Amazing no deposit bonus (ndb) casino statistics & facts

If you are interested in the , then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will look at some of the fascinating statistics and facts relating to NDBs.

We have included data on who takes up these offers, which countries they are most popular in, how many people regularly claim a no deposit bonus and much more. All the information has been collated from various studies and reports, as well as our own research into the .

So, let’s dive into some fascinating numbers and see what we can learn about no deposit bonuses along the way. Is it time for you to claim one? Head to to do so!

Top Sites Using No Deposit Bonuses October 2023

  1. (@@£20)
  2. Karamba (@@$200)
  3. PlayOJO (no NDB)
  4. Virgin Games (@@£20)
  5. (@@$20)
  6. PokerStars (@@$600)
  7. Novibet (@@$20)
  8. Ladbrokes (@@50 Free Spins)
  9. Coral (@@$50)
  10. Duelz (@@C$200)
  11. Grosvenor (@@£20)
  12. MrQ (@@20 free slots spins)
  13. NetBet (@@£10)
  14. BetVictor (@$/$/€5)
  15. Rainbow Riches Casino (@$400PP)
No Deposit Bonus Casino Sites in UK for Free Spins or Real Cash in 2023

General NDB Stats and Facts

Let’s start with some general no deposit bonus casino statistics. These figures will give an overview of these offers and help us understand their importance within the online gaming world.

  1. What are NDBs? – 99% know what no deposit bonuses are according to a study by Indivisible Game. Familiarity with the concept should be known by casinos, players and other relevant parties. This knowledge allows all to operate effectively.

  2. NDBs are valuable. – On average, people think that an NDB worth between $10-$30 is valuable according to a Casinopedia survey. However, it must be said that many players are happy to receive any type of NDB, regardless of value.

  3. Many believe they increase trust. – A report by Founder2 says that 86% of customers believe that NDBs increase business trustworthiness. When a casino hands out money for no reason, it makes them seem like a generous entity. It could also lead to positive word of mouth marketing.

  4. Some consider them unnecessary. – Conversely, 14% of those in the same Founder2 study thought less of businesses that offered NDBs. Some feel that casinos should not give away cash and expect something back in return.

  5. Not all like them. – Although mostly popular, 19% of players do not like NDBs according to a AskGamblers poll. It leaves the rest unhappy, as that equates to nearly 1 in 5 people. Casinzilla staff aren’t big fans either, but there are still fond of them.

  6. Important to some. – For 8% of online gamblers, no deposit bonuses are the most important promotion according to Indivisible Game. Welcome offers were the overall winner, but other forms of deals came first for smaller percentages of players too.

  7. Only 4% are won with NDBs. – The same Indivisible Game study asked, “Big win rate from NDBs?” and only 4% said that they usually win enough with these bonuses to equal or surpass the amount of the reward. Most stated that they sometimes or rarely managed this.

  8. Main goal is to try something new. – So, why do people use these offers if few win big? The same poll found that 61% typically use the bonus on something they haven’t played before. This likely ties into point #83 below, as slot gamers may move to table games once they have completed welcome offers.

  9. Last priority for 19%. – AskGamblers asked the question, “Which of these best describes your view on deposit bonuses,” with one option being, “Not for me, I’d rather take the cash if given a choice.” Twenty-one per cent agreed with this statement, with 19% saying that this was their last priority.

  10. People love wagering requirement info. – A huge 98% agree that they want to know the playthrough rules according to Indivisible Game. Casinos should make this clear, along with an NDB end date, eligible games and other key terms.

No Deposit Bonus Usage Rates

One of the main things covered in our research relates to usage rates. How many people claim these bonuses and are they becoming more or less popular? Let’s find out.

  1. 36% of US players use NDBs. – A SurveyMonkey Audience study found that 36% of online gamblers in America had used an NDB in the previous 12 months. This puts it ahead of first deposit bonuses (34%) but behind second (18%) and third (14%) deposit rewards.

  2. NDB usage falling. – Fewer people in the US are using these bonuses, according to the same report. The percentage of players who had claimed an NDB dropped from 41% in Q1 2022 to 36% in Q4 2022.

