Best rtp slots in las vegas, nv - top castle magical las vegas slots

  • The best RTP slot machines in Las Vegas are Wheel of Fortune Triple Action, Buffalo, and China Shores.
  • You should also consider playing Castle Magical Deluxe, Healty Wealth, and Quick Hits.
  • MGM Grand, Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, and The Strat have some of the top RTP slots in Las Vegas.

If you’re a slot machine fan, then you’ve most certainly played your fair share of games with really low RTPs. Some games look great but just aren’t meant to make you any money.

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It’s always smart to do some research before dropping all of your coins (or digital currency) into a slot machine that isn’t going to pay out. That’s why I am here to help.

I will be taking you through the best RTP slots in Las Vegas today. Be sure to check out these 7 games first on your next trip to Sin City.

7. China Shores

Our list of the best RTP slots in Las Vegas will start out with China Shores. This game has a return-to-player (RTP) rating of 96%, which is right around the industry average.

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China Shores can be found at the Downtown Grand Las Vegas. If you prefer to play online, then head over to DuckyLuck Casino.

You will enjoy vibrant graphics and an interesting layout when you play China Shores. It features a unique setup with six reels and 50 pay lines.

This game also has a few different bonus rounds that could help you rack up some wins. One feature allows you to pick out symbols to reveal prizes, while another spins the wheel for a random reward.

Feel free to adjust your bet between $0.50 and $50 before cranking up the music in this exciting slot machine.

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Here’s a quick video review of China Shores so you know what to expect!

Palace Group

The China Shores slot machine is put together by the Palace Group. This company has developed a number of other fun games that you can find at casinos around the country.

It’s unfortunate, but most of their games don’t even come close to challenging the China Shores RTP rating. Most of their other titles have a RTP near 94%.

Two exceptions are Pearl Harbor and Tiger Heart. Both of those games have an RTP of 96.5%, which makes them worth considering if you like slots from the Palace Group.

6. Healty Wealth

The best RTP slots in Las Vegas tend to be clustered in certain areas. If you head over to the Plaza Hotel & Casino, you will come across a handful of great games.

Healty Wealth is one of their top options and can be found in the arcade section of their slot machine catalog.

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This three-reel, one-pay line slot machine has a vintage feel to it. In a way, it’s like playing slot machines back in the day when Las Vegas started implementing them.

The big difference, of course, is the RTP rating. Healty Wealth tops out at around 100%, meaning you have a very good chance to win big if Lady Luck is on your side.

In order to win big, you’ll need to bet big. Each spin will cost you between $3 and $300. For that reason, this game is not for beginners or players on a tight budget.

If you are looking for the best RTP slots in Vegas and consider yourself a high roller, be sure to try and cash in on some of those wins.

7. Castle Magical Deluxe

Plaza Hotel & Casino seems to have a good eye when it comes to choosing slot machines to add to their casino. Another one of their top picks is Castle Magical Deluxe.

Not only is this one of the top RTP slots in Las Vegas, but it’s also one of the top ones overall. Its 107.75% RTP rating makes it one of the highest on this list and one of the highest you’ll ever find.

Yes—you actually have a higher chance of winning this game than you do losing. Does it get any better than that?

Even with a higher chance of winning, you can still hit it big on this slot machine. There is a progressive jackpot on top of regular wins, giving you two different ways to take home a huge prize.

The Plaza Hotel & Casino definitely knows how to pick ‘em. It’s a shame they only have one of these amazing slot machines.

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If you love Castle Magical Deluxe, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll enjoy Castle Builder II. While Castle Builder II RTP rating doesn’t top 100%, it still comes in at 98%. That’s significantly higher than most games you’ll find.

Check out our guide to the best online casinos for thrusty sword play if you’re interested in more medieval-inspired games.

5. Quick Hits Blackjack

When you think of the best RTP slots in Las Vegas, slot machines probably come to mind first. It’s less common to find table games with such a high rating. That said, Quick Hits Blackjack is one of the top RTP slots at The STRAT.

At 99.6%, this blackjack variation comes within 0.4 points of being a perfect game. Not many casinos offer this version of blackjack, but you can’t go wrong if you stumble upon it.

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Of course, it’s important to know the difference between RTP and house edge. Total Edge is a term used to describe the house edge. To find the house edge, you subtract the RTP from 100.

So, the 1% house edge on this game means the RTP is 99.6%. In other words, you have a 99.6% chance of winning at least one bet on this table game.

If you prefer to play online, there are quite a few different Quick Hit slots to choose from. Here’s one of the best – Quick Hits Crown Jewels.

It doesn’t have quite as impressive of an RTP rating as the original, but its 95.98% still puts it ahead of most slot machines.

4. Wheel of Fortune Triple Action

  • 99.0%
  • Low volatility
  • Classic slot machine based on popular game show
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Why play at just any casino when you can visit the best casino in Las Vegas? Park MGM is arguably the top casino on the strip, and they have plenty of great slot machines to back up that claim.

One of their top options is Wheel of Fortune Triple Action. This slot machine has an RTP rating of 99.0%, which ties it with the previous game on our list. Like Quick Hits Blackjack, it only falls 0.4 points short of being a perfect game.

