‘Full cooperation will be given to all sectorial development of the Northern Province – Eric Solheim assured to the Governor of the Northern Province.

A special meeting between the Honorable Governor of Northern Province P.S.M. Charles and President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s International Climate Adviser Eric Solheim was held in Colombo on 20th November 2023.

On this occasion, the Honorable Governor explained in detail to the international climate consultant Eric Solheim about many issues including the risk management of the Northern Province, the daily living conditions of the people, effects of climate changes, economy, and the development to be carried out in the province. Eric Solheim, the President’s International Climate Adviser who heard about the issues, said that he was very happy to meet the Governor of the Northern Province during his visit to Sri Lanka.
Also he said that he is happy to promote green projects for Sri Lanka’s development. Since Sri Lanka has the resources for solar, wind and hydro power generation, it can carry out the green hydrogen project. At the same time, Eric Solheim, the President’s International Climate Adviser, assured the Honorable Governor that he would provide the necessary full cooperation for the development of the Northern Province.