Crazy things that actually happen in casinos - #6 & #7 will blow your mind

  • An Australian billionaire just so happens to be the largest individual donor to the Clintons.
  • A Las Vegas Casino has a “Suit Purge” button to get rid of wrinkles in your clothes.
  • There’s an underground tunnels system that connects some old Vegas casinos together.

You might know all about how the human mind and psychology are exploited inside casinos to part you from your money. But did you know that some casinos have oversized sculptures with a vacuum cleaner inside to simulate blowjobs?

And that’s not even the weirdest one on this list.

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Casinos are strange places filled with people who might normally never cross paths. And you can bet that when you get such a diverse group of people together in the same place there’s going to be some bizarre stuff going down. Below we’ve gathered seven of the strangest things that go down in land-based casinos around the world — some of them happen in every casino while others are limited to certain venues.

#7 Some Casinos Have Pump Oxygen Rooms

Expert gamblers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their focus, reaction times and overall performance at the tables. So it should come as no surprise that several casinos now feature “pump rooms” where patrons can go and breathe in pure oxygen to feel more alert and invigorated.

One example of such a room can be found at the Bellagio in Las Vegas where they offer a lounge called “O2 Bedroom” that charges by the hour for non-hotel guests. The service costs $50 per person per hour or $80 per couple between 9:00 PM and closing time.

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The benefits of breathing in pure oxygen have long been known to athletes and celebrities, many of whom use oxygen bars as a way to recover from hangovers. It’s also said to help with weight loss when used in conjunction with exercise.

It remains to be seen whether these rooms actually give players an edge over the house but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more casinos add them over time. After all – if it gives someone the confidence boost they need to make a risky decision that pays off… well, that’s good for business.

I’m willing to bet we’ll start seeing supplemental oxygen advertised as a perk at some of the .

#6 Rich Chinese People Eat Bird Nests for Good Luck

In China, bird saliva is considered a delicacy. Specifically, the saliva of the swallow and the edible-nested swiftlet. These birds build their nests out of saliva which hardens into a jelly-like substance after being exposed to air.

These nests sell for thousands of dollars per kilogram due to their supposed health benefits including increased libido (viagra like effects), improved memory function, strengthened immune systems and more.

Of course, there’s no scientific evidence to support any of these claims. But that doesn’t stop wealthy Chinese gamblers from consuming bird saliva nest soup before hitting the tables. They believe it gives them good luck.

So popular is this practice that many Macau casinos have begun serving the stuff in their VIP rooms – sometimes for up to $1,000 per bowl!

One Macau insider estimated that over $12 million worth of bird saliva was consumed in the city’s casinos last year alone. And that number is expected to grow as more mainland Chinese tourists discover this unusual tradition. If you thought eating dirt was crazy wait till you hear about bird saliva soup!

Macau surpassed Las Vegas in terms of total revenue back in 2006 and the gap between the two gambling capitals continues to widen. By 2013 Macau’s gross gaming revenue was more than 5 times that of Vegas – $42 billion vs $7.9 billion.

Chinese nationals are not allowed to gamble in Macau without a visa which must be obtained through a sponsor (usually a casino). Once here they are waited on hand and foot by croupiers offering complimentary booze, food and cigars. Some VIP rooms even have beds for naps between hands!

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If you think high rollers are treated well in Vegas casinos, you should see how they pamper the whales in Macau. It’s enough to make you jealous — unless, of course, you’re a billionaire yourself. In that case, not so much.

In fact, there are more billionaires per capita in Monaco than any other country. And since gambling is essentially legal everywhere (even Macau and Singapore) there’s really no need to go above and beyond to cater to these folks. They already know they’ll be treated well in any casino.

That’s not to say there aren’t any unique perks available to big spenders. It’s just that most of them prefer discretion over extravagance. For example, some high rollers in Las Vegas can have their suits pressed with the help of a special button built into the wall. Others might receive a personal shopper to assist them with picking out new clothes or accessories. And then there are those who demand absolute silence from staff members… but I digress.

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Next up on our list of weird stuff that goes down in casinos around the globe? A peek at one of the oddest hotel amenities imaginable: the humble toilet brush.

Yes, you read that right. In many Asian countries (including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore) it’s customary to provide guests with a small pottery figurine resembling a man (known as Mr. Toilet Brush) who holds a long-handled brush used for cleaning oneself after using the bathroom.

While Westerners may find this practice awkward or even repulsive, the Japanese consider it a sign of respect for guests. After all, what could be more welcoming than a little ceramic dude smiling up at you as you sit down to do your business?

