Online casinos like pulsz you need to try in 2023

Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t know about social or sweepstakes casinos? I think no. Social casinos are really booming nowadays, especially after the pandemic when people were sitting at home with nothing to do. Social casinos like Pulsz attracted a large number of players and entertained them. 

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There are many other social casinos similar to Pulzs that you may have never heard of but are also worth playing. Here I will tell you about some of those social casinos which are worth trying and are very much similar to Pulsz. Let's dive right in shall we!

What is Pulsz?

is a popular social/sweepstakes casino where you can play casino games for free, i.e., you don’t need to deposit a single penny in it. GC (Pulsz Gold Coins) are used as a mode of payment inside the casino, which a player can get for free or through various promotions run by the casino from time to time. Another type of currency used in Pulsz is Sweeps Coins, which a player gets through purchasing or by winning lawful prizes.

Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash and gift cards with purchase. Pulsz has more than 250+ exciting slot games, table games, and scratch cards based on popular themes, which make your experience better than ever before.

Is it Legal to Play at Social Casinos like Pulsz?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to play at social casinos like Pulsz all over the US except for Washington and Michigan. In these two states, Pulsz is not available. If a brand comes into my mind that offers services all over the US except for two states, that brand is Luckyland Slots. Luckyland Slots is also a very famous social casino similar to Pulsz. The complete information about Luckyland slots is provided below.

Luckyland Slots

Luckyland Slots is a social casino similar to Pulsz that offers prizes legally in the US. It is absolutely free to play; still, it generates real money by selling packs of gifts to its players. These gifts are totally up to the players whether they want to use them while playing or keep them just for decoration. But trust me, these gifts look so eye-catching on the lancy interface that one cannot resist having them.

The best thing about Luckyland slots is that it offers daily log-in prizes, weekly prizes, prize on birthday, and occasionally runs many contests and promotions for its players. Every spin of a game plays with a fixed number of gold coins. These gold coins are refilled every time you go to the next game. Yes, before moving to the next game, all the gold coins get refilled to the same amount with which a player starts any game.

Unlike Pulsz, Luckyland Slots has around 100 slot games with not so good table games. So if you are the one who loves table games, then Luckyland slots are not made for you. In simple words, Luckyland slots are famous among slot game lovers.

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WOW Vegas

WOW Vegas is another social casino similar to Pulsz on my list. Just because WOW Vegas is new in comparison to other social casinos, it offers gigantic bonuses to its new players up to 7,777,777 free VCoin and 25 Sweeps Coins FREE with your first Purchase of VIP for as little as $0.99. This was about the welcome bonus; let me tell you about what Vcoin and SC means. Vcoin and SC mean Vcoin and Sweeps coins which works similarly in WOW Vegas as Pulsz Gold coin and Sweeps Coin work in Pulsz.

VCoin is a type of currency that allows players to play games for free, whereas SC can only be obtained either by purchasing or by winning. Yes, SC can neither be purchased nor be obtained for free other than buying. Once you have collected enough SC, you can withdraw it in the form of cash and gift cards with purchase.

The minimum withdrawal limit of SC is 500, and the maximum withdrawal limit of SC is 50,000 in a single day. Talking about the games, Wow Vegas has a wide variety of games such as Slot Machines Games, Table Games, Video Poker, and Live Dealers. To conclude, Wow Vegas is one of the best social casinos like Pulsz.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is an online social casino that is widely popular in the US. Talking about the welcome bonus, Chumba casino also stands among the top-ranked casinos. On the first visit, a player gets 2 million chips and 2 Free Sweeps Coins. Additional chips can be obtained through subscribing to their newsletter or just by visiting the casino regularly.

On the other hand, 2 free Sweeps Coins are the only Sweeps Coins a player would get until he purchases more. One of the best things about Chumba casino is its beautiful interface full of amazing games, which keeps a player engaged. The minimum balance to withdraw Sweeps coins is 150, and the maximum balance to withdraw per day is 5000 Sweeps Coins and 200,000,00 in seven days. Chumba casino has around 100+ slot games and few table and video poker games.

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Gimlet Casino

Gimlet Casino is newly launched social casinos similar to Pulsz, but due to its massive bonus and great features, it has become viral among casino players. As soon as you register yourself on the Gimlet casino, you will be awarded 300,00 Quetzals & 300,00 Sweeps Coins. Not only this, but a player also gets lunch offers like one week of 1 million Quetzals and 100 free spins. After completing the weeks, awards are given based on levels. The higher you go, the bigger awards you will get.

Now coming to the withdrawal section, the minimum balance to withdraw Sweeps Coins is 5000, and the maximum balance to withdraw per day is 500,000 in one day and 2,000,000 in seven days. Just like Chumba casino, Gimlet casino also has limited games. Still, the quality of the games makes a player glued to the screens because of their captivating graphics and storyline.


SlotsandCasino is also a very good option for those who are looking for something similar to Pulsz with tons of amazing games. At SlotsandCasino, a new user gets a generous welcome offer of 10,000,00 Gold Coins and 3 Free Sweeps Coins. Now here is the catch. If you pension to purchase packs of gifts, then you will be surprised to know that SlotsandCasino offers gifts up to $84.99. Yes, the highest gift pack costs $84.99.

This social casino like Pulsz has more than 200 high-quality slot games, video poker, and scratchcards. All these games are designed keeping in view the latest technology so that a player can have a smooth experience without facing any technical issues.

Caesars Casino Slots

After going through the name of the caesars casino slots, everyone expects the same experience as a land-based casino provides, and I must say that the development team of caesars casino slots did an amazing job. No doubt, Caesars casino slots is one of the best social casinos like Pulsz. Just like Pulsz, here also, a player gets coins that cannot be withdrawn later. These coins can be obtained either through bonuses or through purchases.

Talking about purchases, Caesars casino slots offers gifts starting from $0.99 up to $89.99. A vast range of games, including 100+ slot games, video poker, and tables, helps a player to choose from a wide variety. The only drawback of this social casino similar to Pulsz is that it does not offer Sweeps Coins, which means that it cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards with purchases.

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The Final Verdict

So, here we are at the end. I hope you find the exact details related to social casinos like Pulsz. Well, all the social casinos mentioned above are worth giving a try. In case if Pulsz is getting you bored, then you should definitely give a try to all the social casinos listed above. Before wrapping up the article, I would love to know in the comment section below that which social casino similar to Pulsz you tried first amongst the listed ones. 

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