker site, which ceased operations in 2014. 

Play Free Internet Poker Games

Full disclosure: We haven’t been able to get this app and its German cousin (called PokerHold’Em Legend) out of various app stores despite their respective websites stating they have been withdrawn. But according to user reviews, this free alien poker online offering is a blast when it works. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t. Developed by former EA and Rockstar Games staff, PokerHold’EM champions simplified touch controls that enable you to swipe, drag and tap your way to victory. Other features include interactive events that unlock character customizations, daily challenges, global leaderboards and special tournaments. Set aboard an alien spacecraft, this free online poker game immerses players in a sci-fi environment populated by voice-acted aliens. Orbek, your personal Martian advisor, teaches you the basics before you embark on a galactic poker journey that takes you through the engine room, med bay, cargo deck and command center. Win tourneys, complete challenges and rise up the rankings to unlock exclusive areas, tournaments and avatar goodies. 

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Play Free Poker Games on Facebook

Poker is to Mark Zuckerberg as trains are to Henry Foster: a beautiful obsession that consumed endless hours and drove those around them to distraction. In Foster’s case, his love of railways led to the creation of Bletchley Park - widely regarded as the birthplace of modern computing.  Zuck’s affinity with poker almost destroyed his creations.  Nevertheless, in the early years of Facebook he encouraged employees to play the game obsessively in the hopes of identifying bugs in the platform. Naturally, this led to the creation of free poker games on Facebook such as …well, Pokeer.

Launched in 2007, this basic app created by Crazy Monkey Games offered all the thrills of online poker in primary colors. Most notably, it featured a chart that tracked your progress towards a cartoon hot tub - a goal sought eagerly by thousands of pokeheads until the app was shuttered in August 2018. Other free Texas Holdem online poker Facebook games included Texas HoldEm, All-In Texas HoldEm, FarmVille HQ Texas HoldEm, Poker Capitalist Texas HoldEm, Poker Crown, San Manuel Casino Texas HoldEm and Midnight Texas HoldEm. Texas Poker Cash Games, Texas Poker Pro and Video Poker Party were self-explanatory.  Less so were affairs with similarly unsubtle titles like Matrix Poker, Ninja Poker, Samurai Poker, Vampire Poker, Werewolf Poker, Zombie Poker and Mafia Poker. What were all those about?

Play Free Poker Games on Your Computer

Do you really think we’re going to trawl the Internet looking for free online poker games to play on your computer? Get with the times, grandpa.  Fortunately, there are plenty of developers that are still producing downloadable poker clients. One of the best is PokerSpot, a Dutch outfit that used to run successful online poker rooms in Europe prior to the American-inspired crackdown of 2011. Although the companies no longer operate in Europe, their poker client lives on and is used by some ringmakers and home game hosts in the US. Available for Mac and PC, PokerSpots offers a solid interface and plenty of features to help with collecting and distributing proceeds. Read more here:

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Free Poker Games on Phone

Poker Central

When it was first released in 2017, the Poker Central app was hailed as a potential game-changer that would bring a Netflix-style service to poker fans around the world. The concept was simple: A monthly subscription ($2.99) would grant access to a library of televised poker content past and present, including classic episodes of , ,  and . New documentaries and original shows were promised but, nine months after launch, most of those commitments were yet to materialize and many users reported glitches and crashes. Despite positive reviews for some of its programming, particularly the Daniel Negreanu documentary Back Stage, the general consensus was that the app lacked sufficient content to justify the price of admission. Poker Central has subsequently dropped the subscription model and instead offers individual programs for $1.99 each or $4.99 for a HD version. It’s not the solution Negreanu and co were no doubt hoping for and it remains to be seen whether a pay-per-view model will take root in the age of YouTube and Twitch.

Poker Night in America

 is a TV show that originated on the Poker Central app but is also available via iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Now entering its sixth season, this production focuses on cash games among recreational players in non-legislative settings across America. Minimum buy-ins are $1,000 but since the emphasis is on post-flop action, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were ten times that. Indeed, some of the plays made by amateurs and pros alike are truly jaw-dropping and would cause Tom Dwan to wince. It’s often described as GSN’s High Stakes Poker for the regulated era and we can think of few better ways to spend an evening than a couple of episodes of Season 5, Volume 2.

What Are the Most Popular Free Poker Apps?

 dominates the charts and has done for several years. Its success is due in large part to its affiliation with PokerStars and Sheinfeil’s talent for developing engaging, profitable apps. Indeed, the creator of Pool Live Tour says his games are played for over 7.5 billion minutes a month and generate $300 million in annual revenue. Interviewed in 2015, Sheinfeel said: “It’s important to create games that session well so players come back many times a day.” It’s clear from reading other interviews with this ambitious developer that he has bigger plans for the genre. Longer sessions are possible in Arizona and other states where social casinos are allowed to offer sweepstakes games that can be converted into actual prizes worth more than store credit. Nevertheless, it shares this limitation with most free poker apps and this inevitably puts a ceiling on its appeal. Other decent options include Zynga, Jackpot Poker (HSN) and DOCOVA by Bigwinbrand Limited. However, if you’re looking for something that really replicates the excitement and pressures of real-money poker, you’re better off sticking with Play WPT or Poker Royale.

How Can I Get Free Chips on Poker Apps?

Free poker apps rely on in-app purchases to make money so it’s common for new players to be given a few free chips to encourage spending. Often, you’ll get a little boost each time you log on but the best way to accumulate free chips on poker apps is by taking advantage of promotions.  As our explains, the best free chips promos require an investment of $10 or more but they always come with bonus chips on top.  Read our poker app guides for more info on getting free chips. 

Check out our comprehensive online poker guides listed below:

Top 5 Poker Books That Will Help You Learn to Play

If you’re serious about improving your skills then the following poker books are essential reading:

  1.   _Harrington on Hold’em_ by Dan Harrington and Dan Skolovy - Volumes I-VI are essential reads for any Hold’em player. This book teaches you to think like a professional and develop strategies based on situational analysis. Advanced stuff but a must-have.
  2.   _Super/System 2_ by Doyle Brunson - Arguably the greatest poker player of all time shares his wisdom and strategies in this weighty tome. One for the coffee table and constant reference.
  3.   _Theory of Poker_ by David Sklansky - First published in 1959 and considered the Bible of poker strategy. It was updated several times before Sklansky died in 2017 and will probably be updated again at some point in the future.
  4.   ­_Ace on the River_ by Peter Jettenbach - The story of the greatest bluff in poker history, as told by the man who pulled it off: Swedish player Mikael ­Ahmadahustado. It’s not strictly a guide to playing but it will teach you the value of courage, cunning and commitment.
  5.   ­_Killing Skies_ by Andy Frankham Turner - Another tale of derring-do at the felt, this book chronicles the life of Rolf Alex, a German businessman with a penchant for flying fighter planes and blowing people’s money on insane all-in bets.
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