Free sweeps coins apps like gambino slots - read first

Are you looking for free sweep apps like Gambino Slots? Do you want to know how these work, or where to find them? Then this is the right place because we will discuss all that in great detail.

Before we begin, it is imperative that you understand what apps like Gambino Slots are offering. They provide social gaming experience on mobile devices and computers where people can play for ‘fun’ currency known as . These sweeps coins cannot be transferred, traded, or exchanged for their actual value (real-world currency). However, they can be redeemed for prizes as stated according to each app's rules and regulations.

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Here are the top free sweeps apps similar to Gambino Slots:

  1. 🥇 (The Best Gambino Slots Alternative)
  2. 🥈 Ho Ho Tower
  3. 🥉 Jackpot Party
  4. ‍⚖️ (Legal Status)
  5. 🤑 Top Ways to Earn Coins 
  6. 👍 Ide Types of Players Who'll Enjoy It 
  7. ⭐ Best Places to Play 
  8. 💸 Understanding Virtual/Sweepstakes Currency 
  9. 🎰 Type of Casino Games 
  10. ❓ Is Gambainos Real Money Gambling 
  11. 🔒 Is Gambainos Rigged 
  12. 🏆 Best In The Industry 
  13. 👑 Best App From a Celebrity 
  14. 👫 Play Together With Friends 
  15. 💰 Can You Transfer Coins To Others 
  16. 🍂 Seasonal Events And Themes 
  17. 🎁 Exclusive Promotions And Bonuses 
  18. 🤑 How To Redeem Prizes 
  19. 💳 Can You Use Sweeps Coins For Purchases 
  20. 🚀 How To Send Gifts 
  21. 💬 Customer Support Options 
  22. ✔ Is The Gambainos App Legal 
  23. 🌋 What Makes This Social Casino Popular 
  24. 🕹 Platform Compatibility 
  25. 📱 Gambainos App Features 
  26. 🎰 Type Of Casino Games On Gambainos 
  27. ❓ Who Is Karl A. 
Free Slot Apps That Let You Win Real Prizes (No Deposit!)

1. Ignition Casino – The Best Gambino Slots Like Site

Ignition Casino is the best among free sweepstakes apps like Gambino Slots. Here players get a wide range of casino games such as , slots, video poker, scratchcards, and others. All the games are well-designed, optimized, and offer an immersive experience. New users are welcomed with a generous welcome bonus of up to $3,000 (first time cumulative deposit of up to $3,000 will be matched 300%). There are many regular bonuses and promotional deals available throughout the year.

Users can easily earn Ignition Sweeps by completing tasks like daily login, leveling up, referring friends, playing specific games, and more. Ignition also allows users to purchase sweepstakes coins. The best part is users can redeem their sweeps coins for real cash prizes via gift cards or check payment options. Users can enjoy Ignition Casino on iOS, Android, and desktop platforms.

Go to Ignition Casino (or ) to play.

2. Ho Ho Tower

Next on our list of free sweep apps like Gambino Slots is Ho Ho Tower. Developed by Spinix Games, it offers tons of exciting Christmas-themed slot games inspired by classic Vegas machines. Ho Ho Tower is available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. It offers social gaming experience where players can enjoy winning Christmas Trees and Ho Ho Coins.

Ho Ho coins are just like sweeps coins; they have no monetary value but can be redeemed for prizes as per the rules and regulations of the app. Users can also connect their account with Facebook to receive a special Christmas gift containing both coins types. There are daily rewards, achievements, tournaments, spin boosters, and more ways to earn free coins. Ho Ho Tower is completely free to play, but it does have in-app purchases.

3. Jackpot Party

Jackpot Party social casino is another great alternative to Gambino Slots. It offers hundreds of fun games, including slots, table games, and more. Being developed by Phantom EFX and available on almost every platform, it has always been one of the most preferred social casinos in the US, UK, and other parts of the world.

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Players can enjoy Jackpot Party coins and fun tokens that allow them to spin the wheel of fortune and win exciting prizes. There are frequent sales that allow users to purchase fun tokens and get amazing discounts. Another best way to earn free coins is by connecting the account with Facebook, which also helps in recovering the account in case of loss.

Jackpot Party offers plenty of ways to interact with fellow players through gifts, parties, chats, and more. One can win 100k coins and 100 fun tokens just by spinning the VIP wheel every three hours. Daily login, achieving goals, and playing games regularly are other easy methods to earn free coins on Jackpot Party.

4. Gambino Slots – Legal Status

Gambino Slots works similarly on all platforms due to its browser-based application architecture. For desktop users, it can be accessed from the official website, while smartphone users can simply download the app from Play Store or App Store.

Gambino Slots is absolutely free to play, but it does have in-app purchases. Players can buy different packages of gold coins and get a bonus of sweeps coins with every purchase. The in-app purchases on Gambino Slots can be made through debit/credit card or through popular skins like Google, Apple, or Amazon.