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  3. Popular among beginners. – According to AskGamblers, 28% of beginning gamblers use NDBs, while only 18% of advanced players take advantage of these deals. Are you ? Then maybe an NDB would be useful.

  4. Men claim more. – Men were found to claim NDBs more than women according to a Pollfish survey. There was a significant difference too, with 44% of men admitting that they had used these offers compared to just 38% of woman.

  5. Older generations prefer. – The same study mentioned above found that those aged 55+ were more likely to use NDBs (46%) than millennials (38%) and generation Z (34%). What’s your age group? Do these findings reflect your beliefs?

  6. 1 in 4 US gamblers claim monthly. – Out of 1074 online bettors in the States, 25% admitted to claiming an NDB at least once a month, according to a Pollfish survey commissioned by .

  7. NDB hold highest trust. – Trusted partner sites are preferred when claiming a bonus according to AskGamblers, with 41% opting for these. Homegrown bonuses (35%) and outside sources (24%) followed, but it’s interesting to note that NDBs held the highest trust level (3%).

  8. Half receive an NDB from one site. – According to the same Pollfish study, 50% of gamblers received an NDB from a single site and played it on slots. This goes against the idea that players shop around for the best deal, but perhaps they liked the slot and other titles were not available with the bonus.

  9. Most don’t search for the best offer. – A Casinopedia survey asked, “How do you find the best online casino bonuses,” with 52% stating that they did not actively seek the best offers, they simply signed up to a site because they liked it.

  10. 58% use NDB on slots. – When asked, “What game do you typically use no deposit free spins on,” 58% of respondents answered online slot machines, according to the same Casinopedia study. Only 1% took the time to count beyond this answer.

  11. Few use on table games. – It makes sense that most use their NDB on slots, as they are the most popular . Only 3% of no depositors moved across to table games according to the same study. However, 0.7% went to video poker, 0.6% to live dealer and 0.5% to lottery games. A further 0.3% each went to blackjack, keno and scratch cards.

  12. Many combine NDBs. – According to AskGamblers, 39% of players who claim an NDB go on to make a deposit, while 26% deposit without receiving a bonus and 23% neither deposit nor claim another before finding another site and repeating the process. Only 11% move onto another site and make a deposit without an NDB, while 1% find another site but take no further action.

Demographics That Take Advantage of NDBs

The demographics that take advantage of these bonuses were a focal point of much of our research. We wanted to know who is most likely to claim these bonuses and if certain types of players are shyer to accept them.

  1. Africa has biggest NDB takers. – According to an AskGambles poll, 45% of players in Africa claim no deposit bonuses compared to 34% in Oceania (who are the biggest first deposit bonuses users). Europe (24%), North America (22%), Asia (21%) and South America (18%) were lower down.

  2. No Deposit Bonus UK Popularity. – According to our research, the United Kingdom likes NDBs, although the data on how much each region claims is not available. We do, however, know that 23% of British gamblers claim these offers, making it eighth on their list of . First deposit bonuses (49%) were the most popular among Brits.


  1. Asians prefer cashback. – Cashback and refunds are popular in Asia according to iGaming integrations provider, XPro Gaming. This preference could go some way to explaining why a lower percentage of Asian players claim NDBs (21%) compared to the global average.

  2. Italians love NDBs. – Of those who gambled online in Italy, 76.2% knew what an NDB was according to Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS), and of those aware of these bonuses, 36.4% claimed one – the most out of any type of promotion.

  3. Switzerland knows little about NDBs. – An investigation by Eidgenössische Glücksspiel Inspektion (EGI) found that only 1.4% of Swiss gamblers knew about these offers and just 0.2% claimed one. This may indicate a need for to improve.

  4. Older Indians prefer NDBs. – According to a report by Quadrant, 29% of Indian gamblers over the age of 25-45 claim NDBs, but that figure rises to 34% for those over 45. The youngest age group (18-25) is more inclined to go for deposit welcome bonuses (31%), as are those over 45 (37%).

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  5. Women less likely to claim. – Women are less likely to use NDBs than men according to Pollfish. Just 36% of females claimed these offers compared to 44% of men. However, gender wasn’t a factor when it came to knowing about these bonuses, with 80% of both sexes aware of NDBs.

  6. Generation Z shyest. – According to the same study, NDB awareness was highest among baby boomers (90%), with generation X (84%), millennials (80%) and generation Z (77%) decreasing slightly. However, it was millennials (34%) and generation Z (34%) who were most likely to claim these offers compared to 44% of baby boomers and 42% of generation X.

  7. 91% of Portuguese know about NDBs. – A study by Serviço de Regulação das Apostas (SRI) found that 91% of online bettors in Portugal knew what no deposit bonuses were. That’s higher than the 76.2% registered in Italy, but only 59.3% of Portuguese gamblers claimed these offers – the lowest out of four types of bonuses (free spins, loyalty points, NDB and reload). The latter bonuses came fourth for popularity.

  8. Men are more likely to claim in Portugal. – Gender also played a part when it comes to Portuguese bonus claimants, with 60.3% of males using an NDB compared to 57.4% of women. This gap is not as wide as the 8% recorded in the USA.

  9. Younger Portuguese prefer. – Age was also a significant factor according to SRI. The bonus was claimed by 68.4% of 18-24 year olds, 59.4% of 25-34 year olds, 58.6% of 35-44 year olds, 53.1% of 45-54 year olds, 50.8% of 55-64 year olds and 47.4% of over 65s.

Where in the World are NDB Players More Likely to be Found?

It’s clear that no deposit bonus Canada users, Italians and those in South America are more likely to be found, but where else can we add to our list?

  1. Norway loves NDBs. – According to AskGamblers, 41% of Norwegian players claim an NDB and then make a deposit without a bonus (23%), while 23% neither claim nor deposit, 11% claim, don’t deposit, but move to another site, and 11% stay on the same site and make a deposit without a bonus. Only 0% go onto another site and claim another NDB.

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  2. Germans mainly slot players. – Online casinos in Germany are popular, and 70% of those who claimed a no deposit bonus played it on slots according to AskGamblers. Just 0.6% of no deposit bettors in Germany moved across to roulette, while 0.4% hit the blackjack tables.

  3. Brazilians mainly roulette players. – It’s a different story in Brazil. Despite being the country’s with table games, only 22% of no deposit bonuses were used on slots according to the same source. Meanwhile, 6% played roulette with the bonus, 3% hit the baccarat tables, 3% went to blackjack, 2% tried their hand at poker, 2% rolled the dice at craps and 2% played skill based games. Casual and arcade games each made up 1% of no deposit gamers in Brazil. A further 1% of no deposit bonus Brazil players gambled on sports betting markets.

  4. Denmark predominantly blackjack players. – According to AskGamblers, 70% of Danish no deposit bonusers played with the reward on slots, but 10% headed to the blackjack tables – more than double any other table game. Craps was the next highest on 3%, followed by roulette (2%) and poker (1%). A further 2% gambled on sports betting markets, while 4% played casual/arcade games and 3% tried their hand at baccarat.


  1. Norway knows least. – According to the same source, 85% of Norwegian no deposit bonus users knew what to do with the reward. Players from all other nations mentioned in these stats were more cluelge – Denmark put 91% at the top of the table, while Portugal (96%) and Brazil (97%) were even more aware. Italy took the top spot, though, with 98% of online gamblers knowing full well how to proceed with an NDB.

  2. Norwegians get lowest use rate. – Usefulness is another stat provided by AskGamblers when discussing Norway, Denmark, Brazil and Italy, and it was Norway who ranked worst here as well. Just 41% of Norwegian no deposit bonuses resulted in a deposit after exhausting the reward, while 23% deposited without claiming another NDB and 23% stopped playing at the site. Italy was best here with a use rate of 60%.

  3. Brazil has lowest usage again. – This time, it was the percentage of Brazilians who used the bonus on table games that caused concern, with just 15% trying their luck at the top online . The next lowest was for slots (70%), with blackjack (3%), poker (2%), craps (2%), casual/arcade games (4%) and baccarat (3%) bringing up the rear. Was our pick of the best for 2023, so hopefully, more will feature on their sites in the future.

What NDB Statistics Have to Say About Country Comparisons

The data collected shows that some countries claim more NDBs than others. But how do these figures compare? Let’s find out.

