Casinos that still offer free cocktails, so you might not need a resort fees refund

Everyone loves free stuff, whether it’s a cheap casino meal that actually winds up being free or even something like .

And while resort fees have mostly negated the idea of getting free drinks at the casino, there are still some you should consider visiting simply because they offer free alcohol.

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Yes, free booze used to be offered rather freely by most , especially if you were a decent tips pers and/or a loser (the casino kind, not the human kind). But as resort fees have become the norm, casinos have had to tighten their belts in other areas. One of those areas has been on the cocktail waitress front.

These days, getting free drinks at a casino isn’t really all that easy, unless you are a high roller or live within 100 miles of said casino.

I currently live about an hour from the MGM Grand Detroit, which was recently named the nation’s best casino by the website

Even they noted that a big reason why the MGM offers the best overall casino experience in the country is due to the fact that they still serve free drinks to gamblers. And with the casino being only an hour away, I decided to make the trek to see if their bartenders were as generous with sampling their various products as their website implied.

Truth be told, I didn’t exactly push myself drink-wise during my visit, but what I had was quite good, particularly since I wasn’t paying for it.

Note : It’s always smartest to use a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft to ensure you can gamble safely.

Why Did Casino Freebies Originate?

There was a time when going to the casino meant more than just plonking yourself down in front of a slot machine or a table game.

Casino X was famous for its complimentary shrimp cocktail, while Casino Y gave away cheap casino meals no matter what day of the week it was. Some casinos are still known for their freebies, although the term “free” should often be taken loosely. Sure, the shrimp cocktail may be comp, but at four bucks a pop for a beer, you’re still leaving with a significant hole in your pocket.

As far as actual free stuff goes, however, the main carrot casinos dangle in front of potential patrons is probably slots tournaments, mainly because almost everyone can gamble on the slots.

While I regularly take part in such toursnielys, usually winning enough money to buy a cheap lunch, I have yet to come out ahead after a day’s worth of playing in them.

But free plays no longer apply only to losers whose liver has given out, as many casinos now offer them to everyone.

In fact, many online casinos offer free plays just for signing up, with no deposit necessary. We’ll get into details regarding these establishments later, but suffice to say that you can actually cash out some real wins without ever making a deposit. Of course, there’s usually a string or two attached, so let’s take a look at them.

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How to Get Free Play/Spins with No Deposit

Free plays and spins are great, but as mentioned, there is usually a string or two attached before you can collect on your winnings.

The main condition requires that you play with, or multiply, the amount of your free play/spins. For instance, let’s say you sign up at a new site and receive $10 in free plays.

Let’s further say that you must first multiply this amount by 20, meaning that before you can withdraw any winnings, you must turn that ten spot into twenty bucks. Should you succeed, you will be allowed to keep whatever money is in your account over the magical number of 20.

The sites listed below are among the and all are reputable in their dealings with their customers. In addition, they are all legal in states where they operate.

Each state has its own gambling laws, so check ‘em out before you sign up, okay?

1. DuckyLuck Casino – Up to $7,500 welcome bonus + 150 free spins

DuckyLuck specializes in patience-oriented gamblers, including , and offers a 500% match on your first deposit, along with 150 free spins. This is a single deposit bonanza that can max out at $7,500. After that, there’s more:

  • 500% up to $1,500
  • 500% up to $1,500
  • 100% up to $1,500
  • 175% up to $2,500
  • 300% up to $3,000
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All of that will require quite a bit of depositing, but DuckyLuck also offers free spins with no deposit required. Just be sure to fulfill the 60x playthrough requirement before moving any money.

2. SuperSlots – 200% deposit boost + $6,000 bonus

SuperSlots is one of the top online betting sites for several reasons, including a hefty welcome bonus that provides a 200% deposit boost plus up to an additional $6,000! Here’s how the SuperOffers welcome package works:

  • First deposit: 200% boost + up to $1,000
  • Second deposit: 100% boost + up to $1,000
  • Third deposit: 50% boost + up to $1,000 (must use coupon code SUPER3)
  • Fourth deposit: 50% boost + up to $1,000 (must use coupon code SUPER4)
  • Fifth deposit: 100% boost + up to $1,000 (must use coupon code SUPER5)

This online casino also has a nice referral program, with both you and your friend receiving a $50 free chip. They also provide regular players with a variety of reload bonuses, so check their website for current offers.

