Free online casino games you can play right now

If there's one thing better than playing casino games with real money on the line, it's when you get to play these types of games for free.
Of course, we love a good , but sometimes there's nothing quite like messing around with some free online casino games just for fun! In fact, even seasoned gamblers among us enjoy a spot of no deposit, no download casino action from time to time.
Trouble is, most online casinos don't offer their games in demo mode to unverified players. The vast majority require you to "try" the games by depositing at the casino first. Bummer, huh?
No need to pout up those lips. We came up with a slick workaround that lets you play dozens of free online casino games without a single deposit. Check it out...

In our guide to free online casino games, we delve into the following areas:

  • 5 Reasons Why You’d Want to Play Free Online Casino Games
  • 3 Ways to Find Internet Casinos That Offer Free Games
  • What Kinds of Free Online Casino Games Are There?
  • How Do I Play Free Casino Slot Games Online?
  • Tips for Finding the Loosest Online Slots (forwhen you do want to gamble)
  • Free Roulette Online
  • Free Blackjack Online
  • Other Free Table Games
  • Video Poker
  • Live Dealer Free Play Promos
  • Free Casino Games With No Download or Registration
  • Free Mobile Gambling Apps
  • Why Even Gamble Real Money if You Can Get Free Casino Games Online?
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5 Reasons Why You’d Want to Play Free Online Casino Games

Before we show you how to start playing your favorite free online casino games right now, let’s look at why you’d want to bother with them in the first place ...

1. They’re Fun

OK, this is probably the most obvious reason, but yeah – these games are just plain fun.

Whether it’s spinning that slot reel for the umpteenth time in the hope you hit that bonus round, or watching the roulette ball bounce around the wheel before landing on your chosen number, these games have an undeniable charm.

Although they’re incredibly entertaining when you’re playing with dummy credits, it is true that things can get a little repetitive when you’re slap-bang in the middle of “infinite mode.” Still, it could be worse, right? At least you’re not stuck playing a game of Minesweeper.

While we accept that playing free online casino games simply because they’re enjoyable is enough of a reason for some people, there will be others among who are looking for more compelling arguments to justify their actions. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

2. Learn the Rules Before Playing for Real Money

We’re all aware of how addictive casino games can be, particularly slots. It doesn’t take long for the reels to start feeling like they’re an extension of your own body. Tap the screen, and they spin. Tap them again, and they stop. Simple.

Unfortunately, when you’re having fun, it’s easy to overlook crucial details like where the PAYTABLE button has been hidden. Oops.

When you’re chasing through bonus features and animations, paying attention to the intricacies of a slot or any other casino game is nigh-on impossible. This brings me to the second benefit of playing free online casino games. You can actually read about how to win at certain games without feeling dumb.

When you’re learning, there might be questions you don’t want to ask out of fear of sound stupid. When you’re playing for free, you can find out how SOG works in craps or what the difference between French, European, and American roulette is without feeling self-conscious.

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The greatest part is that when you feel confident and ready to move from the virtual felt tables back to the real ones, you’ll do so equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to give yourself every chance of winning.

3. Free Casino Games Online Help Extend Your Bankroll

Okay, so this point only really applies to folks who are . If you’re only interested in playing free online gambling games because they don’t waste your bankroll, you can click away now. Mission accomplished.

For everyone else, here’s the deal. By playing in demo mode, you can extend your bankroll over a session. Instead of jumping back into a game when your balance looks like this:- ! [Sad Balance]( 2019/04/Screen-Shot-2019-04-08-at-10.37.40.png) you can top up when it looks like this:- ! [Happy Balance](https://www.gamblingS

It might not last long, but it buys you more spins in a slot or more hands of blackjack, which increases your chances of winning back what you’ve lost - or, at the very least, getting as close to breaking even as possible.

Now and then, you may even land a big winner like this guy:-

Video Credit: rqw_fishman.

I guess!

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Oh, and one last thing… Please, please, please don’t try and reload bonus rounds or keep spinning a slot on demo mode in the hopes of extending your session time. This won’t work. When you select “play for free,” none of the movements you see onscreen have any relation to random number generation (RNG) patterns or actual plays on the game. They’re just for show.

4. Build Confidence Without Losing Cash

This reason for playing free online casino games ties in nicely with the previous section. However, instead of talking about it from a purely theoretical perspective, I want to share an experience I had while writing this article.

