Agricultural Exhibition – 2019 will be held in Jaffna from 17 Sep 2019 to 20 Sep 2019

Agriculture Exhibition 2019 on the theme of “Towards Climate Smart Sustainable Toxic Free Food Production” will be conducted at the District Agricultural Training Center – Agricultural Research Complex Thirunelvely Jaffna for 4 days from 17.09.2019 to 20.09.2019 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Inauguration Session of the Exhibition will be held at the District Agricultural Training Center – Agricultural Research Complex Thirunelvely Jaffna on 17.09.2019 Tuesday at 9.30 am.

Governor of Northern Province Hon. Dr. Suren Ragavan will grace the occasion as Chief Guest and ceremonially declare open the exhibition in Inauguration Session

Provincial Department of Agriculture (NP) under the guidance of Provincial Ministry of Agriculture (NP) has organized the above exhibition in collaboration with following institutions.

Details of  the institutions
  • Central Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Animal Production and Health (NP)
  • Department of Irrigation (NP)
  • Department of Agrarian Development
  • Department of Meteorology
  • Department of Indigenous Medicine (NP)
  • University of Jaffna
  • Coconut Cultivation Board
  • Coconut Research Institute
  • Coconut Development Authority
  • Palmyra Development Board
  • Palmyra Research Institute
  • Sri Lanka Cashew Co-operation
  • Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance Board
  • Department of Export Agriculture
  • Sri Lanka Export Development Board
  • Agricultural Private Companies
  • Banks
  • Community Based Organization
  • Agriculture Private Plant Nurserymen
Technologies planned to be exhibited and demonstrated
  • Agricultural Statistics and Information
  • Nursery Techniques
  • Potted Agriculture
  • Organic Farming
  • Village, Urban and office gardens
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Chilli and bitter guard cultivation with efficient pest management under insect proof net
  • Pulses cultivation
  • Local Vegetable Cultivation
  • Exotic Vegetable Cultivation
  • Meteorological Management
  • Technologies adopted for Quality tubers’ production
  • Onion true seed production
  • Successful onion cultivation
  • Vegetable cultivation under Alley cropping
  • Promotion of Minor Export Crops
  • Fruit crops cultivation under coconut
  • Allover Cultivation
  • Passion Fruit Cultivation
  • Variety Plot of Banana
  • Agronomic Practices for quality Banana Cultivation
  • Agronomic practices for quality mango cultivation
  • Pine apple cultivation as inter crop with mango
  • Bee keeping
  • Protected Agriculture under net house
  • Agriculture Techniques for Horticulture
  • Usage of Farm Machinery
  • Effective land use of fruit crop cultivation
  • Effective ground water
  • Management Technique of Irrigation
  • Promotion of Traditional Races Cultivation
  • Medicinal Plant Unit
  • Plant Protection Measures
  • Hydroponics and soil less culture
  • Crop Clinic
  • Post-Harvest technologies
  • Commercial value addition techniques
  • Agriculture Industries
  • Farm Women Agriculture Service
  • Agriculture Research Cultivation
  • Coconut Cultivation
  • Livestock Management
  • Meteorological Station Activities
  • Animal Production Clinic and Drugs Sale
  • Agriculture Publications
  • Seeds & Vegetable Seedlings
  • Fruit & Coconut Seedling
  • Drugs sales for animal
  • GAP certified Fruits & Vegetables
  • Products of Private Companies (machineries and equipment)
  • Value added agri – based products
  • Cooked Nutritive Food
  • Livestock Management

General Public, Farmers, Members of Farmer Organizations, Membersof Women Farmer Organizations,Members of Yong Farmers Clubs, Members of Rural Development Societies, Members of Women Rural Development Societies, Members of Other Community Based Organizations, School students and Teachers , Higher Education Institutes Lecturers and Students, Staff of Government Organizations , Staff of Non- Government Organizations, Staff of Private Institutes and other well-wishers are cordially invited to participate in the Exhibition.

Anchanadevi Srirangan
Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture