Ways to find top casinos near me with high rtp slots

Interested in****gambling in establishments near you? Maybe some high RTP slots action?

On this page, I will show you how to find them on Google.

If you are already familiar with your state’s laws regarding land-based casinos and gambling, feel free to – . Keep in mind that the link will take you to online versions of games with higher return to player percentages.

The introduction of the makes it even more convenient to enjoy real money gaming from the comfort of your home. Still, some of us prefer the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar venues where we can hang out with our friends while trying their luck.

Some casinos can be a few hours’ drive from your location. In that case, finding the top casinos near you can be a challenge. The good news is that it’s relatively easy nowadays with advanced search options offered by Google. You can use these tips at local gaming venues or to check out some of the land-based casinos that have recently opened.

How to Find Casinos Near My Location

Let’s say that you want to go to some nearby casinos this weekend but don’t know which ones are available. You can easily change that by using Google Maps to see all facilities of this type in your vicinity. It’s an easy process if you know what you are doing. Follow our instructions below to do a successful search.

  1. First, open by typing it in the address bar of your browser or simply click on the link.
  2. Once the map appears, enable the ‘Location-related suggestion’ if asked. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Allow’ button or your browser’s equivalent of it. For Chrome users, the process looks like this screen shot:

! Find casinos near me

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  1. After completing the previous step, you can perform different types of searches related to casinos near your area. For instance, you can enter one of the following:
  2. You will get results showing various casinos close to your location. Besides the distance, you will also find other valuable info like addresses, phone numbers, working hours, ratings, etc.
  3. Use the +/- drag tool located in the bottom left corner of the map to zoom in or out of the results. This way, you can expand or narrow down the search area depending on your preferences.
  4. If you click on a specific venue, more information will appear on the sidebar, including photos, reviews, and comments. You can also get directions to the chosen casino and share the location with others via email or social media.
  5. To plan a road trip with your friends and visit several casinos along the way, you should repeat the search from step #3, but this time, click on the ‘Save’ button on the right side of the google search bar.
  6. Give a name to your list and add a description if you wish. After that, click on the ‘Create’ button at the bottom of the window. Now, all the marked locations will appear on the map. You can select as many objects as you want by checking the box near their names.
  7. With the chosen casinos displayed on the screen, you can get directions between the destinations by clicking on the ‘Directions’ option from the left-hand menu. If you want to make a stopover at a specific place, add it by entering its name in the search bar and clicking on the ‘Add Waypoint’ option.
  8. Finally, start the navigation by clicking on the ‘Departure’ tab and selecting your current position. Choose the ‘Arrival’ tab to set the final destination. The quickest route will appear on the map. You can also choose between driving, walking, public transport, or cycling.
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Highest Paying Casino Near Me

The profitability of land-based casinos depends on many factors, such as location, target audience, competition, etc. As a result, it’s almost impossible for brick-and-mortar facilities to match the high return to player (RTP) percentages offered by most reputable . Still, many people enjoy playing slot machines live because it’s something they can do with their friends, have a drink, and maybe win some extra cash.

Games like poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, etc., often offer better odds than most online slots; that’s why skilled players can earn some bucks if they know proper strategy. However, even those who only gamble for fun and relaxation should keep in mind that the house always has an edge.

Speaking of , some states are more generous than others. For example, Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos cannot operate under negative expected value, so there should be somewhere they take the house’s edge. Nevertheless, some games may provide considerably higher RTP than others. Here are some of the titles usually found in casinos close to your location with their average payout levels:

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  • Video Poker — 99%
  • Blackjack (with a perfect strategy) — 99%
  • Craps (single roll), Aggregate Betting on C&E w/ Maximum Possible Points — 98.6%
  • Baccarat (Banker bet) — 98.2%
  • French Roulette (La Partage rule) — 98.2%
  • Blackjack (with a perfect strategy) — 98.1%
  • European Roulette — 97.3%
  • Straight Up Bet on American Roulette — 97.3%
  • Spanish 21 — 97.3%
  • Pai Gow Poker — 97.2%

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find land-based slots with RTP levels comparable to those at online casinos. Most physical machines have to generate a profit for the hosts, so their payouts are usually around 90–95%. Even in the most generous casinos, it’s rare to find slots with RTP over 96%. still remains very popular among gamblers due to adrenaline rush triggered every time the lever is pulled and the reels start spinning. Some venues are also equipped with the latest video machines that look like works of art.

