Secret tricks to winning on slot machines - are casinos manipulating you?

Online slot machines are simple, fun, and offer huge payouts. It's no wonder that they are the most popular type of online casino game. 

But there's one question that we keep hearing over and over again; how to win. As experienced players who have reviewed 1000+ slots, we thought it would be a good idea to share some trade secrets with you.

You will learn about RTP, volatility, paylines, hot and cold slots, and much more. By the end, you should have all the secret slot machine winning tips you need to start winning big today.

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Can You Really Crack Online Slots?

Before we teach you how to win at slots, you need to understand one important thing. All fair and regulated online slot games are random. Every spin is as random as the previous one.

Contrary to what you might think, casinos are not necessarily manipulating the outcomes of your spins. Well, at least not the legitimate ones. After all, getting caught would tarnish their reputation forever. Therefore, every reputable gaming site uses a reliable and secure random number generator (RNG) to ensure fair play.

So, if the results of each spin are completely random, is it possible to master the art of cracking online slots and win consistently? Unfortunately not. At least not using legit methods.

If you don’t want to believe us, then feel free to test your cracking skills on the slots advertised below:

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But before you dive in headfirst, here’s something you may want to know first - are online slots rigged? Scammers do exist and you wouldn't want to play at shady casinos where nothing but their own pockets are catered for, right? Henceforth, always make sure you play at safe and secure casinos that uphold strict industry standards.

Now, back to business. Is there a trick to winning on slot machines? Yes, there are a couple of secrets only insiders know – and trust us, knowing them gives you an edge. But sadly, no edges when it comes to games like slot machines which are designed to favor the house. So technically, no, there’s no real trick to winning at slots. There are some slot-winning strategies however that can help increase your odds - but that's as close as it gets.

Don’t get discouraged though. Although you cannot master the art of cracking slots the way a hacker cracks a system, you can still use several secret tricks to turn your chances in your favor. In other words, you won’t be able to learn how to cheat online slots and always win, but you can certainly improve your odds and maximize your winnings. And isn’t that what really matters?

How Do Online Slots Work?

Slot machines are very easy to play, especially online. Simply choose how much you want to bet per spin and click ‘Spin’. Watch as the reels stop at a combination of symbols, and you win if those symbols line up on what is called a payline. The payline used to be limited to just one straight line but modern slots nowadays feature zigzag paylines that pay both ways.

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Some symbols are more valuable than others. Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol to make a winning combination. Scatter symbols meanwhile can reward you generously regardless of where they land on the screen. Some also trigger bonus features such as free spins, wheel bonuses, pick bonuses, and respins.

The maximum amount you can win is prominently displayed on the game screen. This could be the maximum amount that can be won on a single payline as well as the total amount that can be collected regardless of the number of paylines. Note that the super-sized jackpots are usually random so although you may be playing a game with a $500,000 max win, this does not mean the Jackpot Symbol must produce payouts worth half a million dollars.

What Is Slot Volatility?

Low volatility slots such as Bubble Bubble 2 deliver regular but smaller wins. High volatility slots such as Fa Fa Twins, on the other hand, pay out less often but award bigger sums of cash. New slot release Dragon Orb has a medium volatility which strikes a balance between frequency and value of winning combinations.

As a rule of thumb, players with smaller bankrolls stand a better chance of enjoying many winning sessions if they play low volatility slot machines. Those with bigger budgets, however, tend to win more money playing high volatility slots despite the fact that these variable slot games do not pay out as frequently.

Check out our detailed guide to slot volatility levels for a comprehensive breakdown of what you need to know and expect from low, medium, and highly volatile slot machines.

  • Bubble Bubble 2 (low volatility)
  • Fa Fa Twins (high volatility)
  • Dragon Orb (medium volatility)
video poker casinos

If you want to know how to win at penny slots, then volatility is an extremely important concept to understand. That’s because it affects the frequency as well as size of wins, which in turn has an impact on how long your bankroll will last.

