1st Provincial Steering Committee Meeting on RIDEP

The first provincial steering committee meeting on the Rural Infrastructure Development Project in Emerging Regions (RIDEP) was held on 29.01.2019 under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Northern Province Mr.A.Pathinathan at the auditorium of the Chief Secretary’s Office, Kaithady.

The Members of Provincial Project Steering Committee, officials of National Project Unit , Officials of the Provincial Project Implementation Unit and the other relevant central and provincial officers attended the meeting.
Objective of the project is developing the living standard of local people through improvement of basic infrastructure such as rural roads, medium & small size irrigation and potable water supply facilities in the northern province in par with the Government policy of “ Development to Village”.

Projects for Rural Roads (85 Nos) Medium & Small size irrigations facilities (50Nos) and Portable water supply facility (08Nos) in the five districts of NP are to be implemented under this project.

Details of the Project :

Project Period : July 2017 to Sep. 2021
Funding Agency : Japan Internal Cooperation Agency (JICA) in collaboration with Government of Sri Lanka
Executive Agency : Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government
Implementing Agency: Northern Provincial Council
Allocation for NPC: Rs.3200 Mn