Free casino games you can play online - latest real money options

  • Slots are among the most popular free online casino games, with options like Buffalo King Megaways.
  • Blackjack and video poker are two other great free casino game options, such as Bust or Summarize from
  • If you’re looking for more interaction, consider bingo and other .
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If you’ve ever walked through a physical casino, you may have noticed that many people aren’t playing. Some are eating, some are drinking, and some are just chatting; no money is changing hands. These individuals are enjoying some of the , and you can do the same thing.

You might be thinking about why you should bother with free casino games. That’s a good question, and I’m glad you asked.

For some, the answer is simple: fun. Yes, you can play casino games without spending money just for amusement’s sake. This option is even more appealing in jurisdictions where brick-and-mortar casinos don’t exist or if you don’t like to gamble. Free casino games serve as an excellent proxy.

Others will play free casino games to relax after a hard day. A few spins of the slots or hands of blackjack can unwind anybody.

Someone else might be saving up their money for , PokerStars, US-friendly Wild Casino, or another real-money site. In these cases, it makes sense to get as many repetitions as possible without risking cash.

I’ll present the top free online casino games over the rest of this piece. And if you decide that you want to win some money, I’ve also got some recommendations for the .

Best Free Online Casino Games

We’re going to start this list of the best free online casino games by talking about slots.

This gaming section has multiple qualities that make them ideal for free play. For starters, they are mindless, which falls in line with having fun without using brain cells. Their random nature means that you would not be able to carry over knowledge to the paid version anyway. Also, modern slots look fantastic, meaning you’ll get eye candy regardless of whether you’re playing for fiat or fun dollars.

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Here’s a list of the top slots to play at the .

1. Buffalo King Megaways

NexGen’s original Buffalo King was a massive success. Therefore, it made sense for them to release a Megaways version that increased the ways to win from six to eleven-and-a-half (64,807).

Anyone who has played the will feel right at home here. The game’s central bonus round empowers you to earn endless free spins if you keep landing buffalo. This mechanism has made NexGen a lot of money, and it can produce similar results when playing for fun bucks.

2. Sweet Bonanza

Pragmatic Play’s has taken slot players by storm since its June 2020 launch. This game differs from traditional slots since it doesn’t have any paylines. Instead, you need to land multiples of the same candies to win. The lack of constraints makes all nine reels active on every spin, greatly increasing your chances of hitting something.

Sweat Bonanza’s main attraction is an unlimited number of free spins. You earn this feature by landing four or more bombs anywhere on the screen. You’ll agree that blowing up things is more enjoyable when using , rather than real money.

3. Book of Dead

is one of the most popular slots on the planet. This Egypt-themed game has held onto its crown despite coming out in 2016. Rich animated graphics help distinguish an average game otherwise.

The main reason why players flock to Book of the Dead involves its free spin feature. You’ll earn this benefit by landing three or more “book” symbols. Once activated, a special expanding symbol will appear during the bonus rounds. , PokerStars, Binance, and BC.Game are among the igaming sites that offer this classic title.

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4. Elvis Frog in Vegas

Provocityn’s takes on the king’s 2022 tour of Las Vegas. This six-reel slot offers 25,000x total ways to win, ensuring that every spin is packed with action. One of the reasons behind the game’s popularity involves Elvis’ three Frogy Ways features. Frozen Wilds, mega symbols, and multipliers are some of the benefits you can receive.

Another reason for Elvis Frog in Vegas’ success is the various free spin bonuses. You can trigger the “frogsphere” by landing the relevant symbol on all 5 reels dedicated to this function.

5. Fire Joker

Some slot aficionados prefer playing old-school games. If you fall into this category, then you’ll love Play ‘n Go’s Fire Joker.

As you can guess from the title, this game focuses on jokers and sets within flames. There are five pay lines, three wheels, and an RTP of 96.08%. The dual spinning mechanics keeps things interesting, while the retro graphics harken back to the slots our parents and grandparents played.

Anyone who wants something a little different from the usual exploding symbols and electronic soundtracks will enjoy this throwback title.

Now that we’ve covered the best free slots, let’s check out other options in the next part of this breakdown of the best free online casino games.

Free Casino Games – Other Than Slots

Slots might be the dominant form of online gambling, but they aren’t the only game in town. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to .

Therefore, I’ve dug deep to find the best free versions of other popular games. Baccarat fans can play Banque Or. Espérance et Fortune, blackjack enthusiasts have Bust or Summarize from, and anyone who loves roulette can try Outback Bucks.

However, the undisputed kings of free online casino games are table games that use cards. More specifically, I’m talking about .

The following table provides an overview of the top sites for online free casino games, including those that accept cryptocurrencies.


What is a better representation of casino games for free than blackjack? Everyone has seen The Hangover, 21, or Rain Man, so the card game is immediately recognizable.

Most online casinos offer single-deck and double-deck variations of the game. The player starts each hand by placing their bet. They will then receive two cards, as will the dealer.

