Of the best nj poker apps you can download right now

What are the best NJ poker apps? I’ll get to that in a moment, but first, a bit of background on why having the right app really matters when you play online poker in New Jersey.

In some ways, online poker sites are like nightclubs. You only really want to go (or in this case, play) where all your friends are. And just as nightclub promoters hand out flip cards with guest lists at the door, online poker sites offer something tangible to entice newbies through the virtual doors.

In this case, it’s bonuses. But not all bonuses are equal - or easy to access. That’s where having the best NJ poker app comes in handy.

Best NJ poker apps: The shortlist

  • 🏆 Borgata Poker App (best in NJ overall)
  • 🥇 BetMGM Poker NJ (great for its shared player pool)
  • 🥈 Pala Poker App (top-rated for soft competition)
  • 🥉 888poker App (NJ’s most innovative smartphone app)
  • ⭐ PartyPoker NJ (macOS and Windows computing apps)
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An honorable mention: WSOP.com NJ

You may have noticed one glaring omission from our list above - WSOP.com. Technically, WSOP.com is two interconnected sites rather than one. However, because their player pools are linked between New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, they arguably constitute the biggest poker room in the US.

As such, plenty of people would argue that WSOP.com is objectively the best regulated US poker app too. However, while WSOP.com has excellent software, we couldn’t include it among the best NJ poker apps because it is not exclusively available in New Jersey.

Besides, picking the best NJ poker app is hard. Very hard. So, to spread the love, we’ve decided to highlight three additional editors’ choices. These apps didn’t make it into our top four, but each offers something unique that could make it the best NJ poker app for you personally. Therefore, allow us to present our final contenders for the best NJ poker apps as follows:

  • Editor’s pick: Borgata Online Poker (most appealing all-around package of games, promotions, and features)
  • Editor’s pick: bet365 Poker NJ (arguably the best interface and largest selection of games)
  • Editor’s pick: PokerStars MI (the world’s most popular card room is now open for business in New Jersey)
  • Editor’s pick: Unibet Poker NJ (soft competition and boosted rewards during the break-in period)

If you use an Android device, please read our detailed guide on how to install an APK file to use the best NJ poker apps outside of the Google Play Store.

All the apps in my top ten were built using the Android Studio environment and distributed in .APK format. Therefore, sideloading is the simplest way to get hold of the very best Android poker apps in New Jersey if you don’t have an iOS device.

Ranking NJ poker apps - My methodology

Why is having the best NJ poker app important? Well, even if you mostly play from a desktop or laptop PC, there will no doubt be times when you want or need to play poker via an app.

For example, if you’re sitting by the pool at the Borgata (which, post-COVID-19, I wholeheartedly recommend), it would be nice to be able to take advantage of a tournament series without having to go back to your hotel room to fire up your MacBook.

Likewise, if you remember to hang out by the Borgata pool in the middle of the day, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you cheap. Suffice to say there will inevitably be moments when using the best NJ poker app makes life easier, saves you money, or both. Therefore, it is useful to know which ones are worth bothering with.

When reviewing NJ poker apps, I used the same basic criteria I would when rating any real money : usability, software reliability, game selection, promotional value, security, and ease of deposit / withdrawal. Of course, being apps, extra consideration was given to issues around intuitiveness, touchscreen compatibility, and battery consumption.

One other thing to note here is that I also considered whether each app offered anything exclusive. For example, some apps had network-wide promotions but offered restricted or exclusive elements to players using the mobile client. Equally, some apps had features their desktop equivalents lacked.

Anything that gave users of a particular app an advantage (no matter how small) over others was duly noted.

Okay, with all that housekeeping out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff - namely, which NJ poker app deserves to be crowned the best.

The Best NJ Poker Apps 2023

1. Borgata Online Poker – Best NJ Poker App Overall

!* $30 in rewards on first deposit. !* High traffic levels generate plenty of tournaments. !* Generous rakeback for Team Borgata Pros.

  • Occasional lag and latency issues.
  • Some functional differences vs. desktop client.
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$30 Scratchcard - new players at Borgata Online Poker get a $30 scratchcard upon making their first deposit of at least $25 and earning five points. Five more $30 scratchcards are available for earning 50 reward points each day.

Although the best poker apps in NJ offer various benefits, few can match the overall appeal of the Borgata Online Poker app. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, the Borgata is an actual , so its virtual counterpart benefits from the inherent brand recognition that comes with having physical premises. Indeed, being able to transfer funds and earn rewards from your mobile device when visiting the Borgata makes the app almost essential for anyone visiting Atlantic City.

However, it is not just A.C. visitors that can benefit from using the Borgata app. Anyone located within the state of New Jersey can download the app and enjoy a full range of features.

