Slot hacks to win big & increase your chances in 2023

  • Claim casino bonuses to get more money to play with, such as a deposit match or free spins.
  • Play slot machines with high RTPs (Return to Player) and low volatility to win more often but smaller amounts.
  • Use cheat codes like bonus codes and cheat codes to trigger bonus games and extra spins.

You’re probably here because you want to know how to beat slot machine paying mechanisms and algorithms. I have some bad news – there are no guaranteed ways of winning at online slot machines all the time.

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However, I can share some slot tips based on years of researching online slots that give big wins and learning from experienced players.

By implementing these tricks and hacks for slot machines, you may improve your chances of hitting it big when playing .

1. Play Slots with High RTPs

The return to player (RTP) rate is one of the most important factors to consider before spinning the reels. It indicates how much each game pays out over time.

For instance, an RTP of 96% keeps $96 of every $100 wagered. Although this does not guarantee any returns, it means that the game should offer decent payouts if you play long enough.

A general rule of thumb is to avoid slots with RTPs lower than 95%. Look for those exceeding 96%, but aim even higher. Many high-quality games boast RTPs above 98%, so seek them out.

In addition, consider the volatility level. Does the game pay frequently but in small amounts (low volatility)? Or do you need patience for infrequent, yet considerable prizes (high volatility)?

What Is a Good RTP for Online Slots?

An online slot machine’s RTP is an essential factor to consider before playing. It represents the theoretical return percentage the game should provide over a significant number of spins.

For example, an RTP of 96% means that for every $100 wagered, the game should return $96, on average. However, this doesn't guarantee specific results for individual players.

When choosing slot games, it's best to avoid those with RTPs below 95%. Striving for RTPs exceeding 96% is wise, but prioritize those going beyond 98%.

Keep in mind that volatility also plays a role. Do you prefer frequent wins, albeit small ones (low volatility)? Or would you rather anticipate bigger prizes, although less regularly (high volatility), by playing slot machines?

While RTP is a crucial indicator, remember that it reflects long-term expectations and isn't a guarantee for single sessions.

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What Is a Bad RTP for Online Slots?

As a rule of thumb, you might want to steer clear of slot games with RTPs lower than 95%. While not guaranteeing wins, selecting games with higher RTPs (like those exceeding 96%) can increase your potential returns over time.

In fact, seeking out games with RTPs surpassing 98% is ideal.

Remember that RTP is a long-term expectation and doesn't assure outcomes in a single session.

Additionally, consider the volatity level. Do you prefer regular, albeit smaller wins (indicating low volatility)? Or would you rather anticipate larger prizes albeit less frequently (showing higher volatility) while picking your slot machine games?

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Although RTP is a vital indicator, keep in mind that it doesn't guarantee short-term success.

It's essential to understand what RTP signifies when evaluating slot games. RTP is calculated over millions of spins and serves as a long-term percentage return. For instance, a game with an RTP of 97% means that for every $100 wagered, the game, theoretically, must return $97 in winnings over a vast number of spins.

Nevertheless, this doesn't ensure profits for individual players during a brief period. Think of it like flipping a coin; regardless of whether heads or tails falls, over many flips, you'll approach a 50/50 ratio. But in the short term, you might see streaks of heads or tails.

Therefore, RTP functions similarly in slots, where wins and losses balance out in the long run, but variations can occur in the short term.

What Are Some Slots with High RTPs?

Here are some slot games with high RTPs:

  • Mega Joker (RTP: 99%)
  • Goblin's Cave (RTP: 99.32%)
  • Book of Dead (RTP: 96.21%)
  • Starmania (RTP: 97.86%)
  • Blood Suckers (RTP: 98%)

Book of Dead is one of the slots with a high RTP, measuring 96.21%. While hunting the Book of Dead in this slot, you could unlock 10 free spin rounds and a gamble feature that could double your prize. Newly registered players at National Casino who make their first deposit receive 100 no-welcome spins on Book of Dead.