Players have several options once they see their hand. They can “hit” to take another card, “stand” to end the hand, “double down” to receive one final card and double their initial bet, or “split” if they received two cards of the same value.

Once players have made their decisions, the dealer will reveal their hole card. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand. A total of 21 represents a “natural,” which automatically wins unless the dealer also has a natural of higher value.

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Busting (having a total over 21) immediately loses, while individual cards are not factored into the equation. For instance, a 10 and a 6 would count as 16, not 16 and 10.

As mentioned above, I have found the perfect free casino online game for blackjack lovers. Created by Fairspin, Bust or Summarize is a fun twist on the classic comparing card game.

The goal remains the same: correctly predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than one lying in the middle. Players begin by choosing a chip size between 0.01 mBTC and 1 mBTI. You can then use the “Summarize” button to describe how many cards you think the one in the middle is.

Other betting options include odd/even, red/black suits, and whether the card’s value will be greater than 10. Anyone who picks up buff blackjack books will recognize these options.

The free version of Bust or Summarize will give you an infinite amount of funds. When you’re ready to transition to real blackjack, mBit offers some of the best crypto bonuses for comparative games. Their welcome package is worth up to 2.5 BTC/mBTC50,000, and they support everything from blackjack to Texas Hold’em.

Video Poker

All the major online casinos offer video poker, with All American being the most common variant. The rules for this game are almost identical to traditional poker, except that players face off against the computer.

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A pair of Jacks or better is required for a payout in All American. The highest straight is 9-T, while the best hand is a royal flush (10-J-Q-K of the same suit). Some hands even pay out more than 100x your wager, making this one of the most lucrative free online casino games.

One of the best places to find video poker is BC.Game.

This popular blockchain gaming platform offers more than 8,000 slots and table games. The site accepts numerous cryptocurrencies - including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Doge, and Cardano - in addition to standard FIAT currencies.

New members can claim a 180% welcome package (up to 1.8 BTC/$36,000) plus 20 free spins. There are also cashback, weekend, and diamond rewards for long-term customers.

When you’re ready for the real thing, I recommend Deuces Wild. This variant pays out for two of a kind or higher. The deuces represent wild cards that can substitute for any other rank or suit.

Getting a natural royal flush (no wild cards) while betting five coins offers the jackpot, which is 2,842 times your stake. Playing expert helps, but there is still an element of chance involved regarding what cards you hold and draw.


Roulette is arguably the second-most iconic casino game behind blackjack.

People love roulette because betting options go beyond just guessing what the next number will be. You can choose red/black suits, odd/even numbers, high/low ranks, and specific sections of the wheel. European and American roulettes also offer the zero and double zero as betting options.

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American roulette has 38 total numbers due to the additional zeros. As a result, European roulette offers slightly better odds and is preferred by smart players when available.

Fairspin also offers a great free online roulette wheel game called Outback Bucks. This title immerses you in the Australian outback with kangaroos, crocodiles, emus, snakes, parrots, and cockatoos serving as the betting options.

Place your chips on the roulette wheel, newks, or camel to begin. Alternatively, bet on individual animals to win 10, 20, or 30x your bet. Red and black Europe-style wheels are also available.

You do not need to download any special roulette strategy guides when playing Outback Bucks. Unlike other casino games that require you to remember a series of steps, this title is purely dependent upon your luck.

That said, progressive roulette strategies like D’Alembert, Martingale, and Fibonacci are not suitable for free online casino games. Flat betting systems like the Potato System are better choices when you’re not risking anything.


Craps looks complicated because of the dozens of betting options and people shouting around the table. But the truth is that this game largely boils down to two rolls known as the “come-out” and the “decision.”

You and other players can wager against the banker on whether a roll of two die will result in certain numbers. The most common bets involve the pass line (win if 7 or 11 are rolled; lose on 2, 3, or 12; roll again on 4-10), don’t pass line (reverse of pass line bet), come bet (can be made after a point is established and wins when rolling the same number), and don’t come bet (opposite of a come bet).

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Winning passes/don’t passes/comes/don’t comes payout 1:1, whereas winning come/don’t come wagers distribute at odds of 2:1.

Winning place bets (4, 5, 9, or 10) payout at 9:5, while losing these wagers dispense at odds of 5:9. Place bets on 6 and 8 dispense at odds of 7:6, while losing these wagers payout at 9:7.

Big six and big eight bets and field bets (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11) all payout at 1:1. Two and 12 lose, while 7 and 11 win with rolls of these numbers.

Set limits on your free craps game to make it more exciting. Some people might set the number of rounds, while others could focus on time or overall bet amounts.

Bingo & Other Interactive Games

Maybe the casino games you’re thinking of don’t involve traditional tables, slots, or other forms of gambling. You might be longing for interaction, which does not apply to the other titles mentioned throughout this piece on the top free online casino games.

In this case, we strongly recommend giving bingo a shot.

Bingo has been around for centuries and remains a favorite at carnivals, churches, senior centers, and…online casinos.

