Most popular playing card games you can play offline

  • If you’re bored of online betting sites maybe its time to learn how to shuffle.
  • Whether it’s Blackjack, Poker, Dominos or Bridge, we provide you with offline options.
  • Looking for a game suitable for three players? We suggest you try Pochen.

Some of you might not have the time, or just don’t like to play online. I used to be an online-only player but after I got married my wife asked me to tone done my late nights in front of the computer.

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So, now I play mostly offline, which isn’t so bad at all because I get to spend quality time with good friends or family. Another great thing about playing offline is that you don’t have to risk your hard-earned money, as you can use any as your bets – win or lose.

But what are the best games to play when you meet with your poker mates (or relatives)? Which ones allow more players, and which are better for three people? In this blog, I will cover some of the most popular casino card games played worldwide.

If you are looking for an online casino with live dealer versions of these games, , a trustworthy online casino, is an excellent choice.

Blackjack (AKA Twenty-One)

Also known as Twenty-One, Blackjack is the most popular card game after Poker, played both in land-based and casinos.

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The goal of the game is to beat the dealer by getting closer to 21 in value without going over. This makes Blackjack a perfect candidate for an evening among two to eight players since there’s no complex rules and strategy to learn; still, it has skill-element involved.

For example, you need to decide whether to hit or stick, or should I resplit those aces? Also, what is the correct play in a specific spot? To answer these questions you could either count cards or use a Blackjack app.

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I recommend using Blackjack App-Trainer by Zurich Nervenklinik for Android, which helps you memorise values and basic strategy. For iPhone/iPad you could download Blackjack 21 App.

How to Play Blackjack with Friends at Home

Before you start your private blackjack party make sure you have enough decks for your game. Casinos use between four to eight decks to lower player edge from 4% to around 0.5%.

To play blackjack at home you only need one or two decks, and sometimes higher number of decks results in mistakes – like taking an ace as the first card when you really needed a seven or similar valued card.

Another important rule difference is that you cannot double down or split in some home games. However, if you are a conscious player who tries to lower the house edge, such variations are not for you.

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You could also set an unlimited banking capital, unlike in a casino where the capital is usually $2.5k to $10k.

Since you are not limited in betting, you could introduce a limit, for example, min. $500 and max. $2,500, where you start with doubling your bet every time you win, and going back to the initial bet after a loss. Once you reach the max bet you can go up to 2.5 times your max bet and then back to the min.

This way you will add extra excitement and a possibility for a bigger cash game win. But make sure you are well aware of the negative side effects of chasing your losses.

If you enjoy this variant of twenty-one you can find many other interesting variations at .


Poker is a widely known five-card or seven-card game where players show creativity and compete by bluffing and showing incomplete hands in hope to win the pot with a strong hand. If you are interested in different types of poker, check out our guide on how to play poker.

Unlike Blackjack, there is no actual skill in this version, since it was developed for three people who don’t have to share all their cards.

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Although Poque shares some card combinations as traditional Poker, it has its own ranking order that doesn’t include Royal Flush. Also, the winner of the pot is the one who makes the highest combination of this Poque card games ranking list:

  • Pair
  • Pair with the joker (Jack of Bells) counts as a face card
  • Three of a kind
  • Run (straight or rinse couped)
  • Poch (flush)
  • Jokers (Jokers of Spades)
  • Joker’s Poch (Jokers of the same suits)
  • Joker’s Pairs (Jokers of the same faces)
  • Belges (groups of three cards from the same suit)

If none of the players makes any of abovementioned combinations, the winner is the one with the first card (the closest to the book or the dealer).

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What makes Poch a great game is the fact that it allows only three players, all with relatively equal chances of winning. So, gather friends, have some drinks and enjoy a fun night.

However, if you want to test your skills against opponents, you better stick to classic Poker. You can practice online at 888poker, which offers various Poker games for real money or play money.

Pai Gow Poker

is another fascinating dominoes evolution, originally called Double Hand and created in the 1980s. The game became immensely popular due to its resemblance to traditional Poker, yet it has several key differences.

First, it is dealt face-down, while regular Poker uses face up. Secondly, it uses a forced bet called “House Way” to ensure that each banker follows the same strategy when setting his cards.

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The goal of the game is the same as classical Poker with a little twist – neither hand can be ace highest, unless you have a pair. This means that the highest possible hand is two threes.

Another difference is that Pai Gow Poker is always played with a dealer, making it perfect for a casino atmosphere among six to eight players.

Even though the game hasn’t been included in the program of the 2020 Olympics, we believe that it should. It brings people together, improves brain functions, reduces stress levels, and reinforces strategic thinking. And, of course, it’s much better than watching mindless game shows!

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If you become addicted to Pai Gow Poker, you can try it online at various reputable casinos, such as Drake Casino which offers a nice welcome bonus and a variety of casino games including slots, blackjack and video poker.


Dominoes is an exciting tile-based game played on tables. Unlike it’s spilt up version, Dominoes can be played by two to four people, while the poker version Poch is suitable only for three competitors.

There are dozens of variants, including Block, French, Mexican, Californian, Poker Dominoes, and Bergen.

Depending on a variant, players can use from two to seven dominoes, and each match could last up to 70 points in Spanish or until somebody wins a majority of the matches in other variants.

However, all Dominoes esports versions are great fun and an excellent way to develop memory and logic skills. Some studies even claim that it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Just make sure you don’t get carried away, especially if you play Bergen Dominoes also known as Blood Bath.

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If, however, you want to experience thrills of real competitive gambling, you may want to try a bit of . If that excites you, check out our extensive guide on how to play poker to gain an advantage over your opponents.


Bridge is a dueling card game played by four players formed in two rival teams, each consisting of a declarer (whose role is to score tricks) and a defender.

It is said that this trick-taking game originated in duplicate whist games, and later it was transformed into a new game named Contract Bridge.

Today, this entertaining card game can be played by two players and standard 52-card deck, while the main objective remains the same – scoring ten tricks or more.

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Each team wins one point for every trick above six, and the game usually ends with five or seven agreements called rubbers.

Contrary to many gambling games, Bridge promotes critical thinking, focus, discipline, and memory improvement, which is why it is often played by seniors.

However, Contract Bridge can be quite challenging because it uses a bidding system where each player needs to estimate their chances before the deal. So, if you haven’t played it before, I recommend finding a tutorial or even an app to learn the basics.

If, on the other side, you can’t imagine yourself playing card games without the possibility of winning real money, Duplicate Bridge could be the right choice.

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What Card Games Can You Play When Bored With Friends?

If you ask me what is the best card games to play with friends at home, I would say, it depends on the number of players and your skills.

Twenty-One is a perfect choice if you want to play with three to eight individuals because it allows various mistake and does not require much concentration. On the other side, poker variants are a fantastic way to bring out your creative side and improve math skills.

If you prefer intellectual games that engage your brain cells and help delay symptoms of old age, Bergen, Pai Gow Poker, and Bridge are the perfect solutions. Just remember that everything is fine in moderation.

In case you don’t have anyone to spend an evening with, you could install one of many on the market, such as Poker Club.

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