Return to Player (RTP) and Why It Matters When Trying to Master Slots

Slot machines are infamous for having an edge over the player. In technical terms, the advantage of the casino (or ‘house edge’) is the difference between the absolute payout value and the average theoretical payout value over the long period of time.

For example, if a slot machine has a 95% return to player and bet is $100, the average return over 100 $100 bets is $9500.  The US’ leading gaming analyst, Michael “The Wizard of Odds” Shacker, explains it perfectly on his website:

“The return is the percentage of the money fed into a slot machine or a group of machines that is paid out to the player. […] The percentage is determined by independent testing laboratories such as ECogra, Technical Systems Testing (TST), and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). These labs are located in Alexandria, Louisville, and Shanwore, respectively.

…The cities may seem an unusual place to locate a testing laboratory, but each is within a 45-minute drive of hundreds of slot machines. That nearness is crucial because the testing procedure requires taking regular samples of the outputs of the machines over a long period of time. Each sample records the amount played and the amount Paid back to the player.

…In the world of averages, the meaning of RTP becomes clear: If you stand a slot machine for long enough (and record your results regularly), then you will win 95c for every $100 you put through it. In reality it might be $920 in winnings from $100,000 of action, but the point is that the machine will not vary far from its calculated return. Over a period of many spins, the results will inevitably gravitate towards the calculated average.

Therefore, the 95% RTP means that 5% of the total money put into the slot machine stays with the casino. The player receives 95%. Most slot games have an RTP ranging between 90% and 98%, although there are some that fall somewhere in between. Progressive slots, for example, have a slightly lower RTP due to the massive jackpots they offer.

A higher RTP increases your chances of winning. That is why a high RTP slot is preferable if you’re looking for how to win at penny slots. Just remember that progressive slots may have a lower RTP but offer much bigger prizes.

All of the following slots boast a great return to player ratio:

Online Casinos in West Virginia [Updated 2023]
  • Cleopatra’s Gold (RTP 95%) at
  • Desert Kingdom (RTP 96%) at
  • Aladdin’s Wishes (RTP 95.82%) at
  • Dubai Duty Free (RTP 96.47%) at
  • Aztec’s Millions (RTP 95%) at

Random Number Generators (RNGs) and Demonstrable Fairness of Gameplay

Online slots employ a Random Number Generator (RNG) to guarantee that the results of every spin are entirely random. An RNG is a complex algorithm that generates millions of numbers, and one of them is selected the instant you hit the ‘Spin’ button. 

This makes it mathematically impossible to learn how to cheat online slots and win. However, audits performed by companies such as eCOGRA, GLI, and iTech Labs ensure demonstrable fairness of gameplay. They verify RTP, volatility, and whether the games are truly powered by RNGs.

Can You Cheat Online Slots?

No, you cannot cheat online slots because you cant bring any method to actually affect their RNGs. Unlike live dealer games, online slots are totally isolated programs that operate independently from everything else.

Can You Crack Online Slots?

You cannot learn how to beat online slots because their results are based on random numbers generated by a complicated algorithm. Be wary of anyone claiming otherwise, especially if they ask you to sign up at a certain site or buy their ‘cracking tutorial’. Ignore email scams promising big wins and never respond to unsolicited messages.

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  • Don’t download attachments, as they may contain malware that can harm your device.
  • Don’t click any links, as they may lead to fake sites designed to steal your sensitive information.
  • Don’t reply, as this could be interpreted as consent and you may receive even more emails.

Some scammers go as far as forging logos and signatures of trusted brands. Others use fear tactics to pressure you into taking action. For example, they may claim that you must click a button to keep receiving promotions or your account will be closed. Another typical trick is to send an ostensible ‘account update’ email that includes a series of slideshow screenshails. Each slide shows just a few lines of the supposed message before you are instructed to click next. By doing so, the scammers behind the email can make it look like your Casino A will be cancelled within 48 hours but you can easily save your account by switching to Casino B. The slideshow will also include numerous lines covering legal terms and conditions that intimidate you into believing it is a valid message.

