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There’s a good chance you clicked on this blog because you’re looking for something to do. Perhaps you’ve been working from home all day, or maybe you’ve finished all the jobs around the house. Either way, we’re sure you’ll welcome some free online casino games to pass the time.

You might not be looking for something too complex right now as your favorite land-based casinos are closed. In that case, simple, free online casino games will suffice. That isn’t a problem; our list of the best has something for everyone.

If you fancy playing free online casino slots or table games, you’ll find something up your street at our top sites. Better still, you don’t even have to , as many offer demo modes of their games.

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We highly recommend trying these free online casino games before you play them for real money. It allows you to familiarize yourself with new titles and learn optimal strategies. In turn, this increases your chances of winning cash when you .

So, if you want to waste some time playing fun casino games for free, read this blog to the end. We’ve picked out some great options in the sections below and named some of the best sites to play them!

Top Free Casino Games Online

There are plenty of free online casino games that you can play today. The best part? You don’t even need to register an account to get started. Many of the let you play games for free and win real money, but we’ve listed some alternatives for you below.


Let’s start with the most popular type of casino game – slots. If you’ve ever visited a land-based or online casino, you would know that there are hundreds to choose from.

The beauty of is that they’re easy to pick up. Most follow a similar structure, which we will outline shortly. Of course, each slot has unique symbols and features, meaning you must familiarize yourself with a specific game before you play it.

When playing at the , you must:

  • Load the game.
  • Choose your bet size.
  • Select the number of pay lines you want to activate.
  • Click “SPIN.”

Got it? No?! Well, that’s why we love FREE slots. You can waste countless hours loading demos of different games without spending a penny.

Some of the best free slots to play online are:

  1. 3 Tigers – for the best selection of slots.
  2. Ignition Casino – for the best-designed free slots.
  3. BetUS – for the most free slots to choose from.
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Want to play slots for free? Play at 3 Tigers now!


Blackjack is another card game that’s easy to learn and almost entirely skill-based. It’s quicker than most casino games, so you’ll get through more hands per hour. This means you can test out lots of different strategies without sticking to one game for too long.

Like slots, blackjack games include the “demo” or “fun mode,” where you play for virtual chips. This is perfect for testing out new techniques or seeing if a specific variation appeals to you.

Here are our recommended sites for free online blackjack:

  1. 3 Tiger – for the best selection of RNG and live dealer blackjack.
  2. DuckyLuck Casino – for the best free blackjack games for high rollers.
  3. MyStrikeCasino – for the best free blackjack titles from leading developers like Betsoft.
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Video Poker

Video poker is another exciting game found at the . Like slot machines, they involve pulling a lever or pressing a button to determine your outcome. However, video poker titles require some skill.

We recommend playing in “free play” mode if you’re learning how to play video poker. Doing so will stop you from getting frustrated and wasting money by making basic mistakes.

Check out the three best sites to play free online video poker titles below:

  1. Drake Casino – For the best range of video poker games for free.
  2. BetOnline – For those after the best bonus to use when you switch to real-money play.
  3. Bovada – For the best-looking free video poker games.


Roulette might be a skill to master, but it’s tough to become a expert. This makes it hard to find a straightforward roulette tip that will enhance your chances of winning consistently.

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Again, playing roulette for free lets you try out different strategies without spending any money. It also helps you identify bad tips!

Here are our top picks for free online roulette:

  1. El Royale – for the best American and European free roulette games.
  2. SlotsandCasino – for the best French roulette titles you can play for free.
  3. IGETCASINO – for the best range of Live Dealer free roulettes.


Baccarat is having a moment. James Bond’s renewed popularity in the last few years has sparked fresh interest in the casino, with players keen to back a hand to victory just like 007.

While it’s easy enough to follow the action, it can be costly to stick to learned strategies if you’re a novice player. That’s why free baccarat could be your friend.

Try the following sites for free baccarat titles:

  1. Everygame – for the most free baccarat games.
  2. Sinspire – for the best Macau-themed free baccarat games.
  3. Wild Casino – for the best graphics among our free baccarat suggestions.

