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Overall Management of the Northern Province.

News and Events

Governor visits Osmania College – 20 August 2014

Education sector has been  one of the main interest to Northern people.It is also applies to Tamils and Muslims as well.The GoSL has taken effective measures to improve the education standards in each province giving preference to Northern Province. Accordingly, Governor of the province G A Chandrasiri also  shown special interest in this field making sure each community in the province gets the equal opportunity.”

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Mid-Term Progress review meeting convened – 12 August 2014

“Mid-Term review is routine practice to check the progress of the line ministries of the Northern Province. This will focus on the developments done during the stipulated period, work to be completed, cost analysis and utilized resources. Thus it will ensure good governance in the province.”

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Atchuveli Industrial Zone Construction work expedited – 11 August 2014

“Atchuveli Industrial Zone will turn out to be a national asset, where the productions from this zone not only benefit the local residents, but also to the country’s economy. More and more investments and ventures flow into the zone means more income.This has created many job opportunities as well. The Indian government has granted US$ 220 million worth of assistance.The industrial zone will be boost to the province and is on way forward to create more opportunities to potential investors and business sector as well.Once the construction work is complete, this zone will contribute immensely to economic growth of the province.”

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Basketball and Volleyball Courts in Jaffna Old Park - 11 August 2014

Sports activities have become very popular in the province due progressive measures taken by the GoSL. Northern students are keen to show their abilities in sports. They have already shown their talents during the past Local & International sports festivals. Steps to improve the playing environment of Basketball & Volleyball are encouraging, since this move could also promote the sports enthusiastic students to come forward and show their talents in these respective fields.”

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Conference on Contribution of the Media in District Development held in Jaffna - 11 August 2014

“It is a known fact that media is playing a major role in development activities of the country. But some media shows the negative impact and others show the positive impact. But in order to maintain a balanced view, it is important for a media to carry positive and negative aspects of a particular story. If the government has done any mega developments and involved in reconciliation activities, those activities should be reflected positively in media. On the other side, if there is a mistake on the government side, it also the duty of the media to highlight that, but not in a destructive manner. Mistakes also should point out by the media in a constructive manner. This is called media ethics. In that context, the media has to play a further more active role in future. Here we focus on electronic and print media as well.”

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Workshop for Development Officers held in Jaffna – 11 August 2014

“Development at every sector marked a remarkable achievement during the last 4 years in the province. People who live in this part of the country see the effective development solves some of their grave problem which existed for the last 3 decades. Mass development is a part of the solution to the ethnic issue of this country. The northern people have realized this and show signs of appreciating the government efforts in this regard. This particular workshop was a good opportunity to the development officers to understand the real development and the responsibilities laid upon them to take this forward.”

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