Field Day on Commercial level Red Banana Cultivation

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A field day on the theme ‘Commercial level Red banana Cultivation’ was held on 03.04.2024 at 9.30 am at Mr. Thampipillai Shekhar’s GAP certified Farm at Mulangavil area, Anbupura Road, Kilinochchi District; It was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Mahanandan Mahilan (Agriculture Instructor).

The event was attended by Mrs. Sukanthini Senthilkumaran (Provincial Director of Agriculture, Northern Province) as the Chief Guest, and Deputy Provincial Agricultural Officer, Mrs. Jagatheeswari Sooriyakumar, Mrs. Loha Pradeepan (Senior Lecturer), Kilinochchi District GAP Officer, Agrarian Development Officer and Kilinochchi district Subject Matter Officers and Agriculture Instructors attended.

Also in this event, various parties such as Kilinochchi District Deputy Provincial Department of Agriculture officials, representatives of agricultural organizations, farmers, school students and public participated.
It is also worth noting that during this field festival, the following agricultural techniques were observed in the field.

  • Commercial level Red banana cultivation
  • Robesra Banana cultivation
  • Banana variety plots
  • Pomegranate, guava cultivation
  • Best agricultural practice for fruit cultivation
  • Mango plot
  • Cyber Extension Unit
  • Crop clinic