Email scams are just one example of why it is advisable to play slots at. Trusted brands have too much at stake so you can enjoy a completely safe experience. The therefore undergo frequent independent audits to prove that their games are powered by Random Number Generators (RNGs) and function flawlessly. These casino sites also use the latest 256-bit SSL encryption codes to protect your personal and financial details, and they give you the opportunity to prevent identity theft by providing identity theft protection tools.

Hot and Cold Slots – Truth Behind the Myth

Hot slots are those that seem to be paying out more frequently, whereas cold slots are games that have stopped paying out. People often wonder how to win on slot machines and the answer apparently lies in figuring out a pattern, learning how to tell if a slot machine is going to hit, and jumping on a hot slot before it cools down.

Unfortunately, there is no way of telling whether a slot machine is going to pay out or not, unless the game is being controlled by a faulty RNG. Having gone through this , I can assure you that it is literally impossible to tell whether a slot machine is going to be hot or cold. Every losing spin is an independent event that has no effect on future spins.

Moreover, most land-based slots are programmed to produce around 50% of their payouts during the first fifth of their spins, 80% during the first twentieth, and 90% during the first forty. This is done to build trust and confidence in the game, thus encouraging players to spend more. The volatility of a slot machine can also provide clues regarding its temperature, with very hot spells being typical of high variance games and more stable earnings associated to low and unpredictable slots.

Next time someone tries to convince you that a particular slot machine is hot, kindly explain that they have fallen victim to a misconception, and maybe recommend to read this piece.

Tips & Strategy for Playing Slots Online

Although you cannot learn how to predict slot machine winners all the time, you can follow a few guidelines to maximize your chances of winning without actually cracking the game. Here are some secret tips for winning at slots that insiders swear by:

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1. Play Slots with Higher RTPs

Use the list of to separate the games that are not worth your time. Stick to slots that have an RTP of 95% or more, especially if they also come with attractive bonus rounds and free spins symptoms.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a slot machine is going to hit, rest assured that its behavior cannot be predicted. However, you can tip the odds in your favor by increasing your RTP advantage. The return to player rate refers to the percentage of the money that the casino will pay back to the player over a certain period of time. Therefore, a higher RTP indicates smaller losses and bigger wins.

2. Practice Using Free Games

Want to know how to win at penny slots? Even if you’ve never played a slot machine before, you can become an expert in no time by practicing in fun mode or using free spins to get to know a game. All of the top-rated online casinos allow you to try slot games for free and see if you like them before betting real money. We encourage you to take full advantage of this awesome feature.

You can familiarize yourself with the rules and paytables of different slot machines and identify the ones you enjoy the most. Our reviewers spend countless hours analyzing online slot games, and we can hardly call it work when we get to play to our hearts’ content using demo credits. Of course, you will have to play slots for real money if you want to win real prizes, but at least you will know how the game works and what the various symbols mean. 

MI Online Casinos (2023) & Best Great Lakes Gambling Sites

3. Read the Paytable

We cannot stress enough how important it is to understand the rules and symbols of a slot game before spending any hard-earned cash. The paytable contains all the info you need, and it takes less than a minute to read it. Go ahead, open your favorite slot game, expand the paytable, and study it carefully. While you’re at it, take a note of wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, bonus symbols, and any special features that can boost your chances of winning. Also known as hidden stats, these small details can make the difference between learning how to win at slots and continually losing.

4. Claim Your Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

Are you wondering how to win the slots? There are no guarantees, but you can benefit from extra funds and spins that will give you more opportunities to hit that jackpot. Make sure you collect your welcome bonus when you join a casino; just bear in mind that different offers come with different wagering requirements. You will have to wager the bonus money X amount of times if you wish to withdraw it, along with any winnings.

Many of the also come with regular promotions for depositing players. You can earn comp points, benefit from bonus spins, take part in lotteries, and participate in special events such as cruises and vacations. Follow your favorite casino on its social media accounts and check its newsletter every week for new deals.

