Biggest slot machine wins in history - #5 is rocked!

In this video we’re counting down the 5 biggest slot machine wins ever.

You won’t want to miss #4 as it’s the biggest online win ever recorded at an eye-watering $37.9m!

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Sure, some of us enjoy spinning a couple of quid on slots now and then but for a select few that spin changed their lives forever.

Slots might be based entirely on luck but every once in a while Lady Luck shines down on a select few who hit insane jackpots worth more than most people will ever see in their lifetime.

We're talking multiple millions here.

Winning those kind of sums of cash playing slots is probably every gambler's dream come true and we can only imagine what runs through a player's head when it happens (probably something along the lines of "Holy shit!").

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Check out our top 5 biggest slot machine wins in history--you may even spot one or two of those life-changing jackpots.

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Anyway, back to other people's money ... Here are the biggest slot machine wins ever.

#5. Huge Mega Fortune Jackpot

This win could just as easily have made it onto our list of biggest online slot wins but since the winner, Jon Heywood, hit the jackpot playing at Bettsler Casino from the UK, I've decided to include it.

In 2014 Jon Heywood's £13 bet on NetEntertainment's Mega Fortune Slot paid out an incredible jackpot of £13,213,838.68 which, at the time, was the biggest online slot win on record.

Heywood, from England, said he had won a large amount at first thinking it was about £300,000 before realizing his win was more zeros than your average slot player dreams of.

The biggest slot win ever quickly made Heywood, who was born with a congenital spine condition that means he uses crutches, one of the .

Sadly Heywood passed away in December 2019 but there's no doubt that this slot win brought him considerable comfort and joy over the years.

Jackpot Won: £13,213,838.68

Slot Game:

  • : Up to £100 bonus (& 25 X wager free spins)
  • : 100% up to £300
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#4. Largest Online Slot Jackpot Ever

Moving on to Finnish online casino PAF, where an anonymous slot player hit what was then the biggest online slot win ever recorded in 2013.

After spinning a mere €0.25 on Mega Fortune Dreams the lucky player hit a jaw-dropping €17,861,800 jackpot. That works out at around $22.7m in US dollars.

According to Paf, the anonymous player from Finland chose to take the jackpot in instalments over 10 years -- smart move. There's always the chance you'll live long enough to enjoy your winnings but you have to consider the facts: you may not.

Spinning a quarter and winning $22.7m? Sometimes life is pretty damn fair.

Jackpot Won: €17,861,800

Slot Game:

  • : Up to £100 bonus (& 25 X wager free spins)
  • : 100% up to £300

#3. Youngest Megabucks Jackpot Winner

Cynthia Jay-Brennan became the youngest person and the first sports bettor to hit the prize when she landed the jackpot while celebrating her 21st birthday at the Desert Vista Casino in Chandler, Arizona.

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Jay-Brennan was playing on a nickel machine and had only been betting for about ten minutes before hitting the life changing jackpot and turning 21. Talk about a birthday to remember.

However, Brennan's luck didn't last. She spent large amounts of her fortune on houses, clothes, plastic surgery and other gifts for friends and family.

She filed for bankruptcy in 2000 and claimed that she was forced to sell a kidney, for which she was offered $66,000 (which she turned down), on several occasions.

Authorities found no evidence to support these claims.

Despite her mismanagement of funds Brennan insists she isn't regretful. "I wouldn't be me if I played it conservative," she says looking somewhat wistful. "I have no regrets about how I did it."

If you're going to play the machines there's no point doing it halfheartedly, right?

Jackpot Won: $27.5 million

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Updated: This entry was updated on September 10, 2018 to reflect the fact that this win has now been surpassed.

#2. Reno School Teacher's Slot Win

In 2003, a 55-year old school teacher from Reno, Iowa struck the second biggest online progressive slot jackpot of all time while playing at Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in Nevada.

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Janice Adams was enjoying a spot of solo travel when she put $10 in a Megabucks slot machine and hit the life altering jackpot. She opted to be paid the full amount in one lump sum - $22.6 million in cash! The sum was, at the time, the largest ever payout in Nevada casino history.

Like many big winners before and since Adams was plagued by friends coming out of the woodwork as well as a few unsavory characters offering to help her manage her money for a cut. She also received thousands of pieces of mail a day and had to hire extra security to protect herself and her family.

Adams left teaching after 35 years claiming that she wanted to give back to the community and used some of her winnings to establish a charitable foundation for students called the Kids to Success Fund. Maybe she wasn't quite so irresponsible with her money after all.

Jackpot Won: $22.6 Million

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Update: This entry was updated October 11, 2018 to reflect the fact that this win has now been surpassed.

#1. Largest Megabucks Jackpot Ever

At number one on our list of huge slot machine wins is a winner who wishes to remain anonymous.

On the 23rd of September, 2003, this mysterious winner put $100 dollars in a Megabucks slot machine at Vegas Vegas Casino in Nevada and hit the largest Megabucks jackpot ever recorded: a staggering $39.74 million dollars.

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That makes this the biggest slot machine win in history.

The mystery winner, since dubbed 'Lucky Anonymous' by reporters, was given the option to receive their jackpot in annual installments of $3.25 million or a lump sum of $16.6 million but opted to take the full amount in one go.

It is against state law for casinos to release any information about their patrons but reports suggest that the winner was a local man who had been playing slots for 20 years without a hit. Good things come to those who wait, huh?

Some newspapers reported that the winner was part of a group of eight friends who each got a share of the winnings but this has never been confirmed.

Biggest Slot Machine Wins Ever

There you have it: the five biggest slot machine wins ever. It's tough getting your hands on the kind of cash but, as the stories above prove, it definitely is possible.

Of course these slot wins are few and far between and we shouldn't forget that, for the most part, slots are designed to take more money than they give out. If that were the case nobody would make those bigger-than-life megaslot jackpot payments to ecstatic winners on the news.

Still, it could be you. Who knows? You might be the next big winner. To increase your chances of walking away with a healthy balance, check out our guide to .

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