Cataract Surgery Camp of Jaffna Teaching Hospital was inaugurated by the Honorable Governor.

On the occasion of World Sight Day, an eye surgery camp has been organized by the Ophthalmology Department of Jaffna Teaching Hospital to conduct cataract surgery for five consecutive days. This camp was inaugurated yesterday (30.10.2023) by Hon’ble Governor of Northern Province Mrs PSM Charles. Ophthalmologists, other medical officers, hospital staff and patients participated in this event.
Medical experts said that their goal is to perform surgery for more than a thousand patients in this Cataract surgery camp.
Congratulating the Jaffna Teaching Hospital for organizing this cataract surgery camp, the Governor said that the Jaffna Teaching Hospital is very good and clean and normally it would cost lakhs of rupees for one person to perform this surgery, but it is very worthwhile to provide free surgery to more than a thousand patients in this camp.
Also, this camp is to improve the relationship between Jaffna and Rathnapuri Hospitals and the Doctors from Rathnapuri Hospital are also participating and conducting surgery. Cataract surgery was performed on 220 people yesterday. It is significant that the surgery was performed not only for the Northern Province patients but also patients from other provinces.