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XLEVR, an innovative learning technology company based in California, owns Gambino Slots. It was officially launched back in October 2016 and is now available in over 40 countries. It offers exciting slot games with excellent themes and excellent gameplay. Gambino Slots is a social casino service that doesn’t offer real-money gambling opportunities.

5. Top Ways to Earn Coins on Gambino Slots 

There are multiple ways to earn coins on Gambino Slots:

i. Through In-app Purchases

Gambino Slots offers different packages of gold coins that can be used to play games. The prices of gold coin packs start from just $0.99, and with that, players also receive sweeps coins for free. For example, the cost of a $99 pack is $0.99, and it contains 14,000 gold coins and 140 sweeps coins. So, with the price of the lowest pack, players receive around 700 sweeps coins for free that can be used or saved for later use.

ii. Signup Bonus 

New players at Gambino Slots can claim a decent welcome bonus that contains a bunch of coins. It might vary from time to time, but generally, new players can start with up to 10,00,000 gold coins and 10 sweeps coins for free.

iii. Daily Connect & Spin 

Daily connect and spins are among the easiest and top ways to earn coins on Gambino slots. Players just have to open the app on their desired device every day to spin the wheel and win exciting prizes, including gold coins and sweeps coins. The chance to win extra coins gets better with every consecutive day a player opens the app.

iv. Achievements and Goals 

The game also offers achievable goals and challenges to players. By accomplishing those targets, players can win large prize bundles containing both gold coins and sweeps coins. Such goals may include playing specific games, reaching particular scores, trying all-new games, etc.

v. Friend Invites and Social Media Integration 

Friend referral and social media integration are two of the best features on Gambino Slots. Not only do they help players keep up with their friends but also bring a number of benefits, including special gift bundles. Each gift contains millions of gold coins and some sweeps coins. Users can also connect their accounts with Facebook to receive special bonuses.

vi. Level Up and XP System 

Leveling up on Gambino Slots is another simple yet effective way to earn coins. The more a player spins the reels, the more experience points he gains. Every time a player reaches a higher level, he receives a reward bundle that contains gold coins and sweeps coins.

vii. Sponsored Games and Tournaments 

Last but not least, sponsored games and tournaments are the most rewarding opportunity for Gambino Slots players. The platform often hosts special events, competitions, and game releases that contain massive coin pools that are distributed among the participants randomly.

6. Ideal Types of Players Who’ll Enjoy It

Free sweep apps like Gambino Slots are suitable for different kinds of players with diverse needs. Still, there are some types of gamblers who would love to spend quality time on these apps:

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i. Social Casino Fans

Social casinos are specially designed online platforms where people can play casino-style games for free. Unlike traditional online casinos that offer real-money gambling services, social casinos are entirely free to play. Gambino Slots, Lucky Land, Tigra, Ho Ho Tower, and Pulsz are some good examples of social casinos. These platforms are ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics and experienced players who want to enjoy risk-free games.

ii. Slot Enthusiasts 

Slot games are quite popular at traditional online casinos as well as social casinos like Gambino Slots. These are very straightforward and easy to play casino games that anyone can enjoy. It doesn’t require any special skills or strategies to play slot machines, and that’s why slot enthusiasts prefer social casinos over other platforms. Not only beginners but even expert slot players prefer to play at social casinos to relax and refresh their mind with new titles and themes.

iii. Rewards and Free Stuff Lovers

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Rewards, bonuses, free coins, prizes, and promos are among the most appealing things about social casinos like Gambino Slots. It doesn’t matter whether a person is a casual player or a professional gambler; everyone loves to receive free coins and redeem them for exciting prizes. It keeps them motivated towards playing more and improving their skills.

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7. Best Gambino Slots Like Apps: Aspects in Common

Ignition Casino and Gambino Slots are definitely different from each other, but they still have several aspects in common. Let’s have a look at the most prominent ones.

i. Absolutely Free Gameplay

Both Ignition Casino and Gambino Slots offer free gameplays. Well, Ignition does have gambling sections where users can wager real money, but its social casino game section is entirely free to play. Players can win prizes by playing ignition slot machines and other casino games. While on Gambino Slots, everything works similarly.

ii. Offer Slot-style Games

Despite having a variety of casino games, Ignition and Gambino Slots offer plenty of slot-style games. Whether it is a traditional five-reel slot, a modern video slot, or branded slots, one can enjoy them all without spending a dime. Both platforms add new titles every month to keep their users entertained and engaged.

iii. Use of Virtual/Sweepstakes Currency

Neither Ignition nor Gambino Slots offer real-money Prize. Instead, they both use virtual or sweepstakes currencies. Ignition Casino offers wins in Ignition Sweeps and cores, while Gambino Slots has gold coins and sweeps coins. The best thing is these coins cannot be transferred, sold, or purchased directly. However, users can redeem them for real cash prizes (ignition sweeps) or gift cards (sweeps coins) as per the rules and regulations.

