5th Workshop on “Zero Tolerance for Corruption” in Jaffna District

The workshop on “Zero Tolerance for Corruption” for Executive Officers of Northern Province has been conducting by the Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary – Personnel & Training under the advice of the Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan and the guidance of Chief Secretary A.Pathinathan with the sponsorship of Stromme Foundation. This workshop has already been conducted in Northern Provincial Districts of Mannar, Vavuniya, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu. Subsequently it was also conducted in Jaffna District Secretariat on 06th  April 2019.

The workshop started with the welcome address of Jaffna District Secretary Nahalingam Vethanayahan. Then Mrs.A.Stanley De Mel Deputy Chief Secretary – Personnel & Training, Officer In-Charge of the coordination of this workshop briefed the purposes of this workshop and introduced the Resource Persons. Mr.Tony Seneviratnae and Mr.Udayanka Vargagoda are participated as Resource Persons from Stromme Foundation. More than 60 Executive Officers who workcentral and provincial government offices in Jaffna District participated in this program.

Mainly four sessions were conducted under the three major topics Introduction, harm and prevention of corruption. During the sessions, characteristics of corruptions, types of corruptions, corruption cube, corruption triangle andworld corruption index were discussed through the video clips, case drama and group activities.

The second topic was about the Anti-Corruption Tool Box in which they discussed how to identify the corruptions and how to expose them, the laws relevant to the topic, rules and regulations available, institutions available and the procedures available and also how to use them to prevent the corruptions.

Social media for anti – corruption is the 3rd topic in which it was discussed how to use the social medias and web pages for anti-corruption activities and challenges possible for using those medias.