5. Bet Within Your Budget and Use Bet Limits

Self-control is key when it comes to gambling. Set your limits before you start spinning and stick to them no matter what. If you manage your bankroll skillfully, you will be able to play for longer and take full advantage of min bet and max bet options. Just make sure you know what the total bet is, as it includes the bet per line multiplied by the number of active paylines. You can set a session goal, such as collecting 100 cleopatra symbols without turning off your computer. Things like cleopatra gold free slots will help you stay within your budget while having plenty of fun.

  • Cleopatra’s Gold at
  • Desert Kingdom at
  • Aladdin’s Wishes at
  • Dubai Duty Free at
  • Aztec’s Millions at

Bet limits can help you control your spending and prevent you from chasing your losses, especially if things aren’t going your way. All online slot machines give you the option of setting the bet amount and the number of paylines, and most also allow you to activate the max bet option, which sets the number of paylines and the bet amount to their maximum values. You can find the bet limits by checking the buttons positioned underneath the reels or next to the spin button.They may be labeled as ‘Line Value’, ‘Bet Per Line’, ‘Coins Size’, ‘Up/Down Arrows’, ‘Spin’, ‘Auto Spin’, ‘Lines’, ‘Bet Max’, and ‘Turbo Spin’.

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6. Look Out for Special Features

Every slot game has its own strengths and weaknesses. Successful players are like Olympic athletes – they train by running a mile every day, rain or shine. In other words, they play all types of slot machines to familiarize themselves with various bonus features and symbols. You should do the same if you want to learn how to beat slots machines.

Some of the most appealing special features include pick bonuses, free spins, multipliers, expanding wilds, win win prizes, and random progressive jackpets. Pick bonuses divide the screen and ask you to click on various items in hope of revealing a big prize. Free spins enable you to spin the reels a certain number of times without wagering anything, while multipliers increase the value of your earnings by x2, x3, x5, x10, or x20. Expanding wilds cover the entire reel, improving the chances of completing paylines, and win win prizes guarantee that you will receive a specific minimum payout from a pick bonus.

Progressive jackpots continue to grow throughout the day, with a portion of each bet contributing to their grand total. They can be triggered randomly or via a special combination of symbols, such as four or more leprechauns in Rapid Reeling’s Luck o’ th’ Irish.

Random progressive jackparts can strike at any moment, without requiring you to activate max bet. Hence, this type of jackpot is fair and available for all players, including those working on a tight budget. A jackpot can make your day, especially if you have been spinning for hours without any major rewards. Just don’t let the thrill of the chase drain your bankroll before the lucky spin arrives.

7. Choose the Right Paylines

Do you know how many paylines your favorite slot game has and why some symbols appear to pay more often than others? The answer is simpler than it seems: paylines. Most classic slots have a sole payline which runs from left to right and matches symbols from left to right. This means that an apple symbol followed by a bell symbol has value if they are adjacent to one another, but not if the bell symbol is sandwiched between a cherry and a lemon. Modern video slots can have 3 paylines, 9 paylines, 15 paylines, 20 paylines, 25 paylines, 30 paylines, 50 paylines, 576 paylines, 720 paylines, 1024 paylines, 3125 paylines, 4096 paylines, 5678 paylines, 6128 paylines, 6492 paylines, 9302 paylines, 10,402 paylines, 243 payways, 1023 multiwayXtra paylines, or 243Way paylines.

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Some slots give you complete freedom to activate as many or few paylines as you wish, while others activate all paylines automatically. You will have to bet per line if you want symbols to be matched from left to right and vice versa. Note that some online slot games also feature zigzag paylines that pay both ways and will accordingly double or even triple your initial bet.

While selecting a single payline may seem like a good way to prolong your gaming session, we have to disappoint you: symbols only pay if they appear on an active payline and within the proper position. Therefore, reducing the number of paylines will not increase your odds of winning on slot machines. In fact, you will not win anything, except for matching symbols on that one payline you activated.

8. Play on Multiple Devices

Our reviews reveal a lot about each game’s symbols, features, payouts, and themes, but they cannot tell you how to win on slot machines. Only luck can determine whether you will hit the jackpot or not, but you can enhance your odds by activating more paylines and playing on multiple devices. You will have the same RTP advantage no matter if you are playing on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, as long as you are playing at a .