  1. Africa biggest NDB users. – According to AskGamblers, this is the continent that claims no deposit bonuses the most. It holds 45% of the market, with Oceania (34%) coming a close second. The Americas (including Greenland) rank third with 24%, while Europe (24%) came fourth and asia (21%) came fifth.

  2. Italy has highest awareness. – With 98% aware of NDBs, Italy is the clear leader here. Portugal (96%) and Brazil (97%) are not too far behind, but how does Italy compare to the USA (80%) or the UK (76%)?

  3. Norway has highest claim percentage. – Not sure where this data is pulled from, as the percentages outlined earlier in this guide differ. According to this source, Norway has 45% of its players claiming NDBs, followed by Brazil (34%), Portugal (30%), Turkey (28%) and Poland (26%). At the other end of the scale, the countries with the lowest percentage of players claiming these offers are China (3%), Japan (5%), Russia (7%) and South Korea (9%).

  4. Italy has highest usage rate. – Once again, Italy tops the podium with a usage rate of 60%. Norway sits in second with 41%, while Brazil and Spain are tied for third with 37%. At the foot of this table are Mexico (23%), India (23%), Poland (22%) and China (21%).

  5. Portugal has highest claim to deposit ratio. – According to SRI, Portuguese players are best at claiming an NDB and then making a deposit, with 59.3% of players doing so. They also know how to identify an reap the benefits, but their lacklustre approach to first deposit bonuses may explain why they are not higher up the usage rate table.

  6. Norway knows what to do. – It’s Norway who knows what to do with an NDB, with a staggering 98% aware of playthrough requirements, end dates and other key terms. Italian players are almost as good (96%), while Portugal (94%), Spain (92%) and Brazil (92%) are not too far behind.

  7. Italy has highest percentage of non-bonus depositors. – After claiming an NDB, Italian players are best placed to make a deposit without claiming another bonus (41%), just pipping Norway into second. Spain comes third with 32%, while Brazil and the UK are tied for fourth with 28%. Germany sits in sixth with 22%, Belgium is seventh with 20%, France comes eighth with 16%, while the Netherlands completes the top ten with 9%.

  8. Belgium prefers reloads. – According to the same study, Belgian players are least likely to stay at a site, claim another NDB and make a deposit (2%), with Germany (3%) and the UK (5%) better in this area. The latter is best when it comes switching to another site, claiming an NDB and making a deposit (32%), just beating Germany (29%) and the Netherlands (28%).

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What NDB Data Reveals About Preferred Games

Our research also uncovered some interesting details about the online casino games that no deposit players prefer. Read on to find out more.

  1. Table game noobs. – According to AskGamblers, most no deposit bonus users have little experience playing table games. Just 6% of no depositors became depositors and stayed on the same site to play roulette, 5% remained and played blackjack, 4% switched to slots, 3% hit the blackjack tables on another site, 3% played roulette on another site, 2% tried craps, 2% played poker, 2% moved to another site and played blackjack, 2% gambled on sports betting markets on another site, 1% played skill based games and 1% hit the craps table on another site. Over 80% became neither no deposit bonusers or depositors, and this group had no interest in table games – 41% didn’t play any type of casino game and 39% stuck to slots.

  2. Slots most popular game worldwide. – According to our research, slots are the most popular game worldwide when using an NDB. They topped the charts in Nigeria, Portugal, Greece, Russia, India, Brazil, Panama, Philippines, Jamaica, Honduras, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Curacao, Uruguay and Belize. They came a close second in South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand, but finished third in the UK. They were fourth in Mexico, but still popular.

  3. Roulette popular in Brazil. – It’s roulette that is most popular in the Bahamas, while blackjack is the Brazilian favorite when using an NDB, but finishes second in the Bahamas, behind roulette. Craps is the best option in Mexico for those who have claimed an NBD, while Pakistan and Vietnam both prefer baccarat, although this was the third-best option in Mexico. Poker is popular in the Dominican Republic and Guam, while Keno is favored in American Samoa. Liberia prefers Lotter games, whereas Machines are the best option in Marshall Islands.