Other Free Casino Games Online

Who says you’re limited to the five major casino games? Just because we focused mainly on slot, table, and card games doesn’t mean there aren’t other free casino games online worth playing.

For example, instant wins such as sweepstakes games are very popular in the US. They allow you to bag big bucks with a little luck. That’s not all, either. Some arcade games and dice titles are available for free at certain casinos.

Below, we have highlighted some other types of games you can play for free online. We’ve also named some top sites where you can play them!


Slingo games combine slots and bingo, creating one of the most entertaining genres of games on the planet. With plenty of variations of the original game, Slingo offers something for everyone.

It’s tough to explain how much we love Slingo games. Luckily, we don’t have to! Why? Because you can play demos of most games at our top sites for free online slingo, including the following:

  1. TrustDice – for the best selection of Slingo titles.
  2. JustBit – for the best-looking free Slingo games.
  3. SinCity Casinos – For the best range of free Slingo titles with bonus rounds.
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Another lottery-style game growing in popularity in the United States is keno. It involves picking numbers and watching to see how many you bag. The more you get, the more you win.

Our top sites for free online keno are:

  1. Drake Casino – for the best range of free keno titles.
  2. Bovada – for the best-looking free keno games.
  3. Everygame – for the most innovative free keno variations online.

Dice Games

Craps can be intimidating. Sure, it’s a great game, but very few land-based or online craps setups allow you to zone out other people to focus on the action.

If you love the idea of dice games but are put off by the hustle and bustle of craps, we suggest trying some alternative titles. Plenty of the offer unique dice games that you can play for free.

These sites also boast fantastic ranges of free online dice games.

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  1. BC.Game – for the best free online cryptocurrency dice games.
  2. MyStrikeCasino – for the best free online dice games with unique themes.
  3. Rolling Slots – for the best range of traditional Chinese-inspired free dice games.

Instant Wins

Sweepstakes games are designed to provide big wins with minimal effort. Also known as “Instant Win” games, they usually involve picking objects to reveal matching symbols for prizes.

Unlike some of the other free online casino games we have mentioned in this blog, instant wins do not require you to sign up at a top casino site. Instead, you can play many of them directly through Google Chrome, such as these ones below.

However, many reputable gambling sites have added their own sweepstake games in recent years. Here are some top sites where sweepstakes and Instant Win games reign supreme.

  1. Mainstage Bingo – for the best free online instant win games with guaranteed prizes.
  2. Stake 7 – for the best cryptocurrency stamina games.
  3. Pulsz – for the best free online social casino gaming community.
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Of course, you can’t talk about lottery-style games without mentioning the lottery. While state-run lotteries should be avoided on our recommended sites, some casinos host lottery games you can play for free.

Doing so will load the game in demo mode, allowing you to see what it’s like before you play for real money. Some casual gamblers appreciate this feature, making the sites below some of the best free online casino sites.

  1. BetOnline – for the most frequent lottery draws.
  2. Everygame – for the best lottery jackpots.
  3. Drake Casino – for the best lottery syndicate features.

Free Online Casino Games FAQs

Before we leave you to enjoy some free online casino games, we wanted to address some frequently asked questions.

Can I play casino games for free?

Yes. As shown above, there are tons of free online casino games you can play. These include slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, and more. For a complete breakdown of the best free games at the top sites, refer back to this guide.

What are the most popular free online casino games?

Slot games are the most popular games at all the best online casinos. Fortunately, you can play demo modes of most titles for free before you play for real money. Other popular free games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and video poker.

Are free online casino games legal?

Yes. Playing free online casino games is 100% legal in the United States. You do not have to share your personal details to play demo modes of games. However, if you play at licensed and regulated sites, you must verify your identity before you can withdraw winnings.

Where can I play free online casino games?

There are tons of safe sites where you can play free online casino games. Some casinos specialize in offering demo modes, whereas others have excellent live dealer tables. Refer to this guide for our top recommendations!

Why play free online casino games?

There are tons of reasons to play free online casino games. Firstly, they're great fun! Secondly, you can practice new skills or strategies before risking real money. Lastly, you might get lucky and win some rewards while playing the free versions!

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