Discussion about Strategic Cities Development Project and 100 Cities Development Project

Discussion about the current status of the Strategic Cities Development Project and 100 Cities Development Project was held on 27th of July 2021 at 10 am at Governor’s Secretariat under the Chairmanship of Governor of the Northern Province Hon. Mrs.P.S.M Charles.

Status of the completed projects, ways to obtain the fund to carry out the project, and the barriers of Strategic Cities Development Project were explained in detail by the respective Authorities.

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While commenting on the discussion, Hon. Governor advised the respective authorities to implement the projects under one management system in order to overcome the challenges as it involves several Departments and stakeholders. Also, she  instructed the respective authorities to formulate the plans in accordance with the Government’s Policy, and prioritized the projects based on their Eco-friendly nature, and their ability to generate immediate revenue. In addition, it was discussed to form a Management Committee to conduct the activities of the 100 Cities Development   Project.

The secretary to the Governor, the Assistant Secretary to the Governor, District Government Agent, and Staff of the Urban Development Authority were also present in this discussion.

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