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2. Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Online casinos often offer enticing bonuses, including deposit matches, free spins, and loyalty rewards. These perks enhance your bankroll, giving you additional funds and spins to work with.

Before claiming a bonus, thoroughly read its terms and conditions. Factor in the wagering requirements, which determine how many times you must bet the bonus amount to cash out your winnings.

Some bonuses require hefty wagering, making it challenging to convert the funds into withdrawable income. Therefore, search for promotions with reasonable rollovers and suitable expiration dates.

Deposit Match Bonuses

Many online casinos offer deposit match bonuses to attract new players. These bonuses match a percentage of your initial deposit, expanding your gaming funds.

For instance, a 100% deposit match bonus on a $50 deposit would grant you an extra $50, enlarging your balance to $100.

Commonly, deposit match bonuses cap the max bonus amount. A $100 max bonus on a 100% deposit match would mean that depositing $100 is the most you can add to your account. In such cases, funding the entire bonus amount with an alternative payment method, such as a prepaid card, might be advantageous if you're eligible.

How Do You Utilize Deposit Match Bonuses?

Deposit match bonuses are appealing incentives offered by many online casinos. These bonuses match a portion of your initial deposit, expanding your gaming funds. Here's an example to help you grasp this concept better:

Let's say you claim a 100% deposit match bonus and decide to deposit $50. The bonus will provide you with an extra $50, increasing your balance to $100.

It's critical to note that most deposit match bonuses impose maximum limits. To fully maximize such a bonus, depositing the max allowed amount is recommended.

For instance, if the maximum bonus is $100 on a 100% deposit match, depositing $100 is the best strategy to obtain the full bonus amount. This way, you'll receive the additional $100, totaling your balance to $200.

Using prepaid cards as an alternative payment method can be beneficial in capping your deposit amount when the bonus has maximum limitations.

When taking advantage of these offers, ensure you meet the wagering requirements and abide by the promotion's terms and conditions. Typically, these conditions include a specific period to fulfill the wagering and restrictions on certain games or features.

Which Online Casinos Offer Great Deposit Match Bonuses?

Several online casinos stand out for their generous deposit match bonuses, providing excellent opportunities to boost your gaming funds. Here are some examples:

  • — Up to $7,500 on your first several deposits
  • — 250% up to $2,500
  • — 300% up to $4,500
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Las Atlantis Casino welcomes new players with a remarkable bonus consisting of up to $7,500 across your initial few deposits. Every newcomer is invited to celebrate with this lavish underwater feast. Their library bursts with 230+ games, all alluring and brand new.

With its elegant design and enthralling selection of slots, table games, and live dealer experiences powered by leading software providers, you're sure to enjoy a premier gambling experience at Las Atlantis Casino.

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Free Spins

Free spins are a beloved bonus, particularly for slot enthusiasts. They allow you to try out games without risking your own funds on the introductory round(s).

These rotations often carry certain restrictions, such as limiting your winnings or requiring specific slot machines. Thoroughly examining the terms and conditions is crucial to understanding these constraints.

You can earn free spins through welcome packages, loyalty programs, or special promotions. Maximizing your use of these complimentary turns can enhance your possibilities of scoring favorable outcomes.

What Are the Best Casinos That Give Out Free Spins?

Several online casinos distinguish themselves by offering generous quantities of free spins. Here are a few notable options:

  • Wild Casino: Weekly bonuses with up to 200 free spins
  • BetOnline: 100 free spins on selected slots with the Welcome Bonus
  • DuckyLuck Casino: Up to 500 free spins throughout 15 days after signing up

Wild Casino stands out by incorporating free spins into their weekly bonus scheme, rewarding loyal customers with up to 200 complementary spins every seven days.

BetOnline grants newcomers 100 free spins as part of their Welcome Bonus, which can be utilized on select slots. Sign up now to explore their diverse range of 300+ gaming options, including slots, live dealers, and sports betting.