  4. No Deposit Bonus UK Slot Users. – According to our , the most popular slots in the UK are Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Cleopatra, Rainbow Riches and Bonanza. These can all be found at the .

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What NDB Data Uncovers About Redeeming Methods

Claiming an NDB is easy, but how do players redeem their winnings? Our research sheds light on this topic.

  1. Bank transfer least popular. – According to Indivisible Games, bank transfers are the least popular way to withdraw winnings, with only 6% of gamblers choosing this method. It ranked even worse when making a deposit (2%).

  2. E-wallets most popular. – E-wallets are the most popular option when cashing out, with 38% of players choosing this method according to Indivisible Games. It was much further up the list when making a deposit (27%).

  3. Bitcoin widely used. – Bitcoin is growing in popularity and is now accepted at many of our . According to Indivisible Games, 19% of players withdraw using this method, while 18% chose a Visa or MasterCard product, 11% opted for a cheque (9% in the US) and 7% used a bankers draft or telegraphic transfer (UK and AU favourite).

  4. US favours cheques. – As mentioned in the previous point, 9% of US gamblers redeemed their winnings using a cheque, whereas only 1% of the wider market chose this option.

  5. UK prefers banking card. – According to our research, 18% of British gamblers withdraw using a card (Visa or MasterCard), whereas the global figure was 18%. Interestingly, however, only 41% of UK online casinos accept VISA, 27% accept MASTERCARD and 2% accept MAESTRO, according to


NDB Trends and Their Significance

There are several key trends emerging in relation to no deposit bonuses, so, what do they mean?

  1. NDBs are here to stay. – First things first, no deposit bonuses are here to stay. We have seen casinos remove RIghtsiz bonuses and change wagering requirements, but NDBs remain popular with players and casinos alike. According to our expert panel, 

  2. NDBs introduce new players to casinos. – Most players trial an online casino with an NDB before making a deposit, according to our no deposit bonus expert panel.

  3. Great way for casinos to market themselves. – No deposit bonuses allow casinos to reach out to potential players and introduce them to their site. If they can provide a safe, secure, fair and enjoyable environment, they stand a chance of converting this player into a regular. According to AskGamblers, 45% of Norwegian players stay on the same site after exhausting the NDB and making a deposit, while a further 23% head straight to and become depositing players.

  4. Good opportunity for players to try before they buy. – Equally, no deposit bonuses allow players to sample a casino and its games for free. If they enjoy the experience, converting to a depositing player is often the next step. According to our no deposit expert panel, 61% of players who claim five or more bonuses go on to make a deposit, whereas only 34% of those who claim just one bonus deposit.

  5. Don’t discount the micro NDB. – Our experts also discussed the micro no deposit bonus, with £1, €1, $1 and 10 free spson offer grabbing the attentions of many. Yes, they come with low potential winnings, but they also result in a high number of deposits. According to our research, 41% of beginner casino players claim just one bonus, but 61% of those who claim five or more deposits.

  6. Wagering requirements remain high. – The average wagering requirement for a no deposit remains high at 40x, with ranging from 20x to 50x. This deters some savvy players, but others see it as a challenge or a good opportunity. Either way, it seems to be the industry standard.

  7. Need to improve usability. – According to our research, 98% of Italies know what to do with an NDB, but that figure drops to 80% in the USA and 76% in the UK. Improving usability must be a priority, especially as only 22% of Belgian players stay at a site, claim another NDB and make a deposit, topping the chart in this area.

  8. Opportunity to improve awareness. – The situation is slightly better when it comes to identifying key terms. For example, 98% of Italies know the wagering requirements, topped by Portugal (96%) and Spain (94%). However, this still means that 4% of Italian players do not know the playthrough requirement, extending to 6% in Portugal and 9% in Spain.

  9. Usefulness can be improved. – It may sound basic, but informing users of key terms and usability features can go a long way. Only 8% of Norwegian users become depositors and stay on the same site to make another deposit without claiming another NDB, and 41% of all no deposit players fall into this category. That means 41% of no deposit players are not using these bonuses to maximize their profits, they are using them for fun. Therefore, informing users of key terms and directing them to a deposit option may boost a site’s revenue.