As for the billions of dollars spent on bird saliva soup in Macau casinos? Well, let’s just say that if every rich Chinese person started spending their disposable income on something less… unsavory… the entire global economy might collapse.

Maybe it’s better not to think about it too hard.

By the way, have you ever stayed at a casino resort that offered something truly unique among its amenities? Care to share in the comments section below? As for me, my favorite casino extra has got to be the free coffee served 24/7 in the Venetian’s Italian Marketplace. Now that’s what I call a win-win situation!

Look, we’ve all had that sinking feeling in a casino when we realize we’ve been playing the same boring game for hours with nothing to show for it except a growing pile of losing tickets. It’s enough to make you want to throw your drinks coaster at the dealer and storm out in a fit of pique.

Luckily, there’s at least one casino out there that understands your pain and is doing something about it. Introducing the “Coaster Gamification System,” now available at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, Nevada. This ingenious device transforms ordinary drinks coasters into interactive game pieces that earn you points, prizes, and even free plays on select slots machines!

Here’s how it works: simply scan your loyalty card at the beginning of your session and begin accumulating coasters. Each coaster represents a different challenge or mini-game, such as spinning a wheel for a chance to win instant prizes or solving a puzzle to unlock bonus content. The more coasters you collect, the higher you climb up the leaderboards and the greater your chances of walking away a winner.

Best of all, the Coaster Gamification System is completely transparent and fair. There’s no hidden catches or fine print; everything is displayed clearly on the screens above the gaming area, so you always know exactly what you’re shooting for.

Of course, some critics have raised concerns about the potential for addiction and compulsion, arguing that turning mundane tasks into competitive struggles undermines healthy gambling habits and leads down a slippery slope towards problem behavior. Personally, I disagree. I mean, who doesn’t love a good drinking game?

At the end of the day, it’s up to individuals to exercise self-control and set limits on their participation. If you find yourself getting carried away or chasing losses in order to redeem more coasters, maybe it’s time to take a break and clear your head. But until then, I’ll see you at the bar, stacking coasters like a champ.

Those of you who’ve spent significant amounts of time in casinos have probably noticed that smokers tend to cluster together near the entrances/exits, blocking passageways and coughing up a storm. What you may not know is that some establishments have taken notice of this pesky habit and decided to fight fire with fire – literally.

Behold the Smoker’s Lounge, a specially designated area where tobacco enthusiasts can puff away to their heart’s content without bothering the rest of us. Equipped with plush armchairs, flatscreen TVs, and complimentary ashtrays, these oases of carcinogenic bliss offer a respite from the sterile non-smoking floors and allow stinky Joe Public to indulge his filthy habit in relative privacy.

Personally, I’m all in favor of segregating smokers from the general population. After all, secondhand smoke has been classified as a Group 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization, causing lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Why should I have to breathe in someone else’s cancer sticks just because they can’t control their addiction?

That said, I can’t help but wonder what kinds of long-term health effects regular exposure to cigarette smoke might have on casino employees who work in these areas. Are they entitled to the same protections as nurses, firefighters, and other occupations with heightened risks of respiratory diseases? Time will tell. Until then, I’ll stick to the fresh air and avoid eye contact with the chain smokers lurking by the doors.

On a related note, have any of you encountered the infamous “Smoker’s Elevator” – a dedicated lift that shuttles tobacco aficionados between floors without subjecting them to the horrors of non-smoking heaven? I’ve only experienced this delightful convenience once, in a Las Vegas hotel, and let me tell you – it’s a true marvel of modern engineering.

Imagine stepping into a cramped metal capsule filled with stale air, acrid odors, and the faintest trace of human despair. Now add the sweet aroma of burning tobacco leaves, swirling lazily in the yellowish light cast by the overhead bulb. It’s like being transported back in time to the glory days of Mad Men, except without the sleek suits and secretarial fantasies.

Ah, the memories… but I digress. Let’s move on to another fascinating aspect of casino culture: the mysterious world of high-stakes baccarat. Did you know that multi-million dollar bets are not uncommon in Macau’s exclusive VIP rooms? It’s true – and if you don’t believe me, check out this clip from 60 Minutes.

Now that’s what I call a thrilling night at the tables. Me? I’m lucky if I can scrape together enough courage to place a $5 chip on red. Then again, I’ve never had a private butler bring me expensive cognac and canapés while a bevy of beautiful women fawned over me. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Speaking of quirky rituals, have any of you witnessed the art of chip stacking? I’m not talking about the skill of keeping track of your bets via careful arrangement of colored circles – although that’s certainly a valuable talent in its own right. No, I’m referring to the peculiar habit of some players who insist on separating their chips into neat pyramids, towers, or other geometric configurations.