One of the games I wanted to test was a new Buffalo-themed slot called . Having had some decent wins on the original in the past, I decided to use its sequel as an example in this article. But rather than jump straight in and risk $5 per spin, I dropped my stake to a measly $0.01 and hit the gold “Demo” button.

Now, as any experienced buffalo slot player will know, you often have to play for a while before the free spins bubble appears. Sure enough, after around eight minutes and 60 spins, the screen shot you can see below appeared.

Buffalo is one of my favorite animals, so you can imagine my excitement when I hit that bubble. As soon as I saw the 200x multiplier, I let out a loud roar… only to be interrupted by my wife telling me dinner would be ready in five minutes.

Hey, at least I didn’t have to choose between the slot and food. Anyway, I resumed playing and ended up triggering the free spins feature four times within 30 spins. Here are the results:-

  • 200x multiplier (+$196)
  • 50x multiplier (+$48)
  • 100x multiplier (+$96)
  • 50x multiplier (+$48)

Total profit = $344. Not bad for nine minutes’ work, right? Of course, results like these aren’t guaranteed. Sometimes, you’ll spend hours trying to trigger a feature and still walk away empty-handed. But by playing in demo mode, I found a slot that suits my style and gave me confidence that it is capable of dishing out some sizeable winners.

As Buffugo is a fully functional real money slot, I was able to experiment with different bet sizes, pay attention to the different bonus features, and get a real feel for what it’s like to play this particular game. And the best thing about it? I didn’t spend a single dollar doing it.

5. Free Casino Games Online Are Addicting

Let’s be honest here: some of you are only going to play free online casino games because they’re addicting as f@#k!

There’s no escaping the fact that casino games contain a unique combination of stimuli that make them incredibly exciting, thrilling, and fun to play. From the colors and sounds to the buzz you get from winning and the mystery surrounding big bonuses, these games have a way of drawing you in and refusing to let go.

Will you end up playing them for days? Maybe. Probably. Who knows? What I do know is that, provided you remember that these are ENTERTAINMENT tools and not a way to make money, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending some time messing around with some free Vegas-style slots or simulated roulette wheels.

If anything, playing these games for free helps condition you for when you enter the real money arena. Once you’ve spent hundreds of spins perfecting your buffalo hunting skills or learned how dynamic betting systems don’t work in blackjack, you’ll be less likely to blow your wad in a matter of moments.

Now that we’ve looked at the reasons why you might want to consider mixing some free online casino games into your schedule, it’s time to explain how to go about finding casinos with free games.

3 Ways to Find Internet Casinos That Offer Free Games

Any search engine will return thousands of results for “free online casino games.” The problem is, half of these “casinos” are sketchy at best. What’s more, many of the “free” games they host contain malware or viruses designed to steal your personal information.

Here are three safe ways to find reputable online casinos offering free games:

1. Look for Free Casino Games On Trusted Review Sites

The easiest way to find free online casino games is to visit sites that specialize in reviewing internet casinos. For example, here at the GB, we host thousands of pages containing free casino games.

You can use the search function on the top right of the site to hunt down specific titles, types of games, or even individual casinos. Our team of writers has played almost every major release since the dawn of the internet age, so there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help you.

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What’s more, we only feature games from legitimate online casinos in the US and Canada. These are regulated gaming venues that adhere to strict standards set out by various state and provincial gaming commissions. Some examples include:

  • New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.
  • Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.
  • Michigan Department of the Treasury’s Office of Financial Management.
  • West Virginia Lottery Commission.
  • Connecticut State Indian Regulatory Agency.

These organizations license online casinos, ensuring they operate responsibly and fairly. They also carry out regular technical audits to verify the RNG software being used is working as it should.

download casino online

As you can see from the logos above, companies like eCOGRA and iTech Labs carry out these tests for some US gaming jurisdictions. Their job is to ensure that the games offered by a casino’s software providers are truly random, accurate, and fair.

How do we know this? Well, these testing agencies publish certificates on their websites, which anyone can access and view. Here’s iTech Labs’ most recent certificate of accreditation:

iTech Labs

:* Phone: +61 2 9955 3000 :* Email: :* Website:


:* Phone: +44 (0) 203 741 9718 :* Email: :* Website:

As you can see from the certifications above, both companies have contact numbers and physical addresses. This means they’re legit and not some fly-by-night outfit operating from a laptop in their mom’s basement.