  10. Small wins big. – Not everyone wins big when using an NDB, but some do. According to our no deposit expert panel, up to 35% of users report a big win when using these offers, while 55% to 60% record small victories, and the rest suffer a loss. Even if players lose money in the short term, they may enjoy the experience and return as paying customers in the future.

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What the Experts Say About No Deposit Bonuses

We spoke to three industry experts to get their thoughts on no deposit bonuses, read on to discover what they had to say…

Blair Jordan

Blair is one of the Indivisible Games developers responsible for creating some of the top, including Thor, Spartan King and Secrets of Atlantis.

On the appeal of no deposit bonuses…

“Everyone likes something for nothing, so no deposit bonuses appeal to both casinos and players. Operators can attract new custom, get people to sample their site and hope that players like the experience and return as a depositing customer. It’s also a good way to showcase a selection of games, including Microgaming slots like Reel Gems, Deco Diamonds and Casino Racer.”

On whether operators should offer more no deposit bonuses…

“If used correctly, no deposit bonuses are a great marketing tool, so yes, operators should consider offering them. You only have to look at the success of casinos like to see how well it can work. It’s all about providing a safe, regulated, secure and fair platform that players enjoy using, and no deposit bonuses give you an opportunity to showcase those qualities and prove your worth.”

Linda Loscialpo

As chief operating officer of Coolbet, Linda Loscialpo plays a pivotal role in shaping one of Europe’s leading gambling brands. Offering products in nine countries, is renowned for its online casinos, poker games and sportsbooks.

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On whether no deposit bonuses are here to stay…

“They already are sticking around! As a company, Coolbet/Chesters Club prides itself on offering a range of products and incentives, and no deposit bonuses are part of that. People like something for nothing, so they will always be popular, but operators need to be smart about how they use them and ensure players have a good experience.”

On the pros and cons of no deposit bonuses from a company perspective…

“From a company perspective, no deposit bonuses bring in new players, raise our profile and allow people to try our site without risking their own money. If they like what they see, there is every chance they will return and make a deposit. We have lots of offering notaries such as Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and Book of Dead, so there is plenty of fun to be had. However, there are also security concerns, increased traffic on site, potential winners and wagering requirements to contend with. Balancing risks and rewards is crucial, but we would encourage other companies to offer no deposit bonuses if they have the infrastructure to handle the demand.”

Paul Hobcraft

Founder and head of strategy at Matter&form, Paul has worked with numerous gaming and gambling clients. He is passionate about understanding consumer behaviour in the iGaming sector.

On the impact of no deposit bonuses…

“It’s difficult to draw a definite line, but no deposit bonuses do encourage people to visit a site, test drive some games and potentially become a depositing customer. It’s a form of ‘freemium’, whereby people can access premium content for free, and if they like it, they are more likely to pay for the full service. We have seen this model work really well in mobile games, casual games and social gaming, so it is certainly transferable to online gambling.”

On how important wagering requirements are for no deposit bonuses…

“Requirements vary from site to site, but 40x is about average. Are wagering requirements important? I would say they are a selling point for some people. Anyone with any experience of online gambling knows that no deposit bonuses come with strings attached, and the playthrough ratio will be a key factor in whether someone accepts those terms or moves on to the next offer.

Others might see it as a challenge, a bit of fun or something to pass the time. Still, others will win and view it as good experience. In truth, wagering requirements are important for the operator, not the player.”

Final Thoughts and Findings on No Deposit Bonuses

And there you have it: 66 juicy no deposit bonus stats, facts and figures. We have learned a great deal during the research process, so, what are the key takeaways? Well, no deposit bonuses are here to stay and remain popular with players and operators.

According to our expert panel, they allow players to try a site and games for free, introduce you to the online casino experience, and give you the chance to win real money. Operators can also benefit by attracting new customers, promoting their brand and showing off their games.

Interestingly, many beginner players claim just one no deposit bonus and then become a depositing player, suggesting that usability and awareness could be improved. Only 80% of users know what to do with a bonus, extending to 98% in Italy but just 76% in the UK. Perhaps sites could provide more support and guidance, or offer tutorials and walkthroughs to help people get started?

When it comes to which games no depositors prefer, there are