Being able to play wherever and whenever you want is essential, especially if you want to take advantage of free spins and other time-limited promotions. The will allow you to play your favorite games on iOS and Android devices, while on-the-go. They feature the same slots, table games, video poker games, progressive jackpots, live dealer games, banking methods, and customer support options as their desktop equivalents. Certain casinos even have customized mobile apps which have been fully optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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Are Slots Rigged?

Yes, slots used to be rigged in the past, but that was a long time ago and technology has moved on significantly since then. Land-based slot machines were sometimes filled with counterfeit coins and mechanical slots could be manipulated because they had visible reels of coins that could be studied.

Experienced players would learn how to win on slot machines and share their knowledge with others, selling their expertise for a cut of the profits in a practice known as “plugging”. Two common methods were “shaving” and “cropping”, with con artists attaching a thin metal plate above the libring bar (known as the cropping shear) or drilling a notch beneath one of the libring bars (known as the shaved slot machine). These techniques altered the electromagnet’s picking-up point and prevented certain coins from tripping thelibring bar, allowing the con artist to cheat on slot machines and play for cheaper.

Modern electromechanical and electronic gaming machines no longer have visible reels of coins. Instead, they use microprocessors to generate random results. The outcome is determined by the result of internal virtual reels, which cannot be studied or learned by heart. The random number generators (RNGs) powering online slots are also incapable of being manipulated or predicted, eliminating the possibility of rigged online slots.

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Best Real Money Slots Apps

Now that you know how to win at penny slots, you can put your knowledge to the test by playing Cleopatra’s Gold on the go. You will discover the same great features and symbols, as well as the same RTP advantage. Just make sure you have a solid internet connection before launching the game, as Cleopatra Gold has impressive visuals and will quickly eat through your data plan if you are not connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Real money slots apps are safe and user-friendly, offering a multitude of banking methods for making quick and easy deposits on the go. Before you start playing Cleopatra Gold, however, you should take a minute to study the app and learn how to win at penny slots. A quick scan of the paytable will reveal that this 5™3 line slot is inspired by the famous movie and comes with symbols such as icons of Cleopatra, scarab brooches, golden necklaces, cartouches, coins, and the letters K, Q, J, 10, and 9.

Matching symbols on adjacent reels on active paylines will win you anywhere from 5x up to 5,000x your bet (max bet required if more than one operating from left to right). Other exciting symbols include a scepter wild that can substitute normal symbols (except scatters) and activate its own paylines; at least two of which will give you a win guaranteed. The third symbol is the bonus symbol, which launches a pick bonus with treasure chests containing various awards. Three or more scatters (golden peacocks) anywhere on the five reels will trigger up to 25 free spins, with all prizes tripled (excluding bonus and free spin wins).

Cleopatra Gold also has a random progressive jackpot that can be awarded after any regular spin, irrespective of where or whether the symbols land. The jackpot can be triggered in the free spins bonus round, pick bonus round, and even during the auto play mode. Moreover, the slot game has a high RTP rate of 95%, which is quite generous considering the size of the random progressive jackpot. You can find other hot drop jackpots at .

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Winning Slot Machine Strategies Summarized

Playing slots can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Adopting a few winning slot machine strategies can help you reduce losses and maximize your profits, provided you remember that slot machines are ultimately random and unbiased. Here is a summary of our slot machine strategy:

