Casino games with the best odds of winning

  • Baccarat has the highest win rate at 45.86%, making it one of the best games to play at a casino.
  • Blackjack isn’t too far behind baccarat, coming in at a high 42.22% win rate.
  • Roulette doesn’t offer the highest wins compared to other table games at casinos but still has a 48.65% win rate.

The allure of casinos is strong, with millions visiting them every year. The promise of big wins and exciting experiences draws people in, but not everyone leaves a winner.

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One way to tip the odds in your favor is to play games with the best winning odds at a casino. In this article, we’ll explore the top five games based on their win rates. So, if you’re ready to stack the deck (metaphorically speaking, of course), let’s dive in!

1. Baccarat

Topping the list is baccarat, a game often associated with James Bond and extravagant lifestyles. But as it turns out, it’s not just a fantasy of the rich; it’s also a reality for those seeking higher win rates.

According to our research, baccarat boasts a remarkable 45.86% win rate, making it the clear leader in this category. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the game’s reputation or complexity, don’t be.

Baccarat is relatively simple. You have three betting options: player, banker, and tie. A croupier deals out the cards, and if your bet is correct, you win. It’s essential to bet on the banker option in the long run since it comes with lower house edges (around 1.06%) than the player option (1.24%).

Of course, there are exceptions and commission fees to consider, but sticking to the banker bet generally improves your chances of leaving the table victorious.

2. Blackjack

No surprise here, blackjack is another casino classic that offers some of the best odds for players. With a win rate of 42.22%, it’s a crowd favorite for a reason.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the game, the goal of blackjack is to get your cards to add up to more than the dealer, without exceeding 21. By using strategy and making smart decisions, you can improve your chances of winning.

Unlike most games where getting 21 on your first two cards is a cause for celebration, this hand sometimes puts a target on your back. Known as a “soft 21” (when an ace is part of the combination), it can come with higher stakes. A dealer might feel pressured to risk going for bust to try and beat your score.

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In such situations, it can pay off to be gracious and ask the dealer if they would like a second card (a practice known as “soft twenty-one etiquette”). This gesture shows respect for the game’s mechanics and consideration for your fellow players’ experiences. It’s a small act that can go a long way in creating a positive atmosphere at the table.

3. Roulette

While roulette may not have the highest win rate compared to baccarat and blackjack (coming in at 48.65%), it’s still a crowd favorite due to its simplicity and excitement. There’s something magical about watching the spinning wheel and tumbling ball, holding your breath as the result reveals itself.

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But did you know that not all roulette bets are created equal? Some have better odds than others. For instance, betting on red or black offers a 47.37% chance of winning, while odd/even wagers provide a 48% success rate. However, if you dare to get a little more adventurous, try betting on specific numbers.

While the odds might seem slim at 2.7%, that’s still a sizable 48.25% win rate if you imagine the wheel as a whole rather than individual spins. Just picture yourself walking up to the table, the croupier giving you a knowing smile as you confidently place your chip down, fingers crossed. The wheel starts spinning, the buzz of excitement around you fades away, and then… victory. It’s moments like these that make roulette a true classic.

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4. Pai Gow Poker

Next up, we have pai gow poker, a game that’s often overlooked but packs a punch when it comes to winning odds. With a solid 47.41% success rate, it’s definitely worth considering. Based on the ancient chinese game of pai gow, this poker variant invites you to create a high hand and a low hand from your seven cards.

To increase your chances of victory, aim to beat the dealer’s hands in either the high or low positions. Sounds easy enough, right? One tactic to keep in mind is the importance of setting a strong low hand. While it might be tempting to focus on your high hand, neglecting your backup cards can be costly.

By prioritizing a strong two-card hand, you create a solid foundation for your overall performance. It’s like building a tower, layering strength upon strength until it reaches new heights.

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4. (Tie) Video Poker

Video poker is yet another game that shares the fourth spot with pai gow poker, offering players a win rate of 47.41%. It’s a beloved option for many gamers due to its combination of slot machine speed and poker strategy elements.

Much like slots, you won’t need to worry about slowing down the action even if you have a group of beginners who need extra guidance. The magic of video poker lies in the five cards you’re dealt. It’s up to you to decide which ones to hold onto and which to swap out, all in the hopes of creating a killer hand.

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Now, I know what some of you might be thinking: “Hold onto everything!” While that approach might bring you momentary joy, it’s not exactly a recipe for lasting success. Instead, take a deep breath, assess the situation, and make choices that align with the laws of poker land. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll hit the jackpot and treat yourself to a fancy dinner… or ten.

6. Caribbean Stud Poker

With a win percentage of 47.22%, Caribbean stud poker sneaks into seventh place. Despite its modest rank, it’s still a respectable choice for anyone looking to test their poker skills against the house.

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Here’s how it works: you place a bet, the dealer gives you a set of cards, and you decide whether to fold or raise based on what you see. If you choose to raise, you need to put down an additional bet. Only when your cards are better than the dealer’s can you call it a day.

