Annual Honouring and Award ceremony for weaving entrepreneurs – 2022

The Handloom Weaving Competition for Northern Province organized by the Department of Industries was held on 18.10.2022 at Teachers’ Training College, Nallur. Mrs. S.Vanaja, Director – Department of Industries, Northern Province chaired the occasion.

The products of textile manufacturers from various regions were evaluated by the panel of judges organized by the Department of Textile Industry and 31 winners were selected based on their results.

And the Awarding Ceremony for the winners grandly was held at 9.00 am on 26.11.2022 at Saraswathy Hall, Jaffna. In this award ceremony, 31 winners of weaving industry entrepreneurs received their prizes and an honouring event was also held for the weavers who have been carrying out weaving production on piecework on the basis of more than 10 years in departmental weaving stations.

Mrs. Rupini Varathalingam, Secretary – Ministry of Women Affairs, Northern Province, and former directors of the department also graced the occasion as guests.