DuckyLuck Casino greets every fresh registration with an exhilarating offer lasting two weeks. Players can savor 20 free spins on the first day and then 20 spins each day for the next 14 sessions, accumulating in a thrilling total of 500!

Experience over 400 dazzling slots and many other gaming delights, all under one vibrant roof.

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Loyalty Rewards

Many online casinos honor their most devoted patrons with exclusive benefits and incentives. These rewards vary but might involve personalized promotions, priority customer service, free plays, birthday gifts, and invitations to VIP events.

Climbing the loyalty tiers typically enhances the perceived value of these perks. If your dedication to play does not immediately place you in a top tier, don't be disheartened. Focusing on having fun instead of solely chasing rewards can lead to higher positions over time.

How to Qualify for Loyalty Programs:

Each casino's loyalty program has unique qualification criteria. Some require invitation-only access, while others permit self-enrollment. Comprising details like casinos' loyalty programs in this guide is beyond my capacity. However, I recommend visiting the casino's website for further information about their specific program and terms.

Most programs evaluate your status based on multiple factors, such as duration and frequency of play, average bet size, game choices, and responsibility in adhering to gambling laws and responsibly enjoying yourself.

Being a responsible gambler who interacts positively with customer service and the casino platform itself can potentially augment your loyalty program standing. Nevertheless, the primary goal remains having a delightful gambling experience.

Enjoying yourself while playing responsibly, following gambling laws, maintaining positive interactions with customer service, and complying with the casino's terms can all contribute to elevating your loyalty program stance.

Furthermore, repeat business and recommending the casino to others can also benefit your ranking within loyalty programs.

Remember that every casino sets different standards for their loyalty schemes. Some invite members exclusively, whereas others enable self-enrollment. Factors determining your standing comprise gambling duration and frequency, preferred games, average wagers, and conduct indicators such as engaging with casino services and conforming to gambling regulations.

Repeated patronage and recommending the casino to others can potentially enhance your rank within a loyalty program. Nonetheless, remaining in a given loyalty tier requires sustaining the same level of activity in terms of the preceding factors.

Hence, it's imperative to comprehend a program's specific conditions, specifically concerning inactivity durations. Failing to meet the minimum activity threshold might result in tier demotion or exit from the loyalty program.

I suggest reviewing each program's rules to understand how inactivity affects your standing. If you're unsure, contacting the casino's customer support team is advisable.

3. Choose Low Volatility Slots

Slots with low volatility, also known as frequent wins slots, are designed to deliver smaller but more frequent payouts relative to your bet size. Conversely, high volatility slots, often labeled as big wins slots, produce larger yet less regular prizes compared to your wager.

Understanding volatility is pivotal in aligning your slot selection with your objectives. If you desire extended playing sessions with smaller victories, frequent wins slots are suitable. On the other hand, if you chase thrilling but uncommon bigger wins to fund less frequent playing sessions, high volatility slots might match your goals better.

Where Can I Find Low Volatility Slots?

Best Rush Games Slots at Wild Casino - El Gran Fall guy

Suprisingly, not all casino websites offer similar slot selections. To find abundant options for low volatility games, I suggest exploring the following online casinos:

  • Ignition Casino: Known for its wide range of low volatility progressive jackpot slots
  • SlotsandCasino: Renowned for its extensive collection of low volatility slots
  • Rolling Slots: Distinguished for its diversified choice of low volatility slot machines

Ignition Casino stands out for its plenteous assortment of low volatility progressive jackpot slots. SlotsandCasino enjoys acclaim for its comprehensive inventory of low volatility slots, making it a popular destination. Lastly, Rolling Slots distinguishes itself with a varied portfolio of low volatility slot machines.

Sign up today at any of these reputable online casinos and boost your odds of encountering gratifying slot experiences with more frequent wins!

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4. Take Advantage of Casino Cheat Codes

Casino cheat codes, also referred to as slot cheat codes, are secret combinations that dedicated developers decipher and reveal to the public. These codes unlock various benefits within specific slot games, such as free spins, bonus rounds, extra credits, and even jackpots.