8. Best Places to Play Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots is a browser-based social casino that works similarly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Still, we would love to recommend a few best places to play Gambino Slots:

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IOS (iPhone/iPad) 

iOS users can enjoy Gambino Slots on their iPhones and iPads by either visiting the official site or installing it from the App Store. We would recommend going through the App Store because it ensures a bug-free and secure experience. To date, Gambino Slots have maintained an average rating of 4.2 on the App Store. It indicates a reliable and stable social casino game that should be on the bucket list of every iPhone user.

ANDROID (Smartphone/Tablet) 

Google Play Store does not host any social casinos due to its policy against gambling-related content. That’s why interested Android users must visit the official website of Gambino Slots and get the app installed on their devices. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes, and you can start playing right away. We also recommend updating the Gambino Slots app after every three days to get the latest improvements and fixes.

DESKTOP (Mac/PC/Laptop)

It doesn’t matter which web browser or operating system you are using; the official website of Gambino Slots would work perfectly fine on any device. For a smooth and soundless experience, we would love to recommend the latest version of Google Chrome. It consumes less RAM and processing power than other browsers. Also, Chrome is known for its stability, security, and cross-platform support.

9. How Gambino Slots Works

Unlike other traditional online casinos, Gambino Slots does not deal in real money. It offers virtual or sweepstakes currency that cannot be transferred, withdrawn, or exchanged for actual value (real-world money). Gambino Slots is entirely free to play, but it does have optional in-app purchases through which players can speed up the progress. All the purchased amounts come with free sweeps coins, depending upon the package price.

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Gambino Slots has a wide portfolio of slot machines with attractive themes, high-resolution graphics, multiple betting levels, and interesting soundtracks. Users can also compete with their friends and players from all around the world by participating in tournaments and other events. Daily sign-in bonuses, friend requests, level-ups, achievement badges, and sponsored games are other major highlights of Gambino Slots. Above all, players can request their sweep coins prize balance whenever it reaches the minimum redemption limit of 50 sweep coins.

10. Understanding Virtual/Sweepstakes Currency

Virtual or sweepstakes currency is one of the most important yet confusing elements for newcomers. Most social casinos, including Gambino Slots, ignore explaining the concept of virtual currency, which results in a disappointing experience. So, let’s figure out how Gambino Slots works and what kind of currency it offers.

Gambino Slots has two primary forms of currency: Gold Coins and Sweep Coins. While the former is free and generated through different methods, the latter comes in two forms: free (through different methods) and paid (through in-app purchases). The free swept coins have very less monetary value, and they cannot be transferred, sold, or purchased directly. However, their combined total with gold coins helps players to redeem prizes as per the rules and regulations.

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In simple words, players can redeem their golden and swept coins for real cash prizes only if the combination of these coins meets the minimum redemption limit (50 swoops coins). Otherwise, it is just for fun.

11. Top Casino Games on Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots is famous for its wide collection of slot machines, but it also offers other popular casino games. Have a look at the best casino games on Gambino Slots:

I. Slots

Being a slot machine lover, one will never get bored on Gambino Slots. The game offers dozens of new and classic slot games that are based on fruit machines, ancient civilizations, Hollywood movies, natural disasters, car racing, and whatnot! Some popular Gambino Slots titles are Faerie Spells, Las Vegas Nights, Aristocrat Action Bank, Fire 88, and 5 Lions Dance. The best thing is Gambino Slots releases new slot titles every month so that players could enjoy something unique and interesting.

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II. Blackjack

Blackjack is another popular card game at Gambino Slots. It follows the same rules and regulations as traditional blackjack but with virtual currencies. Gambino Slots blackjack variants are Atlatl, Blackjack 21, Multihand Blackjack, Zombie Blackjack, and Pyramid Blackjack.

III. Roulette

Roulette lovers also have a lot of choices at Gambino Slots. European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and Classic Roulette are some popular roulette games on Gambino Slots.

IV. Video Poker

Video poker is a fusion of slot machines and five card draw poker. It is relatively easier than traditional poker and can be played alone. Three Card Poker Towers, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Five Play Draw, and Ten Play Draw are the most liked video poker games on Gambino Slots.

V. Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are instant-win games offered by Gambino Slots. Well, they don’t have any proper gameplay like slots, bingo, or poker. Still, their interesting themes and scratchable areas make them super fun to play. Golden Moment Scratch, Prosperity Mania Scratch, Gem Riches Scratch, and 100 Balloon Pop are the most liked scratch card games on Gambino Slots.