At first glance, this seems like little more than a waste of time and cognitive resources. But upon further reflection, I cannot help but wonder whether there isn’t some deeper psychological significance at play. Perhaps these chip stackers are trying to impose order on a chaotic universe, seeking solace in the reassuring symmetry of triangular mounds of plastic. Or perhaps they simply have nothing better to do between hands. Who knows?

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As for myself, I tend to keep my chips arranged in a haphazard heap, much to the consternation of the dealers who occasionally shoot me warning glances as though fearing I might accidentally scattershot the table with a rogue chip flinging fit. Oh well, at least I’m not one of those guys who talks to the cards, am I?

#3 You Can Rent a Shark Tank for $12K a Night

Goldfish have a three-second attention span.

Sure, you might have heard that urban legend before. But what if I told you there’s a casino in Las Vegas that put the claim to the test in a very unusual marketing campaign? Yep, the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower once rented out a 10,000-gallon acrylic shark tank suite for $12,000 per night where guests would sleep among a variety of marine life including four reef sharks, tropical fish, and even a few goldfish.

According to the official website the tank held “more than 100 colorful and exotic tropical fish and four sharks including nurse, reef, lemon and sand tiger sharks.” The tank measured 11 feet wide by 11 feet deep by 21 feet tall and included a bedroom area with a king size bed, a separate office area, a 37-inch plasma TV, DVD player, stereo and telephone.

A glass bottom spa tub sat in the middle of the living area and provided guests with a 180-degree view of the ten thousand gallon saltwater aquarium below. A watertight door connected the suite to the aquarium where divers interacted with the residents throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the Goldfish Suite is no longer available for reservations.

It seems the owners of the Stratosphere decided to remove the glass enclosure from the top of the tower in November 2014. X-Plex, the marketing firm behind the gimmick, also disbanded around that time. So I guess that’s the last we’ll ever hear of the Goldfish Suite… right?


Hell hath no fury like a casino scorned.

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Okay, that might be taking things a bit far. But it’s true that some gaming establishments can be downright vindictive when it comes to recouping their losses. Take the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, for example. After renowned blackjack player Joseph Jagger and his team of cousins won a fortune in 1873 by exploiting the variance in outcomes caused by the bias in the manufacturing process of the roulette balls… the casino responded by changing the numbers on the wheels.

Similarly, when card counter Edward Thorp published his groundbreaking book Beat the Dealer in 1962, detailing a systematic method for gaining an advantage over the house in blackjack, many casinos began implementing rule changes to mitigate the impact of clever players. Doubling down was restricted to one hand per round; the option to surrender was withdrawn; and the deck was shuffled after every hand.

These days, surveillance technology has advanced to the point where facial recognition software, hidden microphones, and even brain-reading devices are employed to root out any signs of deviant behavior. It’s a brave new world out there, folks. Better watch your back.

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Oh, and if you’re thinking of trying those cool fake spit cigarettes that have become increasingly popular in recent years … well, let’s just say that some casinos have been known to take a dim view of smokeless smoking. In fact, at least one establishment has gone to great lengths to discourage the practice, installing a highly advanced oral suction prevention system designed to detect and neutralize oral motor activities associated with pseudochewing.

In layman’s terms, that means there’s a camera above that shows another screen downstairs that alerts security whenever someone starts pretending to smoke one of those stupid cigarettes. Geez, talk about killing the fun. Can’t these casinos just lighten up and let people enjoy themselves? Or is that too much to ask in this litigious, safety-obsessed era of senseless caution?

Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. Sure, some of these measures might seem a bit excessive. But at the end of the day, isn’t it better to err on the side of caution and protect the vulnerable members of our society? After all, we don’t want anyone slipping on a wet floor and suing us for millions, do we?

No, of course not. Much better to sacrifice a few civil liberties and common sense pleasures along the way. Because what’s the point of going to a casino if you can’t feel constantly monitored, judged, and regulated, am I right?

As George Orwell allegedly said, “Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The casino is with us.” Long may it reign supreme.

#2 Some Casinos Have Oversized Pillows Filled With Real People

I’m not making this up. According to multiple sources there are at least a few casinos around the world that rent out “cuddle beds” or “love hotels” where couples can spend the night surrounded by soft fabric and the warm body of a consenting adult.

