Clean up Programme, conducted by the Cluster of Chief Secretary’s Secretariat to observe the World Cleanup Day at the Premises of Nallur Temple.

World Cleanup Day is annually observed worldwide every third Saturday of September Accordingly, this programme is observed this year by more than 164 countries on the theme of “Clean up the wastages, which are improperly disposed on the beach, rivers and forest near the rivers “. This Programme is observed with the participation of Government and Private organizations and Central Environment Authority.

The Clean up Campaign was carried out at the premises of Nallur Temple from the 8 am on the 16 th of September 2023. It was directed by the Chief Secretary Northern Province.

The Chief Secretary, Deputy Chief Secretary, Assistant Chief Secretary, Administrative Officers and the Officers of Chief Secretary’s Secretariat’s Cluster also participated to carry out ‘Zero Plastic’ Programme at the temple premises. Sanitary Laborers of Nallur Pirathesa Sabha also joined this programme.