Field day on Harvesting of Cowpea

Under the Small holder Agri business Partnership Programme, Field day on harvesting of cowpea has been conducted in the field of the farmer Mr.C.Ragu at Indrapuram village, Kilali AI range in Kilinochchi District under the chairmanship of Mrs.T.Thurkayini, Agriculture Instructor on 28.08.2020.

In order to extend and promote the cowpea cultivation in District level 1600 kg of Varuni cowpea variety was issued to 202 beneficiaries to cultivate in 100 acres. The cowpea cultivations established under this project are being harvested at present.

In mid-season also Cowpea can be cultivated well, as same as in Yala season. Short duration leguminaceae crops can be cultivated with the residual moisture in the field. These crops need less maintenance.

Mrs.P.Jeyarani, Divisional Secretariat, Pachchiaipalli, has participated as Chief Guest and Mr.P.Atputhachandran, Deputy Provincial Project Director, Kilinochchi has participated as Special Guest in the above successful field day. Mr.R.Dharmadevan, Coordinator for SAAP Project from the office of the Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, Kilinochchi and farmers also participated in the above field day.