Interestingly enough, this slot machine also has a low volocity, which means smaller and more frequent wins. In terms of risk vs. reward, you can’t go wrong with this classic game.

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Wheel of Fortune Triple Action is based on the TV show, so you’ll notice symbols in the shape of cars, boats, planes, and other big-ticket prizes. If you’re lucky enough, you could walk away with one of those big prizes.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Wheel of Fortune. It’s arguably the most popular game on this list of the best RTP slots in Las Vegas.

If you’re a fan of the game, there’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy Wheel of Times. The Wheel of Times slot machines RTP rating is 96%, which is still well above average.

3. Buffalo

  • 99.1%
  • High volatility
  • Popular game with unique buffalo symbol

Park MGM has several of the top RTP slots in Las Vegas. In addition to Wheel of Fortune Triple Action, buffalo is another must-play game.

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This slot machine also has an incredible RTP rating of 99.1%;; it’s even better than Wheel of Fortune Triple Action in this regard. It also has a higher upper limit on prizes. With up to 200 times your wager up for grabs, you could walk away with an unbelievable prize.

As if all of those reasons weren’t convincing enough, buffalo has a unique buffalo symbol that steals the show. This large icon takes up three spaces on the reels, increasing your chances of a big win.

That said, this game does come with high volatility. Don’t be surprised if you go through stretches with very little action. Patience is a virtue when it comes to buffalo, but it’s certainly worth the wait.

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Buffalo is one of the most popular games on this list. You’ll be able to find it at a variety of casinos around Las Vegas.

If you can’t make it to the city, you can also play Buffalo Megaways to get your fix. This version has a lower RTP rating at 96.01%, but it also has 117,649 different ways to win.

2. Lord of the Ring

  • 99.22%
  • Low volatility
  • Based on the Lord of the Ring trilogy

Practically across the street from Park MGM is the Aria Resort and Casino. This high-end resort has a gorgeous design and plenty of high-end amenities. Oh, and did I mention they have some of the best RTP slots in Las Vegas?

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One of their top games is Lord of the Ring. This slot machine has an incredible RTP rating of 99.22%, which is the highest on our list thus far. Better yet, it has a low volatility, meaning you should see lots of small wins as you play along.

Needless to say, this is an absolute dream of a slot machine. It has an even better RTP rating than the other games that top 99%. What’s not to like?

Lord of the Ring is based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you are a fan of the movies, you’ll appreciate the symbols and background music. Even if you’re not a Tolkien enthusiast, this game is still well worth a couple of spins.

Unfortunately, this game is hard to beat. It’s tough to top a Lord of the Ring slots RTP of 99.22%. If you know of a game that does, let me know down in the comment section.

There isn’t exactly a shortage of Las Vegas casino hotels, but it looks like you know where you need to stay now. If you can’t make it out to the city, you can also play this game online at Ignition Casino.

1. China Moon

  • 99.26%
  • Low volatility
  • Located inside the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa
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Lord of the Ring may have thought it had a good RTP, but it has nothing on China Moon. China Moon’s RTP rating checks in at 99.26%, making it the best RTP slot machine in Las Vegas.

It’s incredible that this game manages to top Lord of the Ring. In fact, it’s shocking. These are the two best RTP slots in Sin City, and they happen to be China Shores’ siblings.

Perhaps it has something to do with the lower volatility. China Moon and China Shores have very similar RTP ratings, but China Moon has a lower volatility. As a result, China Moon has more frequent wins.

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China Moon uses a lot of the same symbols as China Shores and China Moon. The main difference is the gold scatter moon symbol. Three or more of those symbols will trigger a free spin round.

If you’re looking for the best RTP slots in Las Vegas, there’s a good chance you’ll end up at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. This spa resort is phenomenal, and it’s not surprising to see that they have the two best slots in town.

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is hands down one of the best places to go slot machine playing. It’s home to the two best RTP slots in Las Vegas. That alone makes it worthy of the top spot on my list, but it gets even better.

Not only is it home to the top two games, but it also has more than a dozen other games with RTP ratings above 96%. Some highly underrated games include China Power, Chai Lai, and Golden Dragon.

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Enjoy Playing the Best RTP Slots in Las Vegas

But what exactly is RTP?

Return-to-player is a term used to describe the likelihood of a specific game. A slot with a 95% RTP rating means you will win 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time contains losses.

Every slot machine in a casino has an RTP rating that’s been set by the manufacturer. They are required to tell the casino of the lowest RTP and highest RTP ratings. The casino then sets the random number generator (RNG) chip to reach that RTP rating.

Casinos usually program their machines to last longer rather than sooner. In other words, an RTP rating of 95% is likely closer to 96% or 97%. Needless to say, the casino is still going to make their money.

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With that being said, there are a handful of games with very high RTP ratings. Their ratings are almost surely even higher than what’s advertised. These nine slot machines have RTP ratings of 96% or higher.

If you plan on playing the best RTP slots in Las Vegas, there’s a good chance you’ll need to stretch your bankroll. Make sure you check out our list of the best casino promotion sites to help out.

Also, take a look at this guide to the top Las Vegas casino chips to see if you can spot any of them during your trip.


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