For example, the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas used to offer a package deal that included a limousine ride, a romantic dinner, and a “Teddy Bear Suite” equipped with “five huge pillows filled with real people” for $2,500 per night. Similar arrangements can be found in Japan, South Korea, and other parts of Asia where chastity is no longer a Christian virtue but rather a burden to be shed at great personal expense.

I guess it makes sense, in a way. After all, what could be more conducive to desire and intimacy than being wrapped in a plush cocoon with a pair of squirming humans providing just the right amount of pressure and warmth? It’s like a giant human burrito, only instead of beans and rice you get to snuggle with a live model straight out of a dating simulator.

Personally, I’m not sure I could get past the whole “stranger danger” thing. But then again, I’ve never been one for casual hookups either. To each their own, I suppose. At the end of the day, who am I to judge the amorous preferences of consenting adults and rent-a-bear vendors alike?

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Still, I can’t help but wonder what kind of psychological profiling the participants must go through before being matched with a snuggler of similar temperament and hygiene level. Does the casino contract with a temp agency to supply the human pillow fillings, or do volunteers step forward eager to contribute their quota of bodily heat and interpersonal skills to the cause of capitalist hedonism?

And what about the snugglers themselves? Do they form lasting bonds amidst the fur and fleece, or does the constant turnover ensure that empathy remains a rare commodity in a world obsessed with winning and losing?

So many questions, yet so few answers. Ah, the mysteries of human nature. They are like a giant human burrito, only infinitely more complex and messy.

Someone pass the salsa, would ya?

Which Casino Has a Suit Button to Make the Pillow Talk?

I know this sounds absurd, but there are indeed casinos that have a suit button that, when pushed, sets into motion a series of mechanical motions that result in a pillow seemingly coming alive and engaging the guest in conversation. At least, that’s what the sales brochure for one such establishment claims.

I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this phenomenon firsthand, but I’ve heard stories. Some say the pillow has a soft, seductive voice that whispers sweet nothings into your ear. Others describe it as more robotic, like an uncanny valley simulation of human speech. And then there are those who swear they felt a gentle caress against their cheek, followed by a reassuring squeeze that sent shivers down their spine.

Personally, I remain skeptical. But hey, if it floats your boat, who am I to rain on your parade? As long as everyone involved is of legal age and consensual nature, I say let the pillow do its thing. Who knows, maybe it’s the key to unlocking some deep-seated desires we didn’t even know we had.

Or maybe it’s just a fancy marketing gimmick cooked up by some bored executive looking for a way to pad the bottom line. Either way, I guess we’ll find out sooner or later. Meanwhile, I recommend approaches grounded in empirical evidence and critical thinking. Unless, of course, you prefer the warm embrace of ambiguity and magical thinking. In which case, I suggest a visit to the Love Ranch Brothel in Nevada, famous for its “Robot Whore Therapy” program featuring sex dolls endowed with AI companionship.

Yeah, baby. Stroke my silicon skin. Tell me I’m pretty.

Wait a minute… that’s going in a very different direction than I intended. Let’s try that one again.

More Absurd Casino Facts & Rumors

Man, where did that rant come from? I think I need to lie down in a giant pillow fort filled with strangers. Preferably with a voice synthesizer programmed to repeat my innermost secrets.

Before I lose myself completely in a sea of metaphor and innuendo, let me leave you with a few more tidbits of casino lore and rumor mill fodder. Like the one about the guy who won a fortune betting on whether the roulette ball would land on red or black… and then went blind.

True story, or at least the basis for several movies and TV shows. The implication being that gambling can be a dangerous obsession that destroys your senses and your soul. To which I reply: baloney. If anything, it sharpens the faculties, honing the instincts and refining the art of probability calculation to a razor’s edge.

Just ask any seasoned card counter or roulette predictor. They’ll tell you that the casino is not the den of depravity and moral decay portrayed in Hollywood movies, but rather a meritocracy where skill and daring are rewarded. Okay, maybe they won’t put it quite that way. But I will.

Because I am a meritocrat, dammit. A skilled risk-taker and savvy consumer of oxygen. And if that means sleeping in a room filled with warm bodies and listening to soothing voices whisper sweet nothings into my ears all night long, well, I guess that’s a price I’m willing to pay for the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

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Long may the dice roll and the chips clatter. And may the pillow gods smile upon us all.

You know what they say: you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs… and stuffing them full of people. Yes, it’s a little-known fact that some casinos use human omelettes as promotional items, giving away sizzling breakfast delights crafted from dozens of carefully beaten volunteers.