Cheat codes can significantly enhance your gaming excitement and, in turn, your winnings. However, they only function on specific titles and require an active internet connection to input the code.

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You can discover cheat codes for slots through various resources, including gaming forums, social media, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and private groups on Facebook.

Where Can I Find Cheat Codes for Slots?

Unfortunately, I am unable to display websites here. However, you can explore trusted gaming forums, social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook, video-sharing sites such as YouTube, and live streaming communities like Twitch to hunt for elusive slot cheat codes.

Just remember to exercise caution and verify the reliability and legitimacy of the sources before utilization.

While cheat codes offer exciting advantages, I want to emphasize that they function only on particular slot machines. Moreover, they are typically created by passionate players and shouldn't be confused with official casino developments. Finally, using these codes necessitates an ongoing internet connection.

So, if you're eager to unearth cheat codes for slots, the worldwide web provides a multitude of avenues to commence your exploration. Nevertheless, safety ought to be a topmost concern. Hence, it is prudent to practice due diligence and confirm the credibility of the resources before putting the slot cheat codes into action.

5. Play Slots for Free

Trying demo versions, also recognized as free-play or no-money-download modes, enables you to acquaint yourself with slot machines without spending actual currency. These complimentary editions mimic the characteristics and mechanics of their paid counterparts but grant endless credits, letting you relish endless spins devoid of risks.

Sampling slot games in their gratis forms allows you to assess whether their style suits your preferences before committing real funds. Furthermore, experimenting with free versions can help you comprehend complex rules, understand distinct features, and optimize your betting strategies.

Numerous online casinos offer demo modes for slot games. Here are some reputable platforms that enable you to test slots without charge:

High-quality casino websites, such as the ones listed above, allow users to sample various slot machines without cost through demo mode or no-money-download version.

Playing free slot game trials is risk-free and gives valuable insight into a game's mechanics and entertainment value before betting actual funds.

Where Else Can I Play Free Slots?

If you're looking to play free slots online, there are plenty of options available. Below, I have highlighted some reputable websites where you can enjoy gratis slot game trials:

  • Playstarlot: Provides a substantial library of over 400 free-play slot machines
  • Offers a variety of no-money-gambling slot games
  • Slotman: Known for its diverse selection of demo slot machines
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Playstarslot takes pride in showcasing more than 400 free-to-play slot machines, catering to numerous players' desires. delights visitors with a collection of slots where entertains prevails over betting real money. Lastly, Slotman distinguishes itself with a diverse assortment of demo slot machines.

Visit these trustworthy sites right away to immerse yourself in an array of exciting free slot trials!

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6. Understand Paylines

Paylines refer to the predetermined patterns on the reels of a slot machine, which define the way winning combinations are formed. Classic slot machines featuring multiple lines usually provide the option to disable some of these lines and currently, slots with adjustable paylines are becoming scarce.

On the other hand, modern slot designs often present a fixed number of ways to win, substituting the conventional payline system with cluster or cascading features. Regardless of the setup, the objective remains consistent: line up compatible icons as per the specific rules of the game.

Why Are Paylines Important in Slots?

Paylines are fundamental in slots since they establish the guidelines for defining winning combos. Generally, symbols need to fall into proper alignment along a specified payline to generate a successful outcome.

Typical old-school slots presenting multiple rows usually allow players to deactivate certain paylines. However, finding slot machines with customizable paylines is getting increasingly rare nowadays.

Contrastingly, contemporary slot layouts commonly incorporate a fixed quantity of pathways to victory, doing away with the flexibility to modify paylines. Nevertheless, the end goal stays constant: arrange compatible symbols according to the game's distinctive payline rules to achieve triumphant combinations.

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How Many Paylines Should I Play?

Choosing the correct coin size and handling your overall stake judiciously are pivotal decisions while playing slots, irrespective of whether they feature adjustable paylines or fixed paths to victory.