This means you can access , daily knockout tournaments, Windfall cash games, and sit & goes across the full spectrum of formats (hold’em, Omaha, and mixed games). There is even fast-fold Boost poker available if you want to minimize waiting time between hands.

Obviously, you don’t have to be a expert to use the Borgata poker app NJ. In fact, its intuitive design, large on-screen buttons, and obvious visual hierarchy make it ideal for casual players and first timers.

It isn’t perfect, however. When the app first launched, there were issues around syncing with the desktop client. Although these issues have been largely resolved, there are still occasions when you might lose a hand due to connectivity problems. Hopefully these bugs will be squished in future updates since, aside from this niggle, Borgata is the best poker app in New Jersey.

More updates... Actually, there have been several significant developments since I last updated this page. Firstly, the Borgata app switched its network from the PlayTech platform to the PayPal-powered software used by BetMGM Poker NJ. This instantly made the app faster, slicker, and more stable.

Furthermore, regular site users (i.e., those playing on a desktop or laptop) and the app now share the same tables, tournaments, and cash games. This eliminated the necessity of a separate client, making life much simpler for both the operator and players.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Borgata started offering its Team Pros a generous 25%-40% rakeback as part of its Ambassador program. Being able to earn nearly a quarter of your tuition simply for promoting the software to your followers on Twitch and YouTube is huge. Moreover, this deal makes the Borgata app more attractive to grinders, which can only be a good thing.

To start your ambassadorship, [ Guerra)].

2. BetMGM Poker NJ – Best NJ poker app for its Mac and Windows computing clients

New customers at BetMGM Poker NJ can experience everything this outstanding poker app has to offer by clicking the button below.

BetMGM Software Diagram  

  • 📱 (10Twenty)
  • (GambleAware)
  • (BEG)
  • (ICRA)
  • (egaming)
  • (UKGC)

Qualities contrary to law

  • Available for iOS and Android phones / tablets.
  • Available for Mac and Windows desktops and laptops.
  • Shares player pool with Borgata / PartyPoker.
  • Periodic lag and latency issues.
  • Cash game filters aren’t awesome.

$1,075 bonus / $75 free play - new customers receiving $35 in freeplay for $5+ deposits + further $1,040 matched welcome bonus. NJ. 21+ only.

Periodically, the best poker apps in NJ suffer from minor lag and latency issues. When this happens, it feels like someone has poured treacle into your veins and filled the air with honey. Everything becomes slower, more difficult, and infinitely more frustrating.

Admittedly, these pauses aren’t permanent, but they can feel eternal when you’re on a heater. Fortunately, periods of high network traffic often have a similar effect on the BetMGM Poker app NJ, meaning it occasionally misses out on my “best poker app” accolades.

However, when things are running smoothly, BetMGM is up there with the likes of … and that’s regardless of whether you’re playing on an Android tablet or a desktop PC. 

From a functionality perspective, the NJ betting app for computers has pretty much everything you could want. There are multi-table support, customizable hot keys, a choice of viewing styles, and quick seat options for jumping straight into the cash game action.

Indeed, there are even cash game filters that let you find specific scenarios (short stacks, low outs, etc.). This is great once you know how to use them. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out the optimal search syntax yet. Thus, whenever I feel like playing low-big blind games with tons of viewers, the filter lets me down.

Even though I haven’t quite cracked all the features inside this top NJ poker app, I do know my way around the lobby. This allows me to quickly find tournaments, Sit & Go’s, and special format games such as PLO and bounty hunter.

The whole thing looks great, runs smoothly, and supports multiple tables. Indeed, this might just be the best poker app for computers currently available in New Jersey. 

Things are almost as rosy when using the BetMGM poker app for iPhone and Android devices. Again, the lobby is neat, navigation is simple, and games run without too many hitches. Granted, there are occasional glitches, but nothing on par with some of the issues I’ve seen on other leading poker apps in NJ.

Finally, it’s worth noting that, as well as being one of the top NJ poker apps, BetMGM also has native desktop applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Meaningly, if mobile isn’t your thing, you can skip the middleman and connect directly to the source.

3. Pala Poker App – Easiest NJ poker app to win (marginalistically)

  • 🎁 JustMarketingIQ 
  • (iTech Labs)
  • (eCOGRA)
  • (NGW)
  • (Ongame)
  • (MGA)
  • (OGMA)
  • State of Connecticut DJLM
  • Washington State Gambling Commission
  • riage
  • family
  • friends
  • harm to individuals
  • minors
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qualities contrary to law

  • Simple interface makes this app softest in NJ.
  • Exclusive freerolls ease newbies in.
  • Boost Poker for fewer, stronger-ented games.
  • Occasional lag and latency issues.
  • Limited promotional support.