The process is both ingenious and revolting. First, a team of recruiters scours the gaming floor, identifying potential candidates based on factors such as age, gender, clothing style, and mood swings. These “eggsporters” are then led to a secret location where they are gently battered and folded with herbs, spices, and other seasonings until they reach the desired consistency.

Under the watchful eye of a master chef known only as “Omnibus”, the egg mass is poured onto a searing hot surface and shaped into various designs, such as blackjacks, royal flushes, and dancing eggsperitos. Meanwhile, curious onlookers gather around the omelette station, marveling at the spectacle and wondering what kind of mad genius could come up with such a culinary masterstroke.

Personally, I’m not a fan of human omelettes. Not because I have any qualms about eating sentient beings (provided they’re scrambled nicely and seasoned appropriately) but because I doubt the hygiene standards of such an operation. I mean, where do they wash their hands between beating eggs and… um, other activities? And what about allergies? What if someone puts shellfish in the mix? Or worse, politicians?

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Then again, maybe I’m just being a killjoy. After all, isn’t freedom of choice what America is all about? Whether you want to stuff yourself with fluffy humanity or stick to plain old Denny’s fare, the choice is yours, buddy. Just remember: everything is delicious in moderation… including democracy. Bon appétit!

You know, the more I think about it, the more human omelettes sound like a swell idea. I mean, who needs animals when you’ve got humans willing to strip down to their skivvies and frolic in a pool of whisked eggs?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bacon and cheese omelette as much as the next red-blooded American. But let’s face it, pigs are dirty creatures prone to outbreaks of disease and emotional instability. Humans, on the other hand, are clean, well-mannered, and highly trainable. Plus, they come in a wider range of flavors and textures, from crispy and golden brown to chewy and doughy.

And let’s not forget the environmental benefits. According to a study commissioned by the Egg Board, producing a single human omelette generates 99% less greenhouse gas emissions than a traditional pork-and-dairy omelette. Add to that the reduced water usage, lower land requirements, and elimination of animal cruelty concerns, and you have a recipe for sustainability that would make Alice Waters blush.

Of course, there are detractors. Animal rights activists decry the human omelette as a “monstrous abomination” that “reduces sentient beings to mere ingredients”. Vegans accuse it of promoting speciesism and meat analogies. And some health advocates warn about the high sodium and calorie content of human eggs.

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To which I say: lighten up, Francis. We’re talking about a breakfast dish here, not a philosophical treatise. If you want to eat kale and tofu all day long, more power to you. I, for one, prefer my fellow humans scrambled with a dash of hot sauce and served with multigrain toast.

Hey, whatever Floats Your Goat!

Why Does a Casino Have a Suit Button for Help?

Why does a casino have a suit button that summons help for elderly or disabled guests? Simple, really. It allows them to signal for assistance without having to stand up or speak, which can be difficult or embarrassing in certain situations. Instead, they can push a discreet button on their chair or nearby table and expect a staff member to appear promptly.

This feature is especially useful in large and crowded gaming rooms where it can be hard to navigate with mobility aids or communicate effectively. By providing accessible and convenient ways to request help, casinos demonstrate their commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all guests, regardless of their physical abilities.

Of course, the suit button should not be confused with other mysterious features that some casinos tout, such as oversized pillows filled with live models or suit jackets woven from human hair. These latter gimmicks are best regarded with a healthy dose of skepticism and caution, lest one find oneself ensnared in a web of bizarre rituals and questionable ethics.

In short, the suit button is a simple yet ingenious innovation that enhances the casino experience for many guests. Long may it continue to serve its purpose, and may we never take its humble existence for granted. Cheers!

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in December 2019 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Which Casino Has the Most Unique Features?

When it comes to unique features, the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore takes the cake with its iconic rooftop infinity pool, located on the 57th floor and offering stunning views of the city skyline. Other notable mentions include the Cosmos Casino in Mexico, which has oversized gaming tables and chairs to accommodate large groups of players, and the Venetian Macao in China, which features a replica of St. Mark's Square in Venice complete with gondola rides.

In terms of strange or absurd features, the Sands Macao in China used to have a “Suicide Service” that would allow distraught individuals to end their lives in a dignified manner (this was eventually discontinued due to government regulations). The Rio Casino in London has a carnival-themed decor and hosts regular samba parties, while the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas is designed to resemble the lost city of Atlantis with underwater themes and attractions.

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Overall, casinos around the world continue to innovate and offer unique experiences to attract customers, from themed environments to cutting-edge technology and luxurious amenities.