Speaking of offers…

For newcomers, SlotsandCasino offers a whopping 200 free spins with NO DEPOSIT, plus a 300% deposit boost of as much as $4,500. Here’s how to bite off that particular apple.

  • First deposit: 300% boost (maximum $4,500) and 200 free spins
  • Second deposit: 150% boost (maximum $3,000)
  • Third deposit: 100% boost (maximum $1,500)
  • Fourth deposit: 100% boost (maximum $1,500)

If you prefer to gamble via mobile device, is one of the better sites on which to do so.

BoVegas is also good for those wanting to sample the waters without having to deposit funds right away. When you first sign up, you’ll be awarded 25 free spins. These can be used on the popular Sic Bo, as well as on El Dodillo, Anchors Away, and Cai Hong.

In order to withdraw any winnings, you’ll need to multiply the original amount by 30, but getting 25 free spinks is a good way to learn which websites you want to spend your money at.

Perks of Playing Free Slots Online - All Gamblers Should Know About

Once you’re ready to dive in, BoVegas will be more than happy to give you a 280% boost on your first three deposits, with a maximum boost of $2,800 per deposit. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • First deposit: 280% boost (maximum $1,000)
  • Second deposit: 280% boost (maximum $1,000)
  • Third deposit: 280% boost (maximum $800)

Being mobile-friendly means that all of the games at BoVegas are adaptive, meaning that they will automatically adjust to whatever size screen you might be using.

5 - Wild Casino

Wild Casino is similar to BoVegas in that it, too, gives newbies 25 free spins just for signing up. The site is also very mobile-friendly and features a slick black and orange color scheme.

When you’re ready to make your first deposit, Wild Casino will match 250%, up to $5,000. As far as welcome bonuses go, this is one of the biggest ones around. Just remember that you’ll need to mulitply the flip 35x before cashing out.

Wild Casino also offers various reload bonuses for subsequent deposits, with these changing frequently, so check their site for updates.

Summary of Best Free Casino Apps & Signup Bonuses

Okay, here’s a quick summary of the five sites we featured above. All are considered some of the and the best free casino apps, so feel free to choose the one that suits you best.

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Are Online Casino Free Spins and Plays Worth It?

Free plays and spins are fine if you really don’t have any money to burn, but the strings attached usually mean that you’ll never really cash out. Still, it’s possible to win a couple of bucks, which is why I continue to participate in slot tournaments, both online and at brick-and-mortar casinos.

You might think that it’s impossible to win these things, what with hundreds or even thousands of competitors, but trust me, I’ve walked away with as much as $800 from a single slot tournament. Granted, I’ve put in hundreds of dollars into similarly priced tourneys, coming away with nothing, but such is life.

Still, anything’s possible, so feel free to give the free plays and spins a try. At worst, you’ll have a bit of fun.

Brick & Mortar Casinos That Still Give Out Free Drinks and Food

Getting free drinks while gambling is still a possibility, but alas, free food is now a thing of the past at most casinos.

Of course, if you live within 25 miles of a casino, you’ll usually still qualify for free drinks if you sign up for the player’s club and feed a few coins (or credits) into one of their slot machines.

Beyond that, though, you’re likely going to have to be a BIG winner or a big spender in order to get comped drinks. Even water won’t be free, as many casinos count dehydration as a hazard to a gambler’s health, so they will want room service or the casino café to make a sale.

Below are a few casinos around the country that still offer free drinks to pretty much anyone.

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1. Arizona Charlie's Decatur & Boulder, Nevada

Just outside of Las Vegas in the suburbs of Decatur and Boulder, the Arizona Charlies (there are two of ’em) are known for their friendly service and low-key atmosphere. Both casinos offer free beverages and cheap casino snacks to all patrons of at least age 21.