It’s important to remember that, just like in life, things don’t always go your way in Caribbean stud poker. Even if you raise and have a great hand, there’s a chance the dealer will have something even better. It’s during these moments that patience and persistence pay off. Keep playing, stay focused, and celebrate the small victories along the way.

5. Sic Bo

Rounding out the top five is sic bo, an ancient chinese dice game that brings a little bit of mystery and intrigue to the party. With a win rate of 46.94%, it might not be the front-runner, but it’s certainly got character.

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One of the unique features of sic bo is the ability to bet on various combinations of dice rolls. Want to go for the big bucks? Try predicting three of a kind. Prefer a more conservative approach? Opt for doubles or specific total values.

As with any game involving chance, superstition can creep in. You might find yourself drawn to certain sets of dice or convinced that a particular color tablecloth brings you luck. Embrace these quirks, whether fun or silly; they add to the charm of sic bo. After all, isn’t part of the casino experience indulging in a little bit of whimsy?

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6. (Tie) Slot Machines

Beloved by players near and far, slot machines share sixth place with sic bo, offering a 46.94% win rate. Contrary to popular belief, not all one-armed bandits are created equal. Believe it or not, your choice of machine can actually impact your chances of leaving the casino with a grin on your face.

For starters, look for games with higher return-to-player (rtp) percentages. These bad boys are programmed to give more of that sweet, sweet money back to the players over time. Why settle for a puny 75% rtp when you could have your eyes on a juicy 98%?

Another pro tip? Adjust your denomination. It might sound counterintuitive, but putting in more coins/bills isn’t always the way to go. Sometimes, the lowest settings have the best odds. It’s like the old saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money,” but maybe take it down a notch.

8. Keno

Keno is up next, hovering around the eighth spot with a win probability of 46.62%. If you’ve never played before, it’s sort of like the love child of bingo and lottery. You pick some numbers, the machine picks some numbers, and voilà! Excitement ensues.

One of the perks of keno is the flexibility it offers. You can choose anything from one to 15 numbers, each representing a potential win if it gets drawn. It’s like a buffet of possibilities, except instead of calories, you’re devouring triumph.

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However, I must impart some wisdom passed down from experienced players: resist the temptation to go for the maximum number of picks. It might seem logical to pile ’em on, increasing your chances for several small wins. But alas, it’s a double-edged sword. If even one of your chosen ones fails to make an appearance, you walk away empty-handed.

Perhaps think of it like this: would you rather dance in the aisles, celebrating three tickets with little pink chicken bits, or bask in the glory of a full house, earning bragging rights till next week? The choice is yours.

9. Spanish 21

Spanish 21, also known as pontoon, clocks in at a respectable 46.22%, snatching the ninth position. What sets this variation apart from its classic 21 counterpart is the absence of 10s in the deck. It’s like a game of cat and mouse, only the mouse has lost some of its digits.

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Despite this twist, the rules remain largely familiar. You aim for a score above the dealer’s while avoiding the dreaded bust. One delightful feature of spanish 21 is the love it has for ties. Tied bias? They’ll give you 10% of your initial bet. Tied higheastern? 20%. Bonanza!

Imagine the pure joy written all over your face as the dealer announces, “Twenty one! And looksie here, looksie there, looksie everywhere, you and the player have the same up in the air…” It’s moments like these that make spanish 21 a fan favorite.

10. Three Card Poker

Last but not least, we have three card poker rounding up the top ten with a win percentage of 45.48%. As the name suggests, this game involves only three cards, making it a quick fix for those who prefer their gambling on the snappier side.

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The general idea is to beat the dealer’s hand while also aiming for a bonus payout if your personal combination is impressive enough. It’s like having two birds with one stone… three cards? whatever.

Now, I cannot in good conscience discuss three card poker without mentioning the infamous ante bonus. It’s like manna from heaven, a little something extra offered before even delving into the main event. If you’re dealt a pair or higher, they’ll give you an enhanced ante, no strings attached.

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It’s almost like receiving a compliment before starting a conversation. Who knows? Maybe this is the start of a beautiful friendship, complete with jolly banter and perhaps even a few high fives.

Honorable Mentions

While these games didn’t make it into the top ten, they’re still worth considering if you’re looking for a balance between entertainment and odds. So, the next time you find yourself surrounded by flashing lights and ringing bells, why not give one of these a shot?

As we continue to explore the exciting world of casino games, remember to always gamble responsibly. Set limits, trust your gut, and most importantly, have fun! Life is too short for bad decisions and sickly green cocktails shaped like shrimp. Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear my lucky socks calling my name. Until next time, may the odds be ever in your favor.


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  • Win percentages are based on long-term play and statistical probabilities. Individual results may vary.
  • House edge information is sourced from trusted gaming resources. It represents the casino’s average advantage over multiple bets and games.

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