Awarding Ceremony of the Certificate of Communicative English for the Secondary Students of Ministry of Education, Northern Province

Event of awarding ceremony of the Certificate of Communicative English for the Secondary students was held under the patronage of the Secretary of Ministry of Education, Northern Province with the coordination of the Trilingual Study Centre on the 19th of December 2022, Monday at the Auditorium of the Chief Secretary’s Secretariat at

At the event, the Chief Secretary of Northern Province graced as the Chief Guest and the Secretary, the Senior Assistant Secretary and Chief Accountant of Ministry of Education, Northern Province and Assistant Secretary of Youth Affairs Unit, Jaffna Zonal Director of Education, Assistant Director of Education – Jaffna and Kilinochchi Zonal Education Offices, In-Service Advisers (English), teachers and students were also present at the event.

Following the event of lighting auspicious oil lamp, welcome speech was delivered by the Zonal Director of Education of Zonal Education Office – Jaffna and Kilinochchi. 16 students of Kilinochchi South Zonal Education Office, 16 students of Jaffna Hindu Ladies College and 14 students of J/Holy Family Convent participated in this awarding ceremony. Next, Guests presented their speeches and the certificates were also issued to the students.

At the event, the Secretary of Ministry of Education in his key note address mentioned about the importance of English and Sinhala languages and he appreciated the teachers and students and thanked them too.

Moreover, the Chief Secretary of Northern Province pointed out in his speech that teachers are the resources of education and their cooperation is very important for the development of education and he added that the children are the treasure of a country. He also mentioned that there is a little improvement in English knowledge of the students in Jaffna district whereas the level of English knowledge in other districts of Northern Province is lower. So it is necessary to improve the level of English in other districts too.   And he emphasized that the discipline is the key factor for the success of every field so that students should enhance their skills and discipline other than education. And he put forwarded that Northern Province is polluted so that it should be kept clean. It should be initiated from the school level. And he appreciated the students who achieved the certificates and he wished them and thanked to the teachers too.

The event came to the end at 1.00pm with the vote of thanks, delivered by the Deputy Director of Education of Ministry of Education – Northern Province.