12. Is Gambainos Real Money Gambling

No, Gambainos is not a real-money gambling platform. It allows users to play casino games for free and win virtual currencies. There are two primary currencies on Gambainos: Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Gold coins are freely generated through different methods, but sweeps coins can be obtained through dice. The primary purpose of sweeps coins is the redemption of prize balances. But before that, a player must verify his identity and request the balance through the official website. The minimum redemption limit is 50 swoops coins, and the prize will be awarded in the form of gift cards or check payments. Users cannot transfer, sell, or purchase swoops coins directly.

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13. Is Gambino Slots Rigged

Gambino Slots is absolutely safe, secure, and fair to play. It is totally based on luck and nothing else. Mycruz, the company behind Gambino Slots, is based in Los Angeles, California. The platform is socially responsible and strictly follows all laws and regulations concerning gamble. In simple words, Gambino Slots is endorsed and approved by different state lotteries across the globe and audited by BMM Labs.

14. Best Gambino Slots Like Apps: Customer Support Options

Customer support is an essential part of every online service, especially social casinos. Players often face technical issues or have queries regarding coins and games. In both cases, they need instant assistance, and that’s possible only with efficient customer support. Have a look at the best customer support options available on Gambino Slots like apps.

I. Help Center 

Help center or FAQ page is the first place one should visit to get solutions to common problems. Ignition Casino and Gambino Slots offer detailed help centers that include several sections and subsections. Besides general info, these pages cover game instructions, coin acquisition guides, redemption guidelines, systems requirements, contact details, and more.

II. Email Support

Email support is another best option to get assistance from Ignition Casino and Gambino Slots. Interested players can simply compose a new email, mentioning their concerns, and send it to the respective departments. Generally, it takes a few hours to get a response from Ignition or Gambino support executives, but in some scenarios, it may take over a day.

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15. The Most Famous Celebrity Endorser of Gambino Slots: Is it Safe to Play? 

Unlike other traditional online casinos or bookmakers, Gambino Slots, and apps like it don’t involve real money gambling. These platforms only offer free games and award virtual or sweepstakes currencies that cannot be transferred, sold, or exchanged for actual value. In simple words, no renowned personality or celebrity would ever endorse a social casino. Still, Gambino Slots features Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion shoot-themed slot game. He was a German fashion designer, artist, and photographer and the former creative director for Chanel’s fashion house. He died in February 2019.

16. Final Verdict – Are Free Sweep Apps Like Gambino Slots Worth a Try in 2023?

A thousand words disappear into actions in gaming. So, instead of giving another lengthy verdict, here we would love to share our gaming experience. After spending several weeks on Gambino Slots, we found it a pretty good option for free-time entertainment. Despite involving real-money gambling, we also tested Ignition Casino’s free play feature and evaluated its overall performance. Following are the major pros and cons that may help you decide whether to give a try to free-play Ignition Casino or not.


  • Absolutely free to play

  • Huge variety of games

  • Generous signup bonus

  • Multiple coin acquisition methods

  • Social integration

  • Dailies, achievements, tournaments

  • Safe and secure platforms

  • Available on all desktop and mobile platforms

  • External support not required

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  • Limited withdrawal options

  • Long redemption process

  • Low-quality mobile interface

So, these were the major pros and cons we found after testing Ignition Casino free play mode for several days. If we talk about Gambino Slots, it also has a balanced gameplay along with flawless mobile compatibility. Overall, free-play Ignition Casino and Gambino Slots are worth giving a try in 2023.

FAQ Section

1. Are free sweepstakes casinos like Gambino Slots legal?

Yes, free sweepstakes casinos like Gambino Slots are legal in the USA and Canada (most provinces). These platforms do not deal in real money but virtual or sweepstakes currencies that cannot be exchanged for actual value unless the participation agrees to the official terms and conditions.

2. How to play Gambino Slots?

Gambino Slots can be played in four easy steps: installation, registration, verification, and redemption. Install the app on your desired device, register with a unique alias, get verification, and start playing. Collect gold coins and swoops for free and speed up the process with in-app purchases. Request the swoops coins prize balance when it reaches the minimum redemption limit.

3. Does Gambino Slots use real money?

No, Gambino Slots uses virtual or sweepstakes cur coin. Players can also earn sweeps coins for free through in-game achievements or in-app purchase credits. These coins cannot be transferred, sold, or purchased directly. Their main purpose is to join hands with gold coins and request a prize balance.

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4. Is Gambino Slots rigged?

No, Gambino Slots is not rigged. In fact, mycruz, the parent company of Gambino Slots, is fully licensed and regulated. Moreover, Gambino Slots is audited and monitored by BMM labs and several state lotteries across the United States and Canada.

5. Where gambino slots usa is available?

Gambino Slots is available in the USA and Canada except for a few states where lotteries are prohibited. It can be installed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops and can be played for free.