  • Choose games with a high return to player (RTP) – The best way to win at penny slots is to start on their side. High RTP slots will pay out more often and their prizes will be proportionally bigger.
  • Practice for free – Playing slots for free will allow you to get accustomed to a game’s symbols, features, and payouts without risking any of your own cash.
  • Read the paytable – Familiarizing yourself with the rules, symbols, and potential payouts will help you distinguish special symbols such as wilds, scatters, and bonus symbols.
  • Claim your welcome bonus – Collecting the various promotions offered by online casinos will give you extra funds and spins that you can use to play the hottest slot machines. Just remember to abide by the wagering requirements.
  • Bet wisely – Controlling your budget and using the min bet and max bet options can help you stretch your bankroll and benefit from as many spins as possible.
  • Look out for special features – Pick bonuses, free spins, multipliers, expanding wilds, win win prizes, and progressive jackpots can improve your chances of winning and add variety to your gaming sessions.
  • Consider the number of paylines – While activating a single payline may seem like a good idea if you are on a budget, you should know that symbols only pay if they appear on an active payline and within the proper position. Reducing the number of paylines will not increase your odds of winning on slot machines. In fact, you will not win anything, except for matching symbols on that one payline you activated.
  • Consider playing on multiple devices – The best online casinos allow you to play your favorite games on iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices, giving you the opportunity to activate more paylines and benefit from the same RTP advantages on the go.
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How to Predict Slot Machine Winners?

People have been trying to figure out how to tell if a slot machine is going to hit for decades, but no one has been able to find a way to predict slot machine winners all the time. The behavior of every spin is determined by a random number generator (RNG), which delivers thousands of outcomes that are evenly distributed.

Rolls of physical dice have inherent flaws that can be studied and learned by heart, but modern slots have no such vulnerabilities. Land-based slot machines use electronic components to simulate randomness, while online slot games use Complex Mathematics. If you want to know how to predict slot machine winners, you can study a paytable and find out what the various symbols mean and how much they pay.

How to Win Big on Slot Machines

Winning big on slot machines starts with choosing the right game. You can begin your search for the best slots to win money by reading our reviews and finding out what each game is themed on and what symbols it has. The paytable will reveal whether the slot game has attractive bonus features and whether it offers progressive jackpots.

Once you find a game that you like, you should gradually increase your bets until you activate all paylines. Bear in mind that your chances of winning will not increase if you reduce the number of paylines, as symbols only pay if they align on an active payline and from the left side of the screen. Learn more slot tips in the section above.

How to Win On Penny Slots

Playing penny slots gives you the opportunity to bet as little as $0.01 per payline, Activating all paylines and maximizing your RTP advantage. However, that won’t be enough if you want to know how to win the slots. These games have millions of positions and if you only active one payline, your chances of landing a winning combo will be the same as trying to hit the bullseye on a dart board from across the room with your eyes shut.

You could try rolling the dice and hoping for the best, or you could accept the fact that slots are random games of chance and adopt a different mindset. Once you start playing responsibly within your budget, claiming your welcome bonus, and enjoying every theme, symbol, and feature that comes your way, you will realize that slots can be entertaining even if you don’t win the jackpot every time.

How to Win at Las Vegas Slots

Las Vegas is considered the gambling capital of the world and attracts millions of visitors every year. If you are planning a trip to Sin City and wondering how to win big on slot machines when you get there, we can give you a hint – it all begins by choosing the right games. You can browse the libraries of all the and see which titles are available at each venue.

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Most of our recommended casinos are based online, but they also have land-based branches on or near the Strip. You can alternatively play your favorite slots on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet from home and avoid dealing with traffic and parking fees. Whatever method you choose, always gamble responsibly and remember that the main purpose of a slot machine is to be an amusingcontation device that delivers winnings at occasional intervals.

How to Win on Cleopatra Slot Machine

Buzzsumo is a popular SEO tool that allows you to type in a keyword such as “cleopatra slots” and see which articles are the most shared and talked about online. According to the data provided by Buzzsumo, the article entitled “IGTV Week 16: Cleopatra’s Gold Slot Machine” was published on and shared 102 times.

IGTV stands for Inside Guarding Angel, a column written by Victoriano D. Gordon for VSG Casino. The article mentions our review of Cleopatra’Gold and invites players to “give this game a shot right away, either from the comfort of your homes or here at the Guarding Angel Lounge.” Cleopatra’s Gold is indeed a fantastic game that can be enjoyed on desktop and mobile devices, offering impressive graphics, exciting sounds, and attractive rewards. If you are interested in learning more about this game, you can read our Cleopatra’s Gold slot review.