Assessing the game's paytable and balancing your bankroll are crucial steps. If you enjoy playing max coins, I recommend determining your coin size first and then figuring out the highest number of coins your budget can handle for that coin denomination. This will enable you to spin the reels with the maximum number of coins.

Many slots match the max coin wager with the optimum number of paylines. So, you won't need to alter any settings. On the other hand, slots that permit adjusted paylines might reduce your coefficient icons or break a jackpot-producing combo pattern when you decrease the number of activated paylines.

Jackpot slots generally recommend wagering max coins to have a chance at hitting the major prize. Since each spin is independent and previous results hold no influence on future ones, the coin size and spin amount you choose are up to your discretion.

Where Can I Find Slots With Flexible Lines and What Are Cluster Wins Slots?

Suppose you're eager to explore slots with adaptable paylines or games centered on cluster wins. In that case, I suggest checking out Ignition Casino, known for its rich assortment of such captivating slot variants.

If you appreciate having flexibility in choosing paylines or enjoy games that grant victories for matching symbols forming clusters, then is the perfect destination for you.

Sign up now and dive into a world of enthralling slot play with the freedom to tailor your gaming experience precisely as you prefer it!

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7. Avoid Payout Rate Publication

Publicly revealing the payout percentages of specific slot machines can bring both pros and cons. Here are a few reasons behind my stance:

Pro: Transparency and Choice: Openly publishing payout rates empowers players to make well-informed decisions. Those seeking higher RTPs can steer towards games with superior ratios, aligning game selection with individual objectives.

Pro: Healthy Competition: Casinos may strive to present more attractive RTPs to draw in and retain patrons in a transparent environment. This competition could potentially lead to a wider array of slots with more favorable payout percentages.

Con: Strategizing Impact: When players are aware of a slot's RTF, it could affect how they engage with the game. The pleasure derived from playing may shift from pure enjoyment to a calculating experience focused on potential outcomes.

Con: Potential Disincentive: Casinos generating low RTPs might experience a drop in popularity if their numbers become public. This could dissuade such establishments from voluntarily sharing this information, creating inconsistency across the industry.

Best RTP Slots in Las Vegas, NV - Top Castle Magical Las Vegas Slots

Ultimately, I cannot decisively state whether or not casinos should post the RTPs of their slot machines for public viewing. There are compelling arguments supporting both viewpoints.

6 Fun Facts About Slot Machines

  1. Simulated Oxygen Levels: In the hopes of encouraging gamblers to keep pulling the slot machine handle, Cleveland's Mayfair Mall once installed machines that emulated decreasing oxygen levels. Alarmingly, this gimmick was never approved and thankfully never operated.
  2. First Digital Slot: Cat Cradle, developed in 1976 by Fenwick Millers, Inc., earned the distinction of being the inaugural digital slot machine. Its prototype is kept in the Smithsonian Institution.
  3. Longest Winning Streak: In 2003, Cynthia Jay-Brennan, a retired math teacher, accomplished an astounding 169 quarter wins in a row on a nickel machine without hitting a paysize. This achievement led to a Guinness World Record.
  4. Biggest Jackpot Win: In 2018, a programmer from Los Angeles claimed a jaw-dropping $17 million Megabucks jackpot after wagering only $3 on a slot machine. He said he planned to donate a large chunk of his windfall to charity.
  5. Highest Slot Machine: Located in Montana, the Highest Slot Machine title goes to a Jackson Valley Trail caboose lifted to an altitude of 11,400 feet on top of a mountain range. Getting there is an arduous trek of almost seven miles on foot or two miles by snowmobile during winter.
  6. Slots Capital - Las Vegas Strip Avoidance: Due to unfavorable conditions setting up shops there, Si Redd, the founder of Bally Technologies and creator of the first-ever electromechanical slot machine, Honeyslug, avoided establishing businesses on the Las Vegas Strip.


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