$25 in free credits / 15 free sweeps coins - new players receiving iRewards points can be exchanged for cash prizes. PA, CA, AND WA EXCLUDED.

On paper, Pala Casino Poker shouldn’t be competitive when going up against the best poker apps in NJ. Its weekly tournament schedule is relatively bland, the average number of players online is tiny, and its SNGs seem a little out of date.

Furthermore, its cash games are populated almost entirely by people who simply don’t know any better. Except ... They kind of do. You see, Pala Poker is effectively a loss leader for Pala Casino, a brick-and-mortar operation in California. As such, pros Jonathan Little and Matt Affleck were hired to make instructional videos that are freely available to all members.

Additionally, Pala Poker hosts regular freerolls and ultra-low stake tournaments that are off-limits to bonus seekers, but freely available to new players. Finally, Pala regularly adds features such as Boost Poker (fewer, stronger-field tournaments and cash games) to stop people running up huge balances and carrying our less experienced players.

Long story short, Pala does everything it can think of to attract, protect and develop new players. Naturally, this dynamic makes it one of the best NJ poker apps for experienced players looking to pad their profit and egos with easy scalps. However, if you’d like to enjoy the sweet symphony of silence after you’ve made a big bet, an app like Pala is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread.

4. 888pokerroar – Most Innovative Smartphone App

New players at 888poker NJ can exponentially increase their bankroll by clicking the link below:

  • 🔝
  • (eCOGRA)
  • (NGW)
  • (GAMCAare)
  • Information Society Commission
  • (MGA)
  • Hubbert Relocation
  • marriage
  • family
  • friends
  • harm to individuals
  • minors

qualities contrary to law

  • Snappy design harks back to app's early days.
  • Parachute into lower-stakes games.
  • Quickseat works well on small screens.
  • Occasional lag and stuttering issues.
  • Tournament filters could be clearer.
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$30 in free cash & up to $1,000 bonus - new players receiving 100% of their first deposit as a relievable bonus. DE, MD, NV excluded.

Before Borgata switched its software over to BetMGM tech, 888poker was my pick for best poker app in New Jersey. In fact, I liked it so much, I wrote a feature about why it rocked back in 2019.

A lot has stayed the same since then. The swipe-based nav bar, parachute animations, and chunky on-screen controls are still there. Even the slight stutter and periodic lag that dogged the app back then are still present today.

However, 888pokerrroar has evolved in other ways. For example, the tournament filters are now available on mobile, which wasn’t always the case back in the day. Additionally, the merger with WSOP.com and the merged player pool that came with it, has transformed 888poker into the most populous NJ poker site.

Of course, the pandemic had a huge impact on online traffic too. However, even before COVID-19 changed everything, 888poker was starting to gain momentum thanks to its innovative approach.

By continuing to roll out regular updates, 888pokerroa remains one of the most impressive poker apps in NJ. It might not be absolutely flawless, but it has character and heart. Moreover, it keeps on adding features and refining the fundamentals. In a market that can sometimes feel a bit stale, that makes 888poker a breath of fresh air.

5. Partypoker NJ – Pioneering poker app gets some much needed TLC

New to partypoker NJ? Use the following link to receive a $30 in bonuses plus up to $600 on your first deposit.

  • 💸
  • (eCOGRA)
  • (NGW)
  • Duke CIT
  • marriage
  • family
  • friends
  • harm to individuals
  • minors

qualities contrary to law

  • First poker site in the NJ market.
  • Features inherited from international versions.
  • Good tournament section.
  • Occasional lag and latency issues.
  • No built-in tools for HUDs.

$30 in bonuses / up to $600 - $30 free play received as a mystery wheel bonus. Deposit Match Bonus up to $600 released in $10 chunks. MI & WA excluded.

Classic Slots Online You Need to Try - Big Win Cat

Partypoker NJ fell behind the curve in recent years but received a significant update in 2021.

It’s easy to forget what a trailblazer partypoker was when online poker was first becoming legal in the United States. However, partypoker NJ hasn’t always lived up to its forebear’s legacy in recent years. Fortunately, that started changing in 2021 when partypoker began to push out regular updates and add features it had previously inherited from its international versions.

These updates have done wonders for partypoker NJ. For instance, the SNG and tournament sections of the software are now among the best in New Jersey. Meanwhile, the addition of SPINS games (Nash-boosted hyper-turbo Sit & Go’s with random prize pool multipliers) has added some excitement to an otherwise steady ship.