They also both feature a large selection of slot machines, table games and a race and sports book, so you’d think they would be busting at the seams. Perhaps that’s the reason they still offer free drinks and snacks, as business doesn’t seem to be all that brisk.

Perhaps you can help remedy that.

2. Hoot Owl Saloon & Casino, California

Located high in the Sierra Nevadas near Yosemite National Park, the Hoot Owl claims to be the highest cashin gaming establishment in the state of California.

At an elevation of 7,000 feet, the thin mountain air may warp your perceptions, which could explain why all gaming machines are only set at $3. Even so, the Hoot Owl does a land office business, possibly due to the fact that they offer free drinks to all patrons.

Be sure to stop by the on-site restaurant for breakfast sometime. The buffalo biscuits are to die for.

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3. Pala Casino Spa & Resort, California

Located in northern San Diego County, Pala is a full-service casino that offers everything from penny slots to table limits in the thousands. It’s also one of the few Southern California casinos that allows smoking, designating one section for non-smokers.

Despite its relatively small floor space, Pala routinely offers some of the largest slot and table game jackpots south of Los Angeles, leading some to believe that they overwater their drinks.

The site of the battle of Temecula back in the early 1990’s, Pala also offers a lovely hotel, top-name entertainment, and a world-class spa. Oh, and did I mention free drinks?

4. Red Hawk Casino, California

Just off I-80 in Northern California, the Red Hawk has a staggering 2,000 slot machines, including hot drops slots, where the jackpots go off every forty minutes whether some lucky schmuck deserves it or not.

Hot drop trivia is also a big thing at the Red Hawk, pitting individual gamblers against each other for extra cash and prizes.

Like many casinos, Red Hawk offers free drinks to all who ask, although I read one review where the author claimed that turning a losing slot machine toward the server produced better results than waving a handful of losing tickets.

Take your friends bowling!

5. Downtown Argenta Walking Tour, Arkansas

Okay, this isn’t a single casino, per se, but rather a collection of small gambling establishments located across from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Similar to the old downtown Vegas strip, Argenta features a multitude of tiny casinos, all within strolling distance of one another. Better yet, they all seem to honor each other’s drink tokens, meaning that if you score some chips at one joint, you should have no trouble collecting free drinks at nearby establishments.

Argenta also features numerous excellent restaurants, antique stores, art galleries, and bars, so your non-gambling spouse/significant other should be happy as a clam while you try to pay for their latest purchase/extravagance.

6. Presque Isle Downs & Casino, Pennsylvania

PI is located on a bluff overlooking Lake Erie, making for some spectacular sunsets. It also features a broad array of gaming options, from the usual slots and tables to historical horse racing machines.

As with most casinos these days, they still give out free drinks, but only to big winners or big spenders. However, they also have something called the PI Rewards Visa Card, which not only earns points when used at the casino but anywhere else Visa is accepted.

Apparently, those points can then be exchanged for free stuff at the casino, meaning that you can go on a wild slot machine-spinning binge at 7-Eleven while picking up some milk and bread for your significant other and still get free drinks at PI when you return.

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I spoke with my parole officer, and he says I’m not violating any conditions of my release, so give it a try and let me know how it works out.

Free Stuff = Great, But Don’t Lose Sight of Goals

It’s natural to want something for nothing, but you should always keep your eyes on the prize. If you can win money at a free table or by hitting a hot drops jackpot, then more power to ya.

However, if you’re spending money in the hopes of winning back what you’ve already spent, you’re well on your way to blowing your bankroll before you even arrive at the casino.

Also, be aware of any strings that may be attached before accepting any sort of freebie, whether it’s a casino drink chip or a sign-up bonus at an online casino.

Sure, it’s possible to walk away a winner, but if you’re like me, you’ll wind up giving it all back and then some. Such is gambling.

One final note: While some states have made weed legal, it is still against the rules, both federally and in most casinos, to get high or drunk before you gamble. Stay sober and pay attention to what you’re doing. Nobody wants to lose to a drunken idiot, even if said idiot thinks he’s getting free plays.

Impaired judgment can cost you a lot more than your bankroll. Think before you act.

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