Employment Rate for Differently Abled Persons will increase in 2020 – Governor

Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan said that the employment rate for the differently abled persons will be increased from 3% to 6% from January 2020.

The Fifth Northern Roundtable Discussion held at the Jaffna Public Library this evening, titled “Problems and Opportunities of Disabled Persons living among us”. Ideas and opinions regarding the challenges and needs of the differently-abled people were exchanged. Governor expressed the above statement during the discussion.

The Director of the Department of Social Services explained to the Governor about the challenges faced by the differently-abled persons at the Northern Roundtable. During the discussion, some solutions were presented by the Governor. He hopes that the employment rate of the differently-abled persons which is currently 3% will be increased to 6% from next January. The transport facilities for them will also be increased.

Governor pointed out that the department heads will be given instructions about their needs.

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– NP Governor’s Media Unit