Field visit to Papaw cultivation under ASMP

A team headed by the Provincial Director of Agriculture Mr.S.Sivakumarvisited papaw fields established by farmers with the support of Agriculture Sector Modernization Project (ASMP)at Sanasiparanthan in Vavuniya district on 24.07.2020.

Papaw cultivation in this area had been affected by virus disease in the recent past and had to be given up.ASMP provided 320 Red Lady Variety Papaw Plants,40 galvanized iron pipes and 180m × 3m insect proof net to 16 farmers in this area. Using these materials Farmers have constructed insect proof fence to preventinsect vectors which are transmitting the virus disease to papaw plants. In fence line, insect proof net was buried for ½ feet depth to fit it firmly.  The papaw plants have been planted in the ridges with the objective of protecting the crop from water stagnation. Further a proper drainage system was also established   to drain the excess water safely.

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