Highest RTP Slots Near Me

Despite their popularity, many slot machines aren’t kind to players in the long run. That’s why experienced gamblers avoid most titles found in land-based casinos and concentrate their efforts on games with higher RTP percentages. Of course, the final payout also depends on the bet size and whether a jackpot is hit. In theory, it’s possible to win millions of dollars from a $1 spin on a machine with RTP94%, but the chances are slim. Here are some of the highest RTP slots you can find in land-based casinos close to your location:

  • Game King Multi-Game — 98% (video poker)
  • Loose Kachina — 97.54%
  • Hearts of Gold — 97.52%
  • Hot Roll Super Triple Seven Payout Craps — 97.49%
  • Red White & Blue — 97.45%
  • Buffalo — 97.35%
  • Hot Roll Craps — 97.32%
  • Dancing Drum Prosperity Dim Sum — 97.22%
  • China Shores — 97.21%
  • Fire Lizard — 97.16%
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Even though the abovementioned slots have much lower variance compared to most games, that doesn’t guarantee a profit in the short term. Gambling should always be seen as a form of entertainment, not a way to make money.

Best Paying Casinos Near Me

Although many people think that all casinos are similar, that’s far from the truth. Every facility has a different approach when it comes to games, promotions, restaurants, customer service, etc. Furthermore, each state has its own gambling regulations, which creates an even wider variety of possibilities.

As you can imagine, the best paying casino near me might not be the same as your top pick. Some gamblers love nonstop partying, while others seek a quiet place where they can play cards undisturbed for hours. Certain individuals like flashy facilities, while some gamblers prefer simple lounges without too many lights and sounds. It all comes down to personal preference.

According to many experts, however, there are certain factors that need to be present in any modern gaming facility. Those include cleanliness, security, adequate number of players in popular games, diverse selection of titles, professional dealers, fair rules, quality restaurants, responsive maintenance crew, interesting promotions, etc.

Unfortunately, not all casinos can meet all those criteria. Visitors often must compromise based on their budget and preferences. Furthermore, some places can be great in one state but not impressive at all if moved to another location.

Other Google Tricks for Casinos

The possibilities of the world’s most popular search engine are virtually unlimited. Apart from looking for the best casinos near my location, you can use Google for many other things related to gambling, including but not limited to:

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Once you master the basic skills needed for using Google, you can combine different elements to get more specific results. For instance, you could search for “high stakes Texas hold’em games in Las Vegas casinos in November.” The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your queries.

Tips for Visiting Casinos Nearby

Whether you are going to local casinos alone or with a group of friends, it’s a good idea to prepare properly before starting your journey. The following tips might help you improve your overall experience:

These are just some general recommendations, but they can mean the difference between an enjoyable gambling session and a terrible nightmare filled with frustration, stress, and anger.

You Might End up Playing Online

It doesn’t matter how you modify your Google search—you might end up playing online at the end. Many people start gambling in land-based casinos close to their location but later switch to online versions of games after they get familiar with the basics. Sometimes it happens because of geographic limitations.

Perhaps the closest casino to your location is too crowded, noisy, and smoky. In that case, you might decide to stay at home and relax while still getting the thrill of your favorite game. Moreover, you won’t have to dress nicely and spend money on drinks and parking.

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The offer numerous bonuses and promotions you cannot get in brick-and-mortar facilities. For instance, some new players can claim welcome packages granting hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra cash. You can use those funds to play some of the or other titles with lower house edges.

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