Are there any other testing agencies you can trust? Yes, there are. However, if you come across a company that says it carries out these checks but does not have a phone number or address, I suggest you err on the side of caution and avoid it.

2. Look for No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Another way to find free online casino games is to look for no deposit bonus offers. Also known as signup bonuses, these deals give you a controlled amount of free cash to play with when you join a casino.

Naturally, any money won from this comp credit must be played through a number of times before it can be withdrawn. But hey, FREE MONEY!

Take a look at the following promo from Wild Casino:

This offer gives you $25 and 25 free spins on a slot named PopRocks when you sign up for an account using the code POP25. While this credit can’t be used on all games, it’s more than enough to try plenty of them.

Is there a downside to no deposit bonuses? Not really. The only slight criticism I have is that some casinos restrict the jackpots you can win from this type of credit. Instead of being able to grab the full amount, you might be capped at a certain level - say, $2,000 for instance.

What’s the point? Well, a casino could offer $10,000 in comp dollars to a no deposit customer who hits a jackpot on a slot. If this player was uncapped, what’s to stop them joining, winning the ten grand, and leaving? The casino wouldn’t get anything from that customer again.

By limiting the amount this person can withdraw, the casino has a chance of enticing them to make a deposit at some point in the future. Assuming they lose everything, the player will have to deposit their own money to chase their loss - and that’s what the casino wants.

All things considered, though, no deposit bonuses are great ways to sample a bunch of free online gambling games. What’s more, there are tons of these offers out there. So, if you don’t like the terms and conditions attached to one deal, there are plenty of others to choose from.

Advantages of No Deposit Promos

  • Free Casino Credits. Even if you lose everything straightaway, you haven’t really lost anything because … well, you didn’t actually risk anything, did you?
  • Try Before You Buy. Any good no deposit deal should give you more than enough playtime to figure out whether a casino is worth depositing at in the future.
  • Hundreds of Free Games to Choose From. Whether you’re looking to play slots, table games, or something else, a good no deposit bonus should unlock hundreds of options.
  • Test New Features. Some casinos extend welcome bonuses to cover deposits made with cryptocurrencies or using new payment methods like InPay and Mint. This gives you the opportunity to test these features under real circumstances.
  • Win Real Money. Provided you fulfill the wagering requirements, you get to keep what you win. Score!
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Disadvantages of No Deposit Promos

  • Game Restrictions. Most casino bonuses come with a list of games you cannot play with your free credits. Some places limit you to slots, while others exclude pretty much everything except for a handful of house edge fodder.
  • Low Maximum Withdrawals. It’s rare to find a no deposit deal that allows you to keep more than $2,000 - assuming you manage to clear the rollover requirements. Of course, there are exceptions like the deal I shared from Wild Casino earlier.
  • Playthrough Requirements. To extract cash from these bonuses, you usually have to play through the credited amount multiple times. For instance, if a casino gave you $25 to play with, you might have to play through it 40 times before you can request a withdrawal. This means you need to lose $25 X 40 = $1,000 before you can pull out $25.
  • Expiration Dates. All casino bonuses expire after a fixed period. If you fail to hit a big winner before the deadline passes, you lose everything.

3. Search for Freemium Games

The third and final way to find free online casino games is to search for “freemium” titles. Essentially, these are games you can play for free forever if you’re happy to operate within certain constraints.

For example, freemium slots typically give you a fixed number of spins per hour or day. If you want to spin the reels more frequently, you have to pay. Some titles limit the number of games you can play per day unless you become a premium member.

Freemium table games tend to put a cap on the amount of cash you can wager each hour or day. Beyond this point, you need to make a purchase if you want to carry on playing. Finally, some freemium games only let you use a fraction of their features library unless you upgrade to a paid version.

Does any of this sound unfair? Frankly, yes - it does. But hear me out.

First, you can play these games for free indefinitely. Some people are happy to spend their entire lives grinding at the free versions. That’s cool.

Others - like you and me - will eventually reach a point where we want to try a particular slot’s bonus feature six times in seven minutes rather than once in an hour. When this happens, it’s nice to know we can drop $4.99 to upgrade and remove the restriction.

What Kinds of Free Online Casino Games Are There?

Up to this point, I’ve used the phrase “free online casino games” as if it were one thing. In reality, there are countless variations you can enjoy without spending a cent. Let’s take a closer look.

Free Slots

When most people think of casino games, slots are the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps this is due to their popularity. Or maybe it’s because there are so many iconic slot machines mentioned in movies, TV shows, and popular music.

Whatever the reason, there is no denying that slots represent the biggest category of free online gambling games. Basically, you can play demo modes for 99% of the slots you find inside paid-for gaming lobbies.

Some examples of the free slot games you can expect to find online include:

  • Buffalo. Based on the popular land-based slot by Konami.
  • Cleopatra. An Egyptian-themed game based on the hit land-based WMS title.
  • Wheel of Fortune. Another WMS import based on the TV show.
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Lucky Lady’s Magnifis Progressive Jackpot Slot.

Some things to note here are the minimum and maximum bets, coin value range, paylines in play, and - of course - the current jackpot amount.

Also, take a look at the boxes along the left-hand side of the screen. These allow you to skip to different bonus features, so you don’t have to wait for the random number generator (RNG) to serve them up.

Although free slot demos are fantastic toys, they don’t replicate the exact same environment you’ll find inside a live game. The two main differences are:

Ways To Avoid Becoming a Losing Poker Player
  • Bonus Triggers. Even if you land the exact combination of symbols needed to trigger a bonus feature in demo mode, there’s no guarantee you’ll hit it every time you spin for real money. This is because the simulated spins are just that - simulations. They don’t interact directly with the complex algorithms inside the slot’s coding that determine whether you’ll land a bonus or not.
  • Jackpots. When you hit the spell symbol to launch the bonus feature inside the Lucky Lady’s slot above, you’ll see a wheel appear with several jackpot amounts on it. These range from 1x your bet to 10,000x - ie the progressive jackpot. Again, when testing this game in demo mode, the wheel will only take you to predetermined points on the wheel, meaning you’ll never actually win the full progressive pot. The furthest you’ll go is the max your bet can take you. So, what’s the point? Well, it gives you an idea of what it’s like to win the progressive. Honestly, that’s about it.

Despite these caveats, playing free slot demos is a great way to experiment with different games and mechanics. What’s more, you can use the theory you learn to formulate successful strategies when you switch to real money spins.

Free Roulette

Everyone has seen images of people wheeling and dealing at a roulette table. From James Bond in Casino Royale to the old guys in Doyle Brunson’s book, roulette is a game that attracts all kinds.

But how do you learn the ins and outs if you can’t afford to sit at a real table or don’t feel comfortable throwing around $25 chips that could cost you $250? Easy - you play free online roulette games!

There are thousands of these available online. Like slots, roulette games are available in demo mode if you have - or have signed up with - a funded online casino account. Examples of free roulette games you can find include:

  • European Roulette. This is a high payout variant featuring a single zero pocket.
  • American Roulette. A lower payout variation boasting two zero pockets and a higher house edge.
  • Multi Wheel Roulette. Allows you to spin the ball on up to five separate wheels per bet.
  • Immersive Roulette. Uses multiple cameras to provide a cinematic representation of the game.
  • Lightning Roulette. Similar to regular American/European roulette but with random multipliers applied to some pockets. Hitting a winning number pays your stake times the multiplier value.

Lightning Roulette by GPWeb.

As with free slot games, there are some limitations to playing free roulette titles. The biggest is that the maximum bets will be capped. For instance, the GT Roulette game above has a max bet of $1,000.

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Does this mean you can’t experience the thrill of dropping a stack of chips to the sound of a whispering croupier? Of course not. It simply means you’ll have to top up your chips whenever they fall below a certain threshold.

Free Blackjack

Blackjack is another classic card game that translates well onto the online casino floor. Much like roulette, there are dozens of variations available. Some examples include:

  • Classic Blackjack. A simple, single deck game where you must beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack. A faster, eight-deck variant that uses a complicated system of splits, doubles, and late surrender.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack. A strange game where both of the dealer’s cards are shown face-up, but aces count as 11 or 1 - whichever is more beneficial to the banker.
  • Mutlihand Blackjack. Allows you to play up to five hands at once.
  • Blackjack Switch. Allows you to swap the two cards played between each hand.
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Single Deck Professional Series Blackjack by Betsoft.

Like slots and roulette, free blackjack games will have max bet restrictions. However, you’ll be able to play scores of different titles for as long as your bankroll allows.

Other Types of Free Online Casino Games

Slots, roulette, and blackjack are the three main categories of free online casino games. However, there are many more ways to pass the time without risking a cent. Some examples include:

  • Bingo. Play 75-, 80-, and 90-ball games against other people, or relax with some solo sessions.
  • Keno. Pick your numbers and watch as 20 balls bounce around an ancient Chinese temple, revealing your winners.
  • Scratch Cards. Digital recreations of those annoying paper tickets you buy at the gas station. Seriously, though, some top developers like Betsoft have created some awesome animated scratch card games that are hilarious to play.
  • Video Poker. Combines elements of poker and slots. Try to build the best five-card hand to win.
  • Live Dealer Games. Some casinos allow you to watch the action unfold inside live studios for free - albeit with limited functionality.
  • Casino Poker. Play heads up against the house in games like Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, and Three Card Rummy.
  • Dice Games. From craps to sic bo, dice games are popular with millions of people worldwide.
  • Virtual Horses Racing. Watch your horse race against others in 3D environments. You win if your horse crosses the line first. Could get addictive!
  • Arcade Games. Some casinos offer throwback arcade titles like Space Invaders and Centipede.

Three Card Rusher by Betsoft.

How to Play Free Online Slots

Playing free online slot games is super simple. Here’s how to do it:

1. Launch a Casino Lobby

Enter the URL of a reputable online casino into your browser. Once the homepage has loaded, click the “all games” or “slot games” tab to open the lobby.

2. Use the Filter Function

Look for a “slots” or “free slots” option in the game navigation menu. This should open a page filled with screenshots of various free slot demos.

3. Select a Game

Click a thumbnail image to open the game. This should load in a window or take you to a “play now” page that asks if you want to play for free or deposit some cash. Always press the free button!

4. Read the Info

I always recommend reading a slot’s info panel before I play it for the first time. This gives me a basic understanding of how it works. That said, the best way to learn is to launch the game and tinker with the settings.

5. Customize Your Settings

Most demos allow you to change the following:

  • Bet Size. This determines how many coins are staked per payline and how much each coin is worth.
  • ** Paylines.** Some slots have fixed paylines, while others allow you to turn them on and off.
  • Music and Sound Effects. Nine times out of ten, you can mute the music and effects.
  • Quality. If your connection isn’t lightning fast, you might want to reduce the quality of the graphics to prevent the game from stuttering.
  • Spacebar Spin. Rather than clicking the spin button, you can use your computer’s number keypad to spin - and activate bonus features - directly. Handy!
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6. Start Spinning!

Now you’re ready to rock and roll! I recommend setting the bet size to the minimum possible coins and paylines so your demo credits last longer. Remember, the aim of the game is to trigger bonuses and have fun. How much you bet makes no difference to the features you hit.

How to Find the Best Payouting Slots

If you plan to graduate from free online slot demos to paid spins, it’s important to know how to find the best paying slots. These are the games that offer the highest winning potential.

Now, before the slot haters start ranting about RTP rates in the comments section, I’ll clarify something. Return to player (RTP) is not a factor you should consider when choosing a slot. This percentage represents the theoretical returns a game has programmed to give over millions of spins. In other words, an 98% RTP slot shouldn’t pay out $98 for every $100 staked on it. It will probably do that next time I win the lottery.

Anyway, what you should look for is slot variance - otherwise known as volatility. Put simply, volatile slots are more likely to hit big jackpries but will dry up during quiet periods. Low volatility titles offer smaller, more consistent wins.

To learn more, check out our guide to slot variance and volatility.

In Summary: Free Online Casino Games Come in Many Forms

So there you have it - a complete breakdown of the types of free online casino games you can enjoy. If you’re a novice, my advice is to spend weeks - if not months - playing everything you can for free.


Well, if you jump straight in at the deep end and start playing for real money, you run the risk of losing everything too quickly. Plus, you deny yourself the chance to develop solid strategies that can help you win more in the long run.

That’s not to say you should never play for real. If you understand the basics of a game and fancy taking a small shot at winning some cash, there’s no harm in dropping a few dollars on a few spins or hands. Just remember to stick to your budget, and never chase your losses.

Finally, if you’re thinking of boosting your bankroll with a casino bonus - either free or not - always read the terms and conditions. Know what you have to do to clear the playthrough requirements and what game contributions mean for each game category.