Field Visit to Saline Tract Paddy Cultivating areas, Crop Diversification Practicing areas and Vegetable Cultivating areas

A field visit has been conducted with the participation of Sri Lankan Representatives Eng. Weber Xia and Mr.Gao Feng from China Railway International Group CO, Ltd and staff of Provincial Department of Agriculture, Northern Province Mrs.A.Srirangan, Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, Mrs.V.Nadanamalar, Assistant Director of Agriculture and S.Balakrishnsn, Subject Matter Officer from Jaffna District under the guidance of the Governor, Northern Province on 24.07.2020 to observe the cultivation activities at the Paddy Fields situated in Navali South, Arali, Vaddukotai, Sanganai and Sanguveli.

The Paddy Fields which were not cultivated due to salinity problem, situated in Kakaitheevu, Navali South and Arali also has been visited.