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Hon. Reginald Cooray

Governor's Secretariat,

Old Park, Kandy Road,
Chundukuli, Jaffna,

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Secretary to the Governor


Secretary to the Governor 

Governor's Secretariat,
Forest Office Lane,
Chundikuli, Jaffna


Tel: +94-21-222 0660
Fax: +94-21-222 0661 Mobile: 0773868565



Overall Management of the Northern Province.

News and Events

Jaffna Mayor meets Governor

The new Mayor of Jaffna Emmanuel Arnold visited Governor’s Secretariat which is located in Jaffna Old Park on 18th April 2018 and met Governor Reginald Cooray.

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Reginald Cooray sworn in as NP Governor again

Reginald Cooray, who was sworn in as Central Province Governor, again sworn in as Northern Province Governor before President Maithripala Sirisena on 13th April 2018. Mr. Reginald Cooray was also the previous Northern Province Governor.  

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Governor's Sinhala Tamil New Year Message

Another Sinhala and Tamil New year at the doorstep…..
The dawn of Sinhala and Tamil New Year will bring more happiness and prosperity to Sri Lankans.
Both Sinhala and Tamil community celebrates this Sinhala and Tamil New year. This traditional festival is very important for the development of the unity among the ethnics. And this festival generates new expectations with peace and prosperity.

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Kandiah Sarvesvesran sworn in as Acting Chief Minister

Education Minister of Northern Province K.Sarveswaran was sworn in as the Acting Chief Minister. Minister K.Sarveswaran took oaths before Governor Reginald Cooray on 11th April 2018 at the sub office located in Battaramulla, Colombo.

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