A Sudden Inspection visit by the Chavakachcheri PHIs on the Instructions of Governor

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Chavakachcheri Public Health Inspectors made a sudden inspection visit the 14 restaurants of the Thenmaradchi Divisional Secretariat today (16) on the instructions of the Governor of the Northern Province, Dr. Suren Raghavan.

The inspection was carried out at restaurants located in Chavakachcheri, Kodikamam and Mirusuvil areas of the Thenmarachchi Divisional Secretariat whether the restaurants are in good conditions and operate legally. During the inspection, 11 restaurants were spotted with hygiene issues and unclean food preparation areas. Legal action will be taken against the four worst restaurants. Unhealthy foods found in 2 restaurants were destroyed. Other restaurants were given time by PHIs to convert them into highly qualified restaurants. Failure to follow the instructions will result in legal action.

During this visit, one Food and Medicine Inspector and six Public Health Inspectors participated.


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