Discussion with Yachting Group & Companies

A discussion with the officials of the Yachting Group & Companies to develop the tourism industry in the Northern Province was held on 15 December 2020 at 11.30 am under the chairmanship of the Hon. Governor, Northern Province, Mrs. P.S.M Charles. Secretary to the Governor, Coordinating Secretary to the Governor, high ranking officials from Yachting Group & Companies attended this discussion.

All matters related to tourism promotion in the Northern Province were elaborated by the Director of Yachting Group & Companies. Commenting on this, the Hon. Governor said that there are good places and opportunities to promote tourism in the Northern Province. The investors are also here. Therefore, by developing this tourism industry, new technical education for the youth will be introduced and new career opportunities will be increased. It was suggested to undertake religious and cultural tourism development. It should be noted that the Hon. Governor also proposed the possibility of including this scheme under the “Made in Sri Lanka” project currently being prepared by the government.

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Further, the Hon. Governor assured that arrangements and necessary steps would be taken to discuss with the relevant parties as there are some issues in customs duty for the investors in this tourism development and the issues related to navy.