There are still some issues around occasional lag and latency. Sometimes it feels like someone has stuck Treacle in the pipes. However, these occurrences aren’t frequent enough to write this off as one of the best NJ spin poker apps.

indeed, SPINS games are a perfect fit for partypoker. Not only did this format appear as part of the party poker origin story, but it’s also ideally suited to the current pandemic era we find ourselves in.

Indeed, with random prize pool multipliers providing massive upside, partypoker NJ could give you something to smile about during what is, for many of us, a fairly miserable time.

6. Unibet Poker NJ – Soft field poker app with boosted rewards

New to Unibet? Use the following link to receive an up to $500 deposit match bonus & 300 Spins on Golden Games. PA, CA, AND WA EXCLUDED.

  • 📱 (10Twenty)
  • (GambleAware)
  • (BEG)
  • (ICRA)
  • (egaming)
  • UKGC

qualities contrary to law

  • Softy fields are kinder to newbies.
  • Booster Rewards provide extra incentive.
  • SNGs / cash games with blinds under $1/$2 ignored.
  • Lag and latency issues.
  • Low traffic = limited tournaments.

Up to $500 Deposit Match & 300 Free Spins - in golden games. NEW PLAYERS ONLY. AVAILABLE TO PLAYERS IN NEW JERSEY. MIN DEPOSIT $10.

If you’re learning the game, trying out new strategies, or simply in need of a slap, there are lots of players you should avoid. Luckily, Unibet Poker NJ is one I’d point you in the direction of. Admittedly, this isn’t because it’s unbeatable or particularly strong. It’s just that most of the fishy types seem to congregate here.

Equally, there are times when it’s useful to have another app in your arsenal that isn’t as busy as some others. For example, if there’s a meteorological event that forces everyone indoors but you’ve already smashed through your Borgata and partypoker session, Unibet is a decent fallback option.

Another reason to consider Unibet one of the best NJ poker apps is its Booster Rewards system. This promo gives you an increased number of iRewards points (Unibet’s loyalty scheme) on certain days of the week. Combined with the softer fields, this makes Unibet an interesting place to earn your way up the loyalty ladder.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that Unibet is part of the Kindred Group, which has a long history of pushing boundaries in other regulated markets. For example, the company caused a stir in Europe by taking action against cheaters instead of condoning collusion.

It stands to reason that Kindred will try similar tactics in New Jersey, which means the overall standard of play should remain artificially low. Moreover, features such as ignore mode, straddle blinds, and time banks might make an appearance in the Garden State. So, keep an eye on Unibet - this could be a sleeper agent in the battle for best poker app NJ.

7. PokerKing – Great Android Poker App From The Maker of UPoker

  • 🔒
  • (eCOGRA)
  • (iTech Labs)
  • NGW
  • Ontario iGaming Commission
  • marriage
  • family
  • friends
  • harm to individuals
  • minors

qualities contrary to law

Best Online Slots to Win Real Money in NJ & PA (2023)
  • Solid offering from established team.
  • Fast-fold Lotus Poker with innovations.
  • Occasional technical gremlins.
  • Smallest network in NJ.
  • Few promos / tournaments.

$30 free play / 150% deposit bonus - new players receiving iRewards points that can be redeemed for cash prizes. PA, CA, AND WA NOT ELIGIBLE.

Before it became PokerKing, UPoker tried to shake up the NJ online poker scene. Although it didn’t end up being the best poker app in NJ, it wasn’t far off.

Fast forward to 2023 and UPoker has been rebranded and revitalized as PokerKing. Now operated by the reputable Union Gaming, this android poker app offers the same lotus poker format (aka zoom) but with some clever tweaks.

Basically, Lotus Poker lets you play multiple tables at speeds normally reserved for sports fans counting goals in a soccer match. However, PokerKing also has a special Boost Lotus variant that randomly awards you a second stab at a hand if you happen to get dealt pocket twos.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it actually changes the way you play. I found myself calling bets with complete air in the hope I’d catch a pair and maybe even double up pre-flop. If you like spinning up a stack in SPINS or turbo tourneys, PokerKing could be worth checking out.

That said, PokerKing is definitely a niche product at this point. It needs more variants, bigger guarantees, and a greater array of promotions before it will challenge the likes of Borgata et al. For best poker app in NJ honors. Still, it’s got potential and is worthy of your attention. Especially if you tend to run hot or cold - aka a spontaneous energy that meshes well with fast fold poker.

Advice for Using APKs

If the above guide has helped you choose the top NJ poker app for your needs, that’s great to hear. Before you install the software, I do have a few bits of advice that might help you stay safe and get the most out of your experience.