Most bingo games require you to purchase tickets before the game begins. Each square on your card will have a pair of numbers/letters, with winners called after numbers are drawn at random. The first person to get one line, two lines, or blackout wins a corresponding prize.

If you’re looking for the top free online casino games of this variety, we recommend checking out the following titles:

  • Beast Bingo – This 90-ball game from SoftGamings has a beastie world background and fun music. Blackout prizes dispense between 3,000 and 6,000 times your wager.
  • Boombox Bingo – Win up to 8,000 times your bet in this colorful 30/40/80 ball bingo match pitted against seven other people. The catchy music will keep you entertared until your next number is called.
  • Mega Wheel – This game from Fairspin isn’t true bingo, but it feels similar. Choose between chip sizes of 0.1, 0.5., 1., 5., 10., 25., 50., 100., or 200. You then bet on where the wheel will land between segments ranging from 50/50 odds. Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right fans will appreciate Mega Wheel.
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No longer dominated by older folks eating ice cream, bingo has become a sought-after activity in the iGaming realm.

Free Casino Apps

Up until now, we have talked about the best free online casino games that you can access via internet browser on your desktop or laptop device. Another way to play is through free casino apps that you can install on your mobile phone.

Here are the top free online casino apps that you should know about.

Spearhead Casino

Spearhead Casino offers a $30 no deposit bonus for new users who sign up for their free casino app. This bonus expires after seven days, so you’ll want to use it quickly.

You can win up to 2,000 sweeps coins and 20,000 gold coins during your search for the lost city of gold. Along the way, you’ll encounter explosive mines, treasure maps, daring expeditions, fierce predators, and more.

Those interested in Spearhead Casino’s real-money site can redeem up to 20,000 sweep coin for a $500 cash payment. You must make a purchase totalling at least $20 to be eligible for this promotion.

Ho Ho Hot

Everybody loves getting coal for Christmas, right? Well, your mission in Ho Ho Hot is to steal precious gems from Saint Nick’s sleigh before he catches you.

You’ll start with a free stash of 5 million coins and 10 free spins. New users can grab a additional 3 million coins and 30 spins with this link.

Ho Ho Hot offers in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to 199.99. Of course, you can ignore these prompts and continue playing for free.


Founded in 1998, JackpotCity is one of the oldest online gaming sites.

They offer 5,000+ games, including slots, video poker, roulette, craps, blackjack, and live dealer options. All new members can grasp 50 free spins (no deposit necessary) and a $1,600 welcome bonus across their first four deposits.

Users can play JackpotCity on Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, and other devices. Their loyal fanbase speaks volumes towards the quality of their free casino games.

Doubledown Casino Slots

Doubledown Casino Slots is produced by Aristocrat, one of the biggest names in both real-life and free online casino games.

As you might infer from the title, this app focuses exclusively on slots. Players start with 20,000 WC and can earn up to 2.5 million. You can join one or more of 250+ casinos to connect with friends and compete for the top spots.

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Over 100 slots are based on famous Aristocrat titles, including Buffalo, Dragon Link, 50 Lions, India Rich, and Queen of Egypt.

Doubledown Casino Slots offers hundreds of themed slots, new games that come out every month, and in-game events.

Caesars Slots

Produced by Eclipse IP Limited, Caesars Slots invites users to explore the Roman Empire and win virtual coins in the process.

The app offers over 300 slot machines, dream house, bingo, and other casual puzzle games. Users can connect with Facebook friends to build the ultimate dreams home.

Sometimes, you might run into issues where slots are not working.

If that happens with your free casino games, attempt the following solutions:

  • Make sure that all slides in the update pop-up have been clicked. 
  • Delete the app and reinstall it from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 
  • Ensure that you have the latest version of iOS or Android. 
  • Restart your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or Amazon Kindle Fire. 
  • Log out of the app and then log back in again.

These tips will not only work for Caesars Slot but other free online casino games that stop spinning.

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Where Can I Play Free Casino Games Online

There are plenty of free casino games online that you can play for real money too. The best sites to play casino games for real money include the likes of Wild Casino, BetOnline, and Bovada. To play the games for free, simply look for demo versions or free spin offers.

What Are Some Free Online Casino Games

The best free online casino games include slots, roulette, blackjack, craps, video poker, and bingo. We advise you to stick to these proven games instead of risking your money on unknown variants. Check out the best free online slots to play here.

Is There a Way to Practice Casino Games for Free

Yes, you can find casino games for free by searching for demo or practice versions. Another way to play for free is by claiming no deposit bonus codes, which give you a few bucks (or free spins) upon signing up for an online casino.

Can I Play Free Gambling Games on My Phone

Of course! Many of the best free online casino games are mobile friendly and can be accessed via web browser or a downloadable app. We recommend playing for free on your phone so you can Introduce yourself to the games before pulling out your wallet.

Why Play Free Casino Games Online

Some people choose to play online casino games for free just for fun, whereas other gamblers are building their bankroll ahead of real-money sessions. If you’re just learning a new game, it’s always wise to practice with free casino games first.