Training for Compounder of Local Government – Jaffna District

One week training programme for a group of compounders who are working at Free Siddha Dispensaries under the Department of Local Government in Jaffna district was conducted according to the advice of Hon. Governor of Northern Province in a way of uplifting their skills.

This training programme was organized by the Provincial Department of Indigenous Medicine, Northern Province collaborated with Local Government and was conducted from 28th of November 2022 to 6th of December 2022 at Rural Siddha Hospital – Kodikamam.

This programme was oriented with the Commissioner of Local Government, Commissioner of Indigenous Medicine, Medical Officer in Charge – Rural Siddha Hospital – Kodikamam, Co-ordinating Medical Officer of training from Indigenous Medicine, Medical Officers from Rural Siddha Hospital – Kodikamam, Intern Medical Officers and Staffs. And at the End Session participation certificates were provided by the secretary – Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine & Probation & Child care Services, Northern Province.

Nineteen compounders were trained through this programme.