The Emblem of Northern Provincial Council

The significance of the Emblem

  • Top of the logo carries the word “Equality”.
  • Palmyrah tree indicates the traditional source of livelihood and the tree traditionally provided the means to food, shelter and economic activities of the Northern community. It also represents strength.
  • The swan shaped musical instrument “Yarl” consists of three elements viz., musical instrument a “Yarl”, a swan and five strings. The musical instrument “Yarl” represents the glorious ancient culture. The name “Yarlpanam” was derived from the word “Yarl”.
  • The swan represents the inherent nature of the people:- the ability to discriminate between the real and the unreal, peace and beauty. These are the three essential characteristics of Northern community. The five strings represent five Districts in the Province.
  • The opened book at the bottom represents the matured state of knowledge of the people – education as a base for every aspect of life.
  • Paddy panicles indicate agriculture and the teeth of wheels indicate industries.