Beware Fake Downloads

When you search the internet using certain keywords, you’ll find all sorts of sketchy sites promising to show you how to get poker on your phone in New Jersey. Obviously, I can’t speak for every site out there, but I can tell you some of the instructions contain information that could put your device at risk.

For example, some sites will tell you to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources (also known as side-loading). This sounds great when you’re trying to install the best NJ poker app without the App Store, but it leaves your phone open to all kinds of attacks. Every piece of legitimate software in the Apple or Google stores has gone through a vetting process. There is no quality control when you side-load APKs.

Now, it’s possible to be cautious when side-loading and avoid problems. However, I wouldn’t advise it - especially when you can follow my steps for downloading an Android poker app without QR code scan.

How to Install an Android Poker App Without Google Play

The official way to download an Android poker app in NJ is slightly convoluted. Basically, you need to enable installation from “unknown sources,” get the PokerStars play app from the Web, and then convert it into a usable APK file. It seems complicated but it isn’t. I walk you through the whole process in my guide on how to download an Android poker app without Google Play.

Why Are Mobile Apps Important for NJ Poker Rooms?

Every major poker site in New Jersey has an app and, for the most part, these pieces of software are just as advanced as their desktop equivalents. So, why are mobile apps important for NJ poker rooms? Here are three key reasons:


Have you ever tried to navigate your way through a 10-page rake schedule? How about dividing $10,000 between five friends in exactly the right proportion to clear $2 in fees? These may seem like hypothetical questions, but they are based on real situations I’ve encountered while sitting at a desktop poker client.

In both instances, I wanted to transfer money or calculate fees - neither is possible on a phone. Unless you’re sitting in front of a big screen, it is difficult to perform certain tasks. Therefore, being able to play poker on your phone makes life much easier.


This is a natural extension of convenience. If you can play poker on your phone, you can play poker wherever you have phone reception. This means you can fire up the best NJ poker app while riding the bus, sunbathing by the pool, or standing in an elevator (don’t tell Trump).

Accessibility is particularly important in a state as small as New Jersey. Casinos are dotted along the eastern edge of the state (there is one exception -Hardrock Atlantic City) which means most people are living a fair distance from their preferred venue. Therefore, many players have to commute to play live poker in NJ.

Online poker eradicates this issue completely and, when you can play on your phone, it provides even more freedom. Suddenly you’re not tied to your home or office, you can log on wherever you happen to be.

Attraction / Retention

Studying a rake schedule or filling in a registration form on your phone may be annoying, but what about playing poker? Isn’t that a bit small for your tastes? You might be surprised. Yes, you have fewer buttons to click when playing on a phone, but you also have reduced geolocation risks, improved player privacy, and enhanced security.

From a new business perspective, poker on android and iphone devices makes it easier for people to sign up and deposit. Plus, it gives players something to do between tasks, which should (hopefully) reduce idle time and inactivity fees. Poker apps aren’t going away anytime soon, so check out our reviews and rankings of the best US poker app options below.

  • Can I Earn More Rewards on One Poker Room’s App Than Another in New Jersey?

    Yes. Each poker room sets its own promotional schedule, and it’s usually more beneficial to grind on one site than hop between several.

  • Is it Better to Have Multiple Poker Apps in NJ Installed Simultaneously?

    Not necessarily. As I explained in my explanation of how to find the best poker apps in NJ, each app offers a bonus that’s accessible via a referral link. Usually the best way to maximize your earnings is to focus on one site at a time and bring your friends over while your hypothesis is being tested.

  • Do I Need an iPad for the Best NJ Mobile Poker Experience?

    No. The best poker apps in NJ work on a variety of devices. In fact, if you look at the technical requirements, you’ll find they’re fairly basic and should be within the capabilities of most smartphones and tablets.

  • How Secure are the Top Poker Apps in New Jersey?

    Extremely. All licensed operators in New Jersey use encryption technology that meets or exceeds industry standards. That applies to their web apps and mobile software. Even third-party auditors like eCOGRA and GLI agree that player funds are safe at NJ poker apps.

  • Is It Against the Law for a New Jersey Resident to Play Live Cash Games and Poker Tournaments at a Casino While Standing Up?

    No. A casino in New Jersey isn’t breaking the law by allowing players to stand up while they’re , and you aren’t breaking the law by doing the same. That may seem like an odd question, but there are rules about standing up while playing online (i.e. you must be seated).

  • Is It Hard to Clear Bonuses on an Android Poker App in New Jersey?

    Not necessarily. generally involve receiving a sum of cash (or points) for completing certain tasks. Things like depositing for the first time or referring a friend often form part of these schemes. Typically